Top 10 Reasons Why Cats Suck

Gee, cats annoy the living hell outta me. The fact I'm a Godzilla and 5'2" doesn't even help so if you hate cats feel free to troll some at my house in Melbourne.

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1 They scratch people

It's self defense! - Userguy44

Hey I like cats.I think both cats and dogs are good. - DarkBoi-X

The description of this list is very rude and offensive. Why AlphaQ? THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST LISTS EVER! - Gabo147

AlphaQ is rude - Flowerrose

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2 They are disobedient

So are dogs, though, are you a hypocrite lmao? If I want to calm the dog, she can't even shut the hell up, anything but sit.

you what, 8? - Stallion

3 They are mean to dogs

How would you like an animal twice your size to be all up in your face?

4 They are mean spirited

They really are. - Randomator

5 They are arrogant
6 They don't respect their owners

It's not their problem. - Userguy44

Probably because the people are mean to them

7 They lick your private parts

Wow hmm dogs do to and I have a dog that does all day nonstop so hmm I wonder whos right

I guess this person likes being licked in the genitalia? - Not_A_Weeaboo

LOL, what a stupid reason.

8 They can be stubborn
9 They are self-centered

Randomator is right,

Most cats don’t want to be bothered - Randomator

That’s because you don’t give them enough love to them.

10 They are on drugs

What the hell! - Userguy44

I smoked 4 pounds of weed when I made this list. I actually don't like cats but I wouldn't give crap reasons like these.
~ AlphaQ

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11 Hard to train them

Cats are just not like dogs. Deal with it. - Userguy44

12 They are too serious

Explain. - Userguy44

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