Top Ten Reasons Why Cats and Dogs Are Awesome

Here are the reasons why both Dogs and Cats are the best pets ever.

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1 They Both Are So Playful

They just about want to play with you every day. They want to play just about anything that they would never want to stop. - TopTenJackson

Not true. Cats are lazy and boring. They just sleep, then eat, sleep, than eat, etc. Dogs are very playful and love taking walks.

2 They Both Are Funny

Whoever said Cats are more funny: Please don't take sides. That's what the separate lists are for. This is about equality.

I believe cats are more funny cause I watch funny cats on YouTube and they make me laugh like hell.

This is what the Internet loves - Stevenpenguin

Yep, with the millions of cat and dog videos online. When my calico was just a kitten, we put her onto the ledge of the T.V. and she jumped onto my brother's head. And I find it funny when my 2 year Pit Bull jumps into the lake behind our house, trying to catch fish. And then he shakes his fur and I pretend to be really mad with him. My cousin's chihuahua likes to beg for food by sitting pretty, and then we push him over. We watched these 2 dogs, Toby, a little Pomeranian, and Sammie, a mix breed. Sammie would always be like a giant to Toby and he would go running into someone! Both are equally hilarious.

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3 They Both Want To Sleep With You

I have a cat named Cortez (not to be confused that there are lots of English speakers in New Mexico) that sleeps with me every night. It's awesome. - TopTenJackson

My cat Domino, he loves to sleep with me, even if my room is a mess. - VideoGameTiger

I love it when my cat comes and sleeps with me.

My cats are very very trained-AKittyHackerwhosaboy

4 They Both Are Really Friendly

It's true. Dogs licks you and cats purr at you. - TopTenJackson

Dogs can be slobbery when they are friendly.

This is why I LOVE animals. 😍

5 They Both Want To Eat Rodents and Bugs

Dogs don't do it at all. In my opinion, I think dogs are better. The main reason is that they DO NOT kill rodents and bugs. Cats bring it inside which I think is disgusting. Dogs are domesticated and do not do it like they did a long time ago.

Mostly cats though, they can chase and kill mice, bugs, and insects around the house while dogs just stare at the bugs and bark. - TopTenJackson

6 They Both Listen To You

Cats can be trained surprisingly easily, I've trained my six-year-old domestic shorthair to sit on command, give a high five, and jump through a hoop! He always loves his training sessions. Teaching a cat tricks like this is a great way to bond. Recently, cat agility is on the rise, where people train their cats to complete a course with stairs, hurdles, a tunnel, and weave poles. See my list of "Best Agility Cat Breeds" for more information. - Kittylicious

Mostly dogs though, when you say SIT, they sit. But if you do it with a cat, they sometimes do what you say. - TopTenJackson

Cats take more training

A cat will listen to you if you train them. Same as a dog.

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7 They Both Curl Up On Your Lap

Once a dog sat on my arm because he was scared of something that someone was doing

So cute but they never wanna get off LOL

I love this part of them! - turtwig

Just cats

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8 They Both Are Fast Runners

The fastest car breed is the Egyptian Mau, with its muscular legs and cheetah-like build, they can run over 30 mph. See my list of "most energetic cat breeds". - Kittylicious

They both run at about 5-10 mph. - TopTenJackson

9 They Hide Easily

If you ever chase after them, they will find a good hiding spot to be safe. - TopTenJackson

10 They Both Have Saved Peoples' Lives

Cats and dogs work together as a team to me. Cats save people's lives mentally, if you suffer from depression or anxiety, having a cat will reduce your stress, as they are calming and quiet, but at the same time, as loyal as a dog. Dogs save people's lives physically, like if you are about to be attacked, having a dog will help your safety, as they are loyal and protective. Personally, being more into cats, I find cats and dogs to be very, very useful animals.

The dog that attacked the kid wasn't a pug. It was a neighbor's lab-chow mix. Please do your research. Not hating or anything but I'm just suggesting.

Have you seen the cat scare away the pug that tried to attack a kid

Cats and dogs are both amazing animals. They have saved peoples' lives countless times. Dogs have rescued those trapped in a burning building. They have saved many from thefts and burglaries. Dogs have provided support and trust to those working through hard things. A cat actually sensed a flood coming and woke the owner up, just as the water struck. They all got away safely. Cats have fought off vicious or attacking dogs. A cat once rescued her kittens from a house that was on fire. As I said with dogs, they are also there for you in your time of need. I admire and respect these awesome creatures.

-Emberflight of StormClan

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11 Both Are The Best

They just love you forever. - TopTenJackson

12 They are Both There for You
13 They Both Have Lots of Fans
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