Top 10 Reasons Why Christianity is Not the Way of Life

I've encountered people in real life who say that Christianity is the true religion or the true way of life. How they base their own lives around it. Well I've news for you people, it isn't. It isn't the true way of life at all. And you're all probably saying "but Christianity is flawless!" It has MANY flaws! That's why it's not the way of life. And I've compiled a list of 10 reasons why there really is a lot more to life than Christianity (or religion in general).

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1 People Have Different Religious Beliefs

Different religions exist you know, religions that DON'T believe Jesus was the Son of God or the savior. We're all taught to respect other beliefs so are you going to accept the fact that not everyone thinks Jesus is the way, the truth and the life? - GodIsHell

So true. But, I don't believe in anything...

I hate when Christians make fun of other religions just because it's not involving Jesus. It's annoying - KingSlayer93316

There's Mohammed, Buddha, Vishnu, and all other deities of local religions. There's so much to base your way of life on. - Bolshoy_Brat

I’ve noticed that all of these things have to do with people that go to Church, not the religion that I believe in. Everything on here is what I’ve seen and heard from priests and those who go to Church. Priests also change things in the Bible sometimes and make up their own ideas from the Bible instead of actually figuring out the deeper meaning.

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2 There's a Lot More to Life Than Christianity

It's absolutely true. There really is more to life than worshipping a guy on a big stick, like different ideas, philosophies and sciences. I'd rather spend my time learning a lot more about the meaning of life than to waste it on kissing some random guy's end. - GodIsHell

3 None of the Stories in Christianity are Logical

How can a man be born from a virgin birth, walk on water or come back from the dead? All of these things are physically impossible and it's very unlikely that they ever happened. - GodIsHell

Unless he's a witch or an alien. Or a made-up fictional character from a fairy tale (that's what I just thought of) - KingSlayer93316

Unless he has God like powers, ordinary humans can't do it. God made Mary give birth. Not a Christian but you seem to not understand.

4 Nobody Knows If Jesus Really Existed or Not

I've stated in a previous comment that everyone is starting to doubt that was Jesus was even real, like how the stories were just Roman propaganda to keep citizens under control at the time. Besides, there's not any evidence of Jesus healing people or even being resurrected. - GodIsHell

Jesus was very much a real person. This much is true. But he was not anything special. - ggggh

Wow, all the butthurt religious snowflakes who can't admit you have a point... - NightmareCinema

Who ever says scientists said that Jesus Existed is a liar.The smartest man on Earth Stephen Hawking didn't believe in "the lord" and he turned out fine.until his death

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5 Christianity Has Done More Harm Than Good

Mainly anti-abortion violence, mistreatment of homosexuals, anti-semitism and demonization of everything that's not Christian. - GodIsHell

At one time, even atheists, & non-religious people were violent towards people that were homosexual too. Christians are responsible for most of the charities that are done in the world. - clusium

I agree. - awesomedp900

Harm That Christianity has Done: Homophobia, Climate Change Denial, Evolution Denial, Slowing Down Progress, Racism, Sexism, and Much More...

Good That Christianity has Done: Well, at Least when it comes to modern History, I can't think of any... - RogerWatersfan1999

6 Nobody Really Knows What Happens After Death

We all have different ideas of what happens after death, but what if you're wrong? What if you end up rotting instead of going to heaven? I honestly would rather be an atheist for the rest of my life because I don't wanna be wrong about going to an afterlife (being wrong about an afterlife to me is the absolute worst way to die). - GodIsHell

Our skin and hair rots, then our bones become dust. But, that's just what I think - KingSlayer93316

7 Christianity is Not for Everyone

In fact, religion in general is not for everyone. Religion has done a lot of harm to people both physically and mentally and it really needs to stop. Times are changing now so let's put it all behind and make our nations much more safer places to live in. - GodIsHell

This is true, lots of people don’t find any appeal to Christianity nor do they believe in any of the things they teach. It’s all based on choice

8 Christianity is Fear-Based

Christians are always saying "if you don't believe you'll burn in the eternal flames! " Well if God really wanted me to believe he was real then why doesn't he just simple introduce himself? And I'm sorry but faith is not enough. Faith is when you believe something happened. It's not any legit evidence or anything. I tend to think of things that actually happened, not things that I believed happened. It's simple logic. - GodIsHell

That’s why I don’t like the other Christian religions (the ones where they go to Church and believe in the Trinity). I hate how they always say you’ll go to hell if you die, they don’t even open their own Bible to read it! They just come up with their own ideas and call it “the Truth”.

9 Jesus Did Not Create Life

Don't listen to anything your pastor or church says. A man did not create everything at all. Life came into existence naturally, not because of a random guy who died 2,000 years ago. - GodIsHell

10 Christianity is the Origin of Homophobia

Atheists and people of ALL religions were "homophobic" until just a few years ago, and the Pope just gave his blessing to gays a few days ago. Muslims still are, and violently so, doing things like tossing gays off the top of buildings..

Atheists could be homophobic too, at one time. In fact homosexual practices were (possibly still are) a punishable offense in Communist (an atheistic ideology) countries.

Also, any religion will tell you that heterosexuality is the only right type. - clusium

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11 Christianity Has Caused More Harm Than Good

This is already here. I guess Christianity has done so much harm that this has to be twice - KingSlayer93316

This is already on the list. - GodIsHell

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