Top 10 Reasons Why Celebrities Are Terrible Politicians

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1 Most Celebrities Don't Have The Right Knowledge
2 They Only Do It To Gain Attention

Celebrities are only political just so they can fuel their already oversized egos.

Donald J. Trump. Need I say more?

3 They Are Selfish
4 They Aren't The Right People To Have Power Because They Can't Control It
5 Some Of Their Ideas Aren't Logical But People Listen To Them Just Because They Are Successful In Show Business
6 Internet Trolls Just Make Them More Popular
7 Most Of Them Can't Think Straight Because They Are Usually Drunk

Funny, but that's probably not why. Now, I don't think those 2% of people are stupid, they're probably just drunk.

8 Celebrities Are Very Unpredictable And What They Say Next Might Be The Opposite Of What They Said 2 Weeks Ago
9 They Can't Act/Sing etc And Be A Politician At The Same Time
10 They Can Easily Change Their Minds If You Give Them Money

As opposed to politicians? Sorry, but several of your "reasons" seem to be normal characteristics of career politicians. - Billyv

Sounds EXACTLY like every professional politician!

Billyv gets it right again. The problem with our most popular (and unfortunately, powerful) politicians is they ARE celebrities. They are worshiped by fandoms who will follow and defend them no matter what (and no, it's not just the Trumpbots), with little understanding of what they're buying into.

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11 You'll never know if they're saying the truth or if they're acting

*Coughs* Dove Cameron *coughs.*

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