Top Ten Reasons Why Catdog Is Better Than Sanjay and Craig

The Top Ten

1 It's Funnier

CatDog is awesome and Sanjay and Craig is awful! - RalphBob

2 Shriek Is Better Than Belle Pepper
3 It Doesn't Have Any Butt or Fart Jokes

No That's Not Entirely True. Sometimes CatDog Does Have Fart Jokes In It, But Those Ones Are Nothing Compared To Sanjay & Craig's.

What about the episode "CatDog's End"? - BetterThanYou

Sometimes it does, but Sanjay and Craig has a lot!

You mean the end doofus?!?

4 No Butt Transplants
5 Episodes Don't Contain the Word Fart In It
6 The Plots Are Good

Sanjay and craig only has plots of barfing, farting, and gross stuff. Catdog has plots of climbing a mountain or even surfing!

7 It Doesn't Have a Character Running Around With a Snake
8 Adventures In Greaser Sitting Is Better Than Doom Baby

I saw Doom Baby before and it was gross and atrocious.

9 There's Comedy


10 The Titles On The Episodes Are Wonderful

I mean, Old Farts? Really Nick?

The Contenders

11 Dog Is a Better Character Than Craig

And Cat Is Better Than Sanjay.

12 Better Writing
13 No Talking Snakes or Fart Babies
14 Has Lots of Adventures

So does Sanjey And craeg big fat UGLY HATER.

15 Dog is a way better Sidekick than Craig
16 Catdog Was for Everyone While Sanjay & Craig Was for 5-year-Old Boys
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