Top Ten Reasons Why Catdog Is Better Than Sanjay and Craig

The Top Ten

1 It's Funnier

CatDog is awesome and Sanjay and Craig is awful! - RalphBob

2 Shriek Is Better Than Belle Pepper
3 It Doesn't Have Any Butt or Fart Jokes

No That's Not Entirely True. Sometimes CatDog Does Have Fart Jokes In It, But Those Ones Are Nothing Compared To Sanjay & Craig's.

What about the episode "CatDog's End"? - BetterThanYou

Sometimes it does, but Sanjay and Craig has a lot!

You mean the end doofus?!?

4 No Butt Transplants
5 Episodes Don't Contain the Word Fart In It
6 The Plots Are Good

Sanjay and craig only has plots of barfing, farting, and gross stuff. Catdog has plots of climbing a mountain or even surfing!

7 It Doesn't Have a Character Running Around With a Snake
8 Adventures In Greaser Sitting Is Better Than Doom Baby

I saw Doom Baby before and it was gross and atrocious.

9 There's Comedy V 1 Comment
10 The Titles On The Episodes Are Wonderful

I mean, Old Farts? Really Nick?

The Contenders

11 Dog Is a Better Character Than Craig V 1 Comment
12 Better Writing
13 No Talking Snakes or Fart Babies
14 Has Lots of Adventures

So does Sanjey And craeg big fat UGLY HATER.

15 Dog is a way better Sidekick than Craig
16 Catdog Was for Everyone While Sanjay & Craig Was for 5-year-Old Boys
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