Top 10 Reasons Why CerealGuy Stole Your Keyboard As You Reading This List

What if I stole your keyboard as you reading this list and why I stole it and why you don't deserve to live in this planet without dank memes. I am trying to make something original.
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The Top Ten

1 So you can't type

That means you can't make list and blog post!.List ideas on meh - CerealGuy

Well, I'm typing with my iPad.

Tricks on you. - Mumbizz01

I'm on my iPad! - Therandom

Huehuehuehue I'm using an IPad huehuehuehue - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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2 The keyboard is a lie!

That keyboard is a lie! - CerealGuy

First, the cake is a lie, and now the
Keyboard is a lie too?!?! - Delgia2k

3 CerealGuy is proven a bit jealous

Yes I confess to you guys I am a bit jealous but not A bit but moar - CerealGuy

4 The keyboard was majestic

Made out of gold and magical powers are included for perfection - CerealGuy

5 To make something original

It seems MainstreamWildhawk list trends are becoming to pop up - CerealGuy

6 So you can rage while he laughs
7 Nyan Cat told him to
8 The keyboard has swag
9 CerealGuy is evil

I am evil and greedy lol just kidding or do i? - CerealGuy

10 Because Angry German Kid broke all of his keyboards

I have to find one again! - CerealGuy

When this fella gonna stop playing' Unreal tourmant? - Delgia2k

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