Top Ten Reasons Why a Child Needs Their Dad

My dad isn't there, my mom and him broke up when I was seven... I haven't seen him in over five years, I have a step-dad and he treats me better than my actual dad and he supports financially and emotionally but it isn't the same...

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1 That person helped make the child

If he had time to make you with your mom then he needs to man up and have time to see his child grow up

My sad suck!

I have a gay daddy and that's just natural as having a biological dad.

2 Every girl wants to be "daddy's little princess"

I really like every item on this list. My father does treat me like a princess - since I'm his youngest daughter. He's free with his time and hugs. He makes me laugh. He's my rock, my hero, my best friend, my personal bodyguard, my teacher (mainly of bad habits! ) He's my daddy :) and I love that wise old man with all my heart.

You may like the items on the list but I don't because... I don't have any of this. thanks for saying all the things I want, you surely have.

Girls are more attached to their father, for the most part, I know I wish I could be daddy's little princess

Yeah of course and I'm feeling so proud to say that I'm my dad's lil princess

Ohh daddy yeah!

3 Guidance

Reading through this is making me more and more sorry for you, my friend. :( I can't imagine being without the guidance of a father for over five years. especially not at your age. - PositronWildhawk

The actual father can give better guidance and you will listen to him better vs a step father - Sillykitty

4 Protection

Children need protection from everything and from everyone - Sillykitty

5 To be a complete family

Yeah, step parents complete it too but everyone wants their biological parents to be a happy, perfect family - Sillykitty

Right now my immediate family consists of my mom, my dad, me, my two younger brothers, and my dog. - Therandom

Same things with moms. You need moms to complete a family too. - Brokenangel

I did not say only father, I said biological parent which means either or. - Sillykitty

6 For a shoulder to cry on

This can be for many things, for example when a girl has her first heart break. - Sillykitty

I can't replace him but I can offer my shoulder if you need to cry - Billyv

Sigh. Two dads, four shoulders, yet all too busy for years. - AnonymousChick

Yeah, my dad works all day.

7 For happiness

If your parent left then that person is constantly on your mind and sometimes you will question if it was your fault... It wasn't your fault... - Sillykitty

8 For financial needs

A mother/single parents can't do it alone - Sillykitty

9 For a good example

If you parent walked out then the child will think it is ok to do it when times get tough with their spouse/mate and that isn't right. - Sillykitty

10 Just for a dad to be there

For most of my life so far, my dad lived with us. But since we are in need of more money, he now lives in Seattle where he works for my uncle Scott. He sometimes visits on weekends, though, and my two half sisters now live in Seattle and visit as well, but it isn't really the same.

That is as simple as it gets... - Sillykitty

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11 It's hard living with one parent
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