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1 Christianity is against homosexuality/bisexuality.

No words. I know people may not agree with this rule, and some might, but, being a Christian, let me just say this. According the Bible, being gay or bisexual just makes you NOT NORMAL. Yes it is a sin, but you're not going to Hell for it. Yes, many people are gay or bisexual, but it doesn't mean that you're a bad person! Yes, I think it's a choice, but many people don't. Just because you're gay or bisexual doesn't mean that you are going to Hell! It just means that you have committed a sin, and you are forgiven for it. So stop all the 'Christians think that gays should go the Hell' nonsense and just accept the fact that you are unique, and not normal like others, and that you will still be allowed to be in the best possible place after death: Heaven. - NoEntranceHere

I don't understand Christianity may be against but so are plenty of other religions and just plain old people are and me personally as a Christian I don't have a problem with it I mean yeah it's a sin but sin is sin. I sin all the time when I eat to much when I listen to my music and I have had sex outside of marriage so who am I to judge someone.

This is why I'm against Christianity: There's too many standards and laws. Some music is sin, some foods are sin, eating too much is sin, homosexuality or bisexuality is sin, researching about other religions is sin, etc. - Blight

I'm a Christian myself, but I'm not against it for some reason. I treat all people equal. God told us to LOVE everybody, right? So I love everybody (not in a romantic way.).

Get this list taken down, it is offensive to Christians. - Extractinator04

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2 If you're Christian, then you'll be worshiping an Abuser (God).

I am not Christian, yet I still have a large amount of respect for Jesus Christ because if the stories are true, it seems like he was a brave, kind, generous, and accepting person.

The Christian God on the other hand...

Is a coward: Rather than saving humans himself, he made his son Jesus sacrifice himself on the cross to save humanity. If He is supposedly all powerful, He could have just fixed everything right?

Is self centered: No matter how good you act, no matter how much good things you do in life, you are going to hell if you don't worship God. What if you were born and raised non Christian? It's not really your fault.

Is unjust: Sends people to hell for eternity because of mistakes someone may have made for the maybe 100 years they lived on Earth. Totally not fair.

Christian people are really nice though, and as I said, Jesus seems honorable.

It's funny how I think the so called ugly Version of Jesus is actually the handsome one. - LandonWatson

He is not uncaring, he is the opposite. I bet most of you have never opened (or even seen) a Bible, but if you have you will find his love for all people written on nearly every page. Sure he killed people, evil people. His son died on a cross FOR us, not for no reason. He is not a sexist, he treats all people the same and cares for everyone. You cannot just SAY that he is all these bad things because you have no proof. But everywhere there is proof of an kind God, the one true God, the creator of the world and the only one I will put my faith in.

Well, you see, I have seen a bible. I have, in fact, opened and read it, too. It's the biggest, most deceiving book of complete lies I have ever seen. Sorry. My opinion. I don't mean to be rude, but you're being rude, too. - Blight

Clearly you know nothing about Christianity. We don't promote hate, we're not against homosexuality (only homosexual acts) and praying isn't stupid. Do your research before condemning and entire religion.

Thank you I agree with every single thing that you have said. It's so obvious! - CandySmith

Well no. People believe what they want to believe in. You may see god as an abuser, while they may see him as a savior. I see him as Rob Halford. - SoldierOfFortune

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3 Sins are mostly things that are natural and a part of life, that sometimes people can't help.

You end up going to hell for being gay. You also go to hell is you cut your own hair. You go to hell if you disobey your parents. Does this sound reasonable to you? If so, you're a sick person. People can't help being gay, it's just how they were born. Homophobes are no better than racists

Lies, lies, lies! You don't go to hell for being gay or for cutting your own hair or for disobeying your parents. I've done two out of these three things, but that doesn't change the fact I'm a Christian. This argument is mainly false. "Sins are mostly things that are natural and a part of life." True. "...that sometimes people can't help." False. God knows that no one is perfect, everyone sins, and He forgives all of us for sinning. This, however, does not give us the excuse to sin because while it's normal and natural and hard not to do, it's not okay! The best you can do is try not to sin, say sorry to God and repent from your sins, believe in Jesus as His Son, and confess your faith in Him. Besides, He gave us the ability to think and decide for ourselves even if He knew we would sin because He loves us. - listotaku17

There's a difference between minor sins and major sins. Major sins are the ones that get you sent to hell, while minor is something most people do. Go to a confession and erase your sins, trust me you'll feel better. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

This list needs to end please. - EpicJake

I may lie and hurt people sometimes but everyone else does that. - Neonco31

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4 Christianity makes up false facts about how life started.

You say that you can't make something living out of something nonliving. But that's a misconception to begin with. Eveything is made of atoms and molecules. Even you. The difference is that some reactions of certain chemicals creates life as you know it ( breeding, growing, thinking... ) and some other reactions of other molecules creates things that don't breed. The truth is that everything lives ( whenever there is energy and reaction of atoms there is something moving, even if you can't see it like a rock for instance ). Nobody knows the real truth about how everything started ( everything is made out of theories about that ) but saying that the answer is simple because it's god is stupid. The fact is that science is almost certain what life is, the only question that remains is " why did it happen once? "

Atoms and molecules are not alive. Your justification here is terrible. The Law of Biogenesis states that complex living things come only from other living things, by reproduction. This is a law. It's something that's been proven. Science is the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experimentation. The biggest problem with science is that it can tell you how but not why. It's not meant to tell you why. That's where religion comes in. Science explains the complexity of the natural world, but it cannot explain why the world is so complex. The fact is the idea that life originally came from nothing for no reason is baseless. There is no evidence to make that claim. That is the fundamental problem with atheism. Stephen Hawking stated that he believed we were put here by aliens. But where did these purported aliens come from. You see, atheists are juts backing themselves ...more - GrimmShady

So you believe that instead of the simple fact that there is indeed a greater being among us, that you believe two rocks or something smashed into each other and created humans, nature, the earth, and everything that surrounds us? It is impossible for something nonliving to make something living. And before you ask me the question "How is God always there? How has he been alive since before time? " The answer is simple. There is no creation without a creator.

And how was the creator made? Did another creator make him? And if so, what made him? - LargeDemon

So you are saying that atoms and molecules are not alive because of " a law " of biogenesis "? As for me, you don't have to define life just because of reproduction, but define life as chemical ( you are made of atoms and molecules ). Like Stephen Hawking said " the laws of nature can be reduced to nothing... only atoms and chemical reactions are nature... '.


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5 Christianity discourages people from questioning and thinking critically.

Christianity completely disregards any form of logical thinking, which is why atheists are proved to have a highest Iq among the other things. According to the Bible, people are supposed to believe that an omnipotent being, one day was bored and decided to create everything in 7 days. Even though he is a God, he can feel human emotions, especially anger. He thinks that women are inferior to men, that homosexuals are sinning, that virginity is the most important thing in life (in fact, Mary magically gave birth being a virgin), that sex is wrong and not at all a natural need, and that if you don't spend your whole life worshipping him and his son you will go to hell.
Where is the logic in all of this?

Christians have caused atheists to have these beliefs that we are all horrible people who believe in a god who does the things that you listed above. However, Christians and atheists alike don't even realize that all these contradictory, strange, and immoral things that God "approves" of are in the Old Testament.

The main word in Christian is CHRIST. Where was Christ in the Old Testament? He was nowhere to be found. Therefore, things like those that are in the Old Testament should not be believed by Christians. Christians DO NOT believe things of the Old Testament, UNLESS it was fulfilled in the New Testament. - xatavia

Studies show that the poorest countries on earth are majority-Christian countries, while to most developed tend to be majority-atheist countries.

Username34 is right. That actually was the 12th Century. It wasn't modern. - EpicJake

It's true. Atheists are usually smarter. They usually have 61% higher IQs

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6 If you're Christian, than you can't play violent games.

That is a lie I've played a violent game and I'm a Christian and I'm not going to hell

Yep, I've played Serious Sam, Doom, Painkiller, etc, and I feel fine slaughtering demonic-like enemies in violent games. - NuMetalManiak

This is only true to an extent. Obviously they never said thou shalt not play thy Halo, because there was no gaming. However religious people are more strict and probably more anti violent games, which I find ironic because of the Nazis, Isis, etc.

I played call of duty and medal of honor and I'm a Christian. There is a group that spreads Christianity while playing these types of games.

I played fallout, and I'm a christian. - TeamRocket747

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7 Christianity is like brainwashing people.

I for one agree, Churches have these youth programs like "children's church" etc&etc. That's how Hitler started his Nazi youth programs, it makes a lot of sense to install this crap in early minds until they grow up believing, or smart enough to be able to critically think and break away from it all. Example: If there was a religion about The Monster Under The Bed and that child was taught there was a monster under the bed had all these programs about a monster under the bed they would grow up still believing that there is one. Hopefully -aforementioned- a natural critical thinker can break away and realize its indoctrination created by selfish and the manipulative.

For once I guess I have to agree. It's like Hitler: he brainwashed German children into Nazi ideas with school, speeches, youth groups and that damn Mein Kampf. If your parents are Christian they're basically forced to baptise you at a very young age (I was baptised at like 9 months old) and send you to Sunday school and all these Christian youth groups where they repeat the same message over and over, until it's drilled into you. Unfortunately, I have been a victim of that. Fortunately, I can think and make judgements and I find out that I actually disagree with 99% of Christianity's teaching. I'm not saying you have to refuse, if it suits you, that's fine and I'm happy for you. But if not, you have a choice to stop being a Christian, like I most probably will someday.

Wrong right there dude. Christianity is not like Islam at all. Not even close. In Christianity, we don't force our beliefs down peoples' throats. We preach the Gospel from God's Word to interest others who want to know about it or find the answers. We don't spread fear or hatred because that is not what God wants His followers to do to non-believers.

Those examples are ones usually done by insanely conservative and ultimately hypocritical Christians who tell you you're going to hell one minute and sin the next. There are many not-so-pushy Christians who aren't like that, myself included. Also, Islam will literally kill you if you try to leave the religion. This is worse than Christianity, which is supposed to be very peaceful, but has been made bad by homophobic extremists. - xMagnoblade

Certain sects, yes. - Metalhead1997

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8 Christianity doesn't respect other religions.

This is absolutely untrue! I am not Christian, but my friends, who are, respect that and are genuinely interested in the differences between us! Everyone has been nice, not staring at me in disbelief when I tell them I'm not Christian. They just shrug and say "cool," which is at least better than them judging me.

This is so true I have heard at my church to change other people beliefs and they don't act so kindly to Satanist even though that's better, they also try to make Atheists Christian which is really annoying by the way so stop that!

From my personal experience, this is true. I am one of three non Christians in my class, and the other two don't mind. However every Christian I met has either cried, gotten mad, or go WHAT HOW CAN YOU NOT BELIEVE IN JESUS

More like Islam doesn’t
Just the other day my Muslim Friend was like (without any knowledge of me being Christian) she thought that since the September 23rd end of the world theory didn’t happen (which was made by a Christian which many Christians didn’t believe his claims cause God would not reveal to anyone when the world would end) That the Christians we’re wrong and their entire religion is wrong, hell my sister was there and gave a her a calm (more like angry) talk about how Muslims go around killing people cause they don’t follow Allah but she doesn’t see that as wrong
So learn about the other religion before you go bashing others - Zoetressa

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9 Christianity's praying is just dumb. Praying to an Abuser won't change a thing!

Stop saying that God is an abuser! He is not. You obviously no absolutely NOTHING about Christianity because if you did you would realize that everything you are saying is a lie. Just stop. Whoever told you this doesn't know what he's talking about.

What would you do if I told you that you were to ignorant to piece together information? - LargeDemon

He IS an abuser. He punishes homosexuals, people who had pre- marital sex, women who cut their own hair, and even women who touch their husbands privates when he is fighting someone. I'm not joking that's actually in the bible

"Praying" is just talking aloud to one's self, that's it! It's futile and just nonsensical act of desperation for help. When THERE'S NOTHING THERE, this "god" can not save anyone. Humanity has to stand for itself, we have to get smart and realize only the intelligent are the fortunate.

Muslims do it
Jews do it
Orthodox Christians do it
Many religions do it
Some atheists even pray for someone to help (I would know cause I’ve had atheist friends that I’ve seen pray) - Zoetressa

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10 Christianity rejects science in favor of a book that contains contradictions.

A scientist will read hundreds of books and still be eager to learn more. A Christian will pick and choose whatever part they like from one book and think they know it all.

Some science is true, but some is not. Do you really believe that this world was made on accident? That just isn't possible. The possibility of that happening is the trash in a junkyard turning into an incredibly detailed jet. Not gonna happen.

To reply to your comment, I would like to say that I agree with what you say. I am actually a Jew but I know lots about Christianity and it's quite interesting. But I also think that whether or not you believe the bible is totally your own thing. I don't believe the bible to be completely and utterly true, but I believe it to be a metaphor, a way to help people get by in this world through a series of stories and ideas. There are also other people who believe the bible to be completely true which is fine. It's your belief, you get to do what you want with it. - username34

There are plenty of Christian scientist who actually getting fired for there belief. I don't think that's fair.

There is a zealot firing those Christians, but also, why would being a scientist be a fully-fledged job unless you were a chemist? - LargeDemon

NOT ALL CHRISTIANSVDENY SCIENCE! my dad is catholic and he was a chemistry teacher in the 90s. My parents have PhDs

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? Christianity states that sodomy is a sin
? Christianity is against Paganism/Wicca

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11 Christianity is generally stupid and wrong.

That's a horrible reason. Christianity is very interesting, and can save your life. It's kind of like a club; you do stuff and you get rewarded. Sure, there are fights in between. But having a group of people who's lives has been turned around by religion is absolutely touching. I don't like to talk about religion myself, but I have no problem talking about it in situations like this. - Pony

And god created the earth, although god has no evidence of existence in the first place? - LargeDemon

What kind of dumb reason is this? This reason shouldn't be here, and whoever made this list obviously wasn't thinking about what they wrote. Christianity isn't wrong. Or stupid.

Your argument is invalid.

Okay, now you're just saying things. You can't argue against something without knowing both halves first. - Metalhead1997

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12 Violating sins (even unintentionally) will result in the most cruel punishment ever (going to "Hell").

I am sick and tired of this common myth. If you commit a sin (yes, even unintentionally), all is forgiven, and you can be happy that Jesus died on the cross so you could go to Heaven, although you just took two cookies from the cookie jar even though you were told not to. But seriously, you can't go around just doing whatever you please. There is punishment for that, and that is having to face all your sins at the end of your life, and have to beg to go to Heaven, although you always will. - NoEntranceHere

That is not true I hate it when people over exaggerate it clearly you don't read the bible, I have sinned everyone has know body is perfect that is why he sent his only son to save us from sin so you can pray for your sins. But if you are a cruel person like I don't know Hitler than you will go to hell but don't you think that is fair he killed all those people

If you do bad things you always have a chance to repent as long as you are still breathing (that is, until you have died. ) Jesus does not WANT to put people in hell, he WANTS you to repent and follow him.

If you commit a sin without knowing then you get a small punishment but it’s really small like you fall down the stairs but don’t hurt anything small it’s basically like getting a small talking to form your mother when you do something bad unintentionally. - Zoetressa

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13 Christians have killed in the name of Christianity.

You don't have to be in the army or have an army to kill. Christianity is organised religion. Whenever something is organised ( even the Maffia is organised ) and that this organisation decides to kill in name of the supposed organisation, there is crime.

Yeah, so have Muslims and any other religion. Every religion has fought at least 1 war about religion. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

The most notable examples include the Crusades and the Salem Witch Hunts.

What!? The Salem Witch Hunts!? How!? Any self respecting Christian would not go out searching for someone who obviously is just a normal person who has coincidentally been around when weird things happen, dunk them in water till' they confess to something that never happened, then hang innocent women who had their whole lives ahead of them in the gallows. Also, The Salem Witch Hunts were not actually wars, mind you. - NoEntranceHere

The Crusades ring a bell? - Metalhead1997

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14 Christianity encourages an "Us vs. Them" mentality.

That's mormonism, not Christianity. (no offense to any mormons, you're very nice people) - username34

Username34-actually, as a Mormon, I know for a fact that we don't support an Us vs Them mentality. We believe in supporting everyone, even if they don't believe in our religion.

15 Christians insist on imposing their beliefs to others.

We don't insist. It's your choice if you want to believe in Christianity or not. If someone is insisting, then they are not true Christians. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

So all the Christian explorers of the new world weren't real Christians. Ha. Right. They were more Christians than Christians are today. - ARandomPerson

They don't, instead they indoctrinate kids into believing Christianity for the rest of their lives. - LargeDemon

1. No, that's Islam!
2. Second, those are only missionaries, who I personally don't understand the point of! - NoEntranceHere

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16 Christians are unaware that many of their beliefs and rituals are derived from Pagan religions.

Yeah, that's true, if you say this isn't true than you haven't done your research. - austincrazycat

And many of their beliefs also come from Zoroastrianism too believe it or not. It's not surprising because around the time of Jesus was around the time of Islam starting (If I'm remembering correctly) and the symbol for Islam came from the Pagan moon and star gods.

I got into this when thinking: if Christianity is not the first and only religion out there, then why do we celebrate all our holidays like it? Even in non Christian countries?

Aset/Isis was before Virgin Mary. Asar/Osiris and Heru/Horus was before Jesus and Ra before god. I bet Christianity has also stuff inspired from Ma'at and Anpu/Anubis. Also! Jesus may also be inspired by Dionysus/Bacchus.

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17 Christianity encourages conformity and group think.

I have social problems, so I don't work well in groups. I'm the first kid who wants to work alone for a project, yet no one has ever told me "you're a Christian you need to work in groups! "

And the people that don't think in a group end up a lot like you. - username34

This religion has destroyed my country!

18 Christians actively ignore logical arguments to allow their religion to continue to make sense.

Yeah! Wait, in... what... since when has this ever happened!? Anything like that has largely been debunked. Plus, even if it isn't, we can ignore it all we want because it still is true no matter which way you look at, but people are just ignorant and don't accept that it is true and that science won't debunk it! - NoEntranceHere

On the contrary, most Christians, in fact, do not go against blatantly logical ideas. Given, there are many people out there who will, but they can do what they want - username34

19 Christianity encourages people to feel shame.

So your saying if you do something bad than you shouldn't be ashamed of yourself for doing something like that? Shame tells people when your doing the wrong thing. If you don't have shame then you won't feel bad about what you did you would do it again. Shame is an important part of your conscientious.

In every religion it does.

Suppose you kill an innocent person. That person had no idea why yet you killed him. So you are a murderer and a criminal now. Shame is sort of important because it alerts you of what you've done wrong. It helps you distinguish between right and wrong. And if the murderer felt shame he would have realized his mistake and stopped killing and be sorry. Don't you know anything? - TwilightKitsune

If you can't even spell evolution, you're probably too dim to comment on it.

Nope but your trying to make us feel shame but your wrong

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20 Christianity says that Rock/Metal is the devil's music

Apparently, the Christian school I go to thinks that Christian Music such as Casting Crowns is the devil's music. My mom however, probably would've started a huge argument if she went there one day, because Casting Crowns is one of her favorite artists. I'm a Christian, obviously, and what do I listen to? Oh, just good heavy metal music such as Slayer, Venom, Mercyful Fate, Iron Maiden, and stuff like that.

Well, you see there are some metal bands who sing about Jesus, and God, with positive lyrics about the Lord. Now, it is true that they're is black metal bands who worship satan and burn churches for Satan, but Christain bands such as Stryker don't do that. Also some bands with Satanic lyrics such have members who are Christians. Take Slayer for example, they sing about Satan and Nazis but their lead singer, Tom Araya, is a devoted Catholic. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I know that there are some satanic black metal bands out there, but those are extremely rare and not all metal is like that at all. There's even Christian metal.

OF course. I'm a metalhead and I haven't done anything satanic yet. - Metalhead1997

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1. If you're Christian, then you'll be worshiping an Abuser (God).
2. Sins are mostly things that are natural and a part of life, that sometimes people can't help.
3. Christianity is against homosexuality/bisexuality.
1. Christianity makes up false facts about how life started.
2. Christianity rejects science in favor of a book that contains contradictions.
3. Christianity is like brainwashing people.
1. Christianity is against homosexuality/bisexuality.
2. Sins are mostly things that are natural and a part of life, that sometimes people can't help.
3. Christianity discourages people from questioning and thinking critically.

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