Top Ten Reasons Why Cell is Better Dragon Ball Z Villain Than Frieza

The Top Ten

1 Cell is more smarter and has any ability of all Z-fighters
2 Cell killed Goku, Frieza did not

Cell didn't kill Goku. Goku killed himself and took Cell with him. That's like saying Raditz killed Goku.

In a way Freiza committed suicide because he cut himself... - TwilightKitsune

3 Cell has design which is better than Frieza's
4 Cell  can absorb people while Frieza can't
5 Cell can regenerate, while  Frieza can't
6 Cell has any attack that Frieza has
7 Cell is stronger than Frieza (without counting Resurrection F)
8 Cell is able to make a bit weaker clones of himself
9 Cell is Bio-Android and he doesn't have to take a rest, while Frieza needs to take rest
10 Cell is little bit less arrogant than Frieza
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