Top 10 Reasons Why Children Under 16 Should Not Be Allowed on the Internet

Currently children 12, and under are not allowed on social media, this list is about why kids under the age the of 16, should maybe also not be on social media or the internet. I want to say if you're under 16 and can take the landscape of the internet, this list does not apply to you, this list mainly applies to most kids under 16, let'e begin

The Top Ten

There are nasty comments/cyber bullies on the internet

This list is awful

You can encounter pornography on the internet very easily

It's 99% chance that you'll find this stuff. So yeah. Kids should be banned.

You can be doxxed/have your personal information leaked on the internet

Doxxing should be banned. It is a criminal act and will not be tolerated.

But I have to agree on this list. So many terrible things on the Internet. A person needs to be well educated and taught before he or she dares to go on the Internet.

Privacy settings and keeping your personal information a secret so that no one knows but yourself, is the way to go.

Your account can be hacked into
You can encounter computer viruses online
You can get wrapped up in internet drama
There are brainwashers from political extremists/cults who use the internet to brainwash their victims
Pedophiles try to lure children on social media
Inappropriate content for children can be found online very easily

I'm 12 and I know most of these stuff.At least you made it clear this doesn't apply to everyone under 16 but rather kids under 16 who don't know the basics.-DarkBoi-X

Bad influences on children can be found on social media

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Children can tell personal information without knowing that it is not allowed in the website.
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