Top 10 Reasons Why Cave Story Is Culturally the Greatest Indie Game of All Time


The Top Ten

1 It started the entire modern fad of indie games
2 It has one of the best video game storylines of all time
3 Its universe is rich with brilliantly subtle details
4 It almost feels like an actual triple-A Nintendo game
5 It has been ported to at least half of all the consoles on Earth
6 It invented Mimigas, who are the absolute cutest video game characters of all time, even cuter than Kirby
7 It is one of those games that literally anyone who calls himself/herself a true gamer needs to play at least once in his/her lifetime in order to provide proper credibility to such a statement
8 It was one of the few indie games to actually get the fake-retro aesthetic right, completely nailing it
9 Its soundtrack is absolute heavenly pure gold most likely composed by the gods themselves
10 It is in fact one of the few indie games to be literally created by one, and only one, person

The Contenders

11 No tasteful, classy gamer can resist the urge to play it forever
12 It created the fanfiction "Cavernous Storybook"
13 It came before Minecraft and was a better game than Minecraft
14 It is almost as iconic as everyone's favorite legendary Nintendo franchises
15 It has a genius moral message behind it
16 It isn't even trying to be scary, yet it is still kind of scarier than Five Nights At Freddy's
17 The characters and environments are so memorable that they will most likely be burned into your brain forever
18 It actually feels like a proper tribute to Metroid rather than a ripoff
19 It has more heart and soul poured into it than about 99% of games out there, even in its own respective indie category
20 It can stir emotions you never previously knew that you had lurking within your soul
21 It is so blatantly Nintendo that it is actually loosely considered part of the general Nintendo universe
22 It was Zero Punctuation's best game review in years
23 It is actually one of the darkest video games of all time despite its art style
24 It is better than at least half of triple-A games in the industry
25 It has that one easter egg where you get to...sleep...with Chako
26 That moment when you upgrade the Polar Star into the Spur
27 Ballos is one of the greatest final bosses of all time
28 There is now an entire "VOTE FOR QUOTE" campaign for Smash Bros, and that entire campaign was all started by this one simple yet deep little game
29 It takes the concept of "simple yet deep" and runs all the way across the Golden Gate Bridge with it

Just like Smash Bros. - xandermartin98

30 It invented Balrog
31 It is actually a considerably more overrated game than Five Nights At Freddy's and Minecraft, yet it somehow simultaneously manages to have an ever-so-slightly less douchebag fanbase
32 It has probably one of the most elitist and obnoxious communities in all of Reddit, yet you just can't help but keep coming back to it
33 It has become one of the biggest memes on the Internet
34 Its fanbase has a phenomenally underrated sense of humor
35 It has generally spawned some of the best video game fanart in years

"King's Ghost Needs Hugs", for example. - xandermartin98

36 It has numerous levels that most players hate for various reasons, yet we still absolutely love the game anyway
37 It has easily the best sudden plot twist in all of recorded video game history as we know it
38 It has an incredibly wide target audience demographic and can be greatly enjoyed by people of all ages, races and nationalities
39 Basically everything about the game is just pure unadulterated genius
40 Even at the price tag of $40, you would totally buy the game if you had no other ways to play it
41 It was totally worth spending money on to get the Wii and/or Plus versions
42 The fanbase is so deeply obsessed with the game that it makes for great unintentional comedy at times
43 It has a more interesting story than most books
44 It actually managed to get its own novelization, because some random fan out there was dedicated enough to actually write a full-on book adaptation of this game
45 You get to steal Curly Brace's panties in it
46 It has probably the hottest female protagonist since Samus
47 It's one of the few games that actually managed to get the silent protagonist concept somewhat right
48 It is one of the best games of all time, period, not just indie
49 Its immense popularity was the precursor to Shovel Knight
50 Playing the game will literally improve your life
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