Top 10 Reasons Why Chimera Is Better Than Stella from Winx Club

The Top Ten

1 Chimera is a greatest villain of Solaria

She just a silly girl who always want to steal people belonging - DJR456

2 Stella is a horrible princess of Solaria

What? Stella is the best! She was a bad queen in that one episode, but she learned from her mistakes and undid all the wrong things. All Chimera did was intentionally hurting everyone and selfishly tried to take over the whole kingdom, even if it meant brainwashing and murdering. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

3 Chimera always tells the truth
4 Chimera is a beautiful villain
5 Stella is an ugly fairy

She is a beautiful fairy - DJR456

6 Chimera cares about her mother
7 Stella is a liar
8 Stella is a jerk

If I can make a Winx Club high school series,i would make the story like this:
Chimera(the good girl) is the new girl in Alfia(or whatever that school's name is),However,she has an old friend named Stella who studies in Alfia too.And Chimera met Stella at Gym,and when Chimera was like ",STELLA! IT'S YOU! IT'S ME,YOUR OLD FRIEND CHIMERA! ",Stella(the mean girl) pushed Chimera and Stella and her two friends,Bloom and Musa laughed.And the truth is,Stella is just jealous of Chimera that Chimera is prettier.I'll name it Winx:Chimera VS Stella.I hate Winx Club,but I was thinking of this - MLPFan

9 Stella is jealous of Chimera
10 Chimera loves her mother

Chimera always act like a kid - DJR456

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