Top Ten Reasons Why Cats and Dogs Are Awesome

Here are the reasons why both Dogs and Cats are the best pets ever.

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1 They Both Are So Playful

They just about want to play with you every day. They want to play just about anything that they would never want to stop. - TopTenJackson

2 They Both Are Funny

Whoever said Cats are more funny: Please don't take sides. That's what the separate lists are for. This is about equality.

I believe cats are more funny cause I watch funny cats on YouTube and they make me laugh like hell.

This is what the Internet loves - Stevenpenguin

Yep, with the millions of cat and dog videos online. When my calico was just a kitten, we put her onto the ledge of the T.V. and she jumped onto my brother's head. And I find it funny when my 2 year Pit Bull jumps into the lake behind our house, trying to catch fish. And then he shakes his fur and I pretend to be really mad with him. My cousin's chihuahua likes to beg for food by sitting pretty, and then we push him over. We watched these 2 dogs, Toby, a little Pomeranian, and Sammie, a mix breed. Sammie would always be like a giant to Toby and he would go running into someone! Both are equally hilarious.

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3 They Both Want To Sleep With You

I have a cat named Cortez (not to be confused that there are lots of English speakers in New Mexico) that sleeps with me every night. It's awesome. - TopTenJackson

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4 They Both Are Really Friendly

It's true. Dogs licks you and cats purr at you. - TopTenJackson

Dogs can be slobbery when they are friendly.

5 They Both Want To Eat Rodents and Bugs

Mostly cats though, they can chase and kill mice, bugs, and insects around the house while dogs just stare at the bugs and bark. - TopTenJackson

6 They Both Listen To You

Cats can be trained surprisingly easily, I've trained my six-year-old domestic shorthair to sit on command, give a high five, and jump through a hoop! He always loves his training sessions. Teaching a cat tricks like this is a great way to bond. Recently, cat agility is on the rise, where people train their cats to complete a course with stairs, hurdles, a tunnel, and weave poles. See my list of "Best Agility Cat Breeds" for more information. - Kittylicious

Mostly dogs though, when you say SIT, they sit. But if you do it with a cat, they sometimes do what you say. - TopTenJackson

A cat will listen to you if you train them. Same as a dog.

Cats take more training

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7 They Both Curl Up On Your Lap

Once a dog sat on my arm because he was scared of something that someone was doing

So cute but they never wanna get off LOL

I love this part of them! - turtwig

Just cats

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8 They Both Are Fast Runners

The fastest car breed is the Egyptian Mau, with its muscular legs and cheetah-like build, they can run over 30 mph. See my list of "most energetic cat breeds". - Kittylicious

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9 They Hide Easily

If you ever chase after them, they will find a good hiding spot to be safe. - TopTenJackson

10 Both Are The Best

They just love you forever. - TopTenJackson

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11 They Both Have Saved Peoples' Lives

Cats and dogs work together as a team to me. Cats save people's lives mentally, if you suffer from depression or anxiety, having a cat will reduce your stress, as they are calming and quiet, but at the same time, as loyal as a dog. Dogs save people's lives physically, like if you are about to be attacked, having a dog will help your safety, as they are loyal and protective. Personally, being more into cats, I find cats and dogs to be very, very useful animals.

Have you seen the cat scare away the pug that tried to attack a kid

Cats and dogs are both amazing animals. They have saved peoples' lives countless times. Dogs have rescued those trapped in a burning building. They have saved many from thefts and burglaries. Dogs have provided support and trust to those working through hard things. A cat actually sensed a flood coming and woke the owner up, just as the water struck. They all got away safely. Cats have fought off vicious or attacking dogs. A cat once rescued her kittens from a house that was on fire. As I said with dogs, they are also there for you in your time of need. I admire and respect these awesome creatures.

-Emberflight of StormClan

12 They are Both There for You
13 They Both Have Lots of Fans
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