Top 10 Reasons Why Chi-chi Is Better Than Bulma

The Top Ten

1 Chi-Chi is funnier

ChiChi is so boring, which is why she's so irrelevant.

Agreed - yunafreya648

2 Chi-Chi's husband loves her more

Goku hit this bitch so hard, she crashed right into a tree...then he laughed. Lol

3 Chi-Chi could beat up most of The Z Fighters

Except she can't.

4 Chi-Chi's yell is better

Which is why everyone hates her.

I fap to Bulma though

5 Chi-Chi isn't as whiny

She's irrelevant. How can you know?

6 Bulma is sluttier

Bulma can get it! She's far more prettier than Chichi, too.

7 Bulma cheated on Yamcha with the guy who tried to murder everyone

Except they already broke up and Yamcha was salty about it.

8 Bulma had a baby with and got married to a guy who tried to murder everyone

The same guy Goku rather spend time with than his own wife, HAHAA.

9 Chi-Chi didn't get mad at Krillin for trying to save the universe

Nobody cares about ChiChi's opinions, especially Goku... that's why she's so irrelevant.

10 Bulma thought Zarbon was hot

Bulma has a good opinion when it comes to this - both Zarbon (Frieza Saga) and General Blue (Red Ribbon Army Saga) were the most handsome males in each saga and she immediately was attracted to them! This gives points to Bulma as they were the best characters in each saga and she happened to interact with them briefly! - PrinceZarbon

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