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1 Christianity is against homosexuality/bisexuality.

The defense that it is against the act and not the people is in itself a reason that Christianity is terrible

It's against the act, not the people. - neehawgamer

Not all christians are against homosexuality - ElSherlock

Not all Christians. - Luckys

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2 If you're Christian, then you'll be worshiping an Abuser (God).

I am not Christian, yet I still have a large amount of respect for Jesus Christ because if the stories are true, it seems like he was a brave, kind, generous, and accepting person.

The Christian God on the other hand...

Is a coward: Rather than saving humans himself, he made his son Jesus sacrifice himself on the cross to save humanity. If He is supposedly all powerful, He could have just fixed everything right?

Is self centered: No matter how good you act, no matter how much good things you do in life, you are going to hell if you don't worship God. What if you were born and raised non Christian? It's not really your fault.

Is unjust: Sends people to hell for eternity because of mistakes someone may have made for the maybe 100 years they lived on Earth. Totally not fair.

Christian people are really nice though, and as I said, Jesus seems honorable.

Yes Jesus probably was a good person with good morals and some good teachings, It's just that he lit the match which burnt down the forest so to speak, But for worshiping him as the earthly son of a possible non-existent deity?, Not that part.

For God though, Well...yeah he's a coward and rather evil, I mean, As you said, It's told that if you don't believe in God, Then it's straight to hell for you, But if that's the case for all, Then I suppose people who live in undiscovered tribes on tropical islands are going to hell then just because they've never even heard a whisper of him? Yeah that just doesn't make sense. - AnUnknownRider

How is he an abuser? I get that he caused all the natural disasters and stuff like that, because WE ARE TURNING AWAY FROM OUR CREATOR! He loves us so much that we cannot comprehend it. Stop this. You can have your religion but leave ours alone. Go away. - The_Random_Content_Guy

He doesn't actually create natural disasters, it is because we are in a broken world. - neehawgamer

God get off your backside and pop up on Earth to stop arguments, you are all knowing and seeing so you can see this just do it.

That is the most negative way you can look at something - GleamingShadow

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3 Sins are mostly things that are natural and a part of life, that sometimes people can't help.

Everyone sins, the only person who didn't sin was Jesus because he was perfect. You know the saying, "You learn from your mistakes." Has anyone ever told you that? - The_Random_Content_Guy

Again, it's how you interpret the bible - GleamingShadow

You end up going to hell for being gay. You also go to hell is you cut your own hair. You go to hell if you disobey your parents. Does this sound reasonable to you? If so, you're a sick person. People can't help being gay, it's just how they were born. Homophobes are no better than racists

Lies, lies, lies! You don't go to hell for being gay or for cutting your own hair or for disobeying your parents. I've done two out of these three things, but that doesn't change the fact I'm a Christian. This argument is mainly false. "Sins are mostly things that are natural and a part of life." True. "...that sometimes people can't help." False. God knows that no one is perfect, everyone sins, and He forgives all of us for sinning. This, however, does not give us the excuse to sin because while it's normal and natural and hard not to do, it's not okay! The best you can do is try not to sin, say sorry to God and repent from your sins, believe in Jesus as His Son, and confess your faith in Him. Besides, He gave us the ability to think and decide for ourselves even if He knew we would sin because He loves us. - listotaku17

This list needs to end please. - EpicJake

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4 Christianity discourages people from questioning and thinking critically.

After all the followers of God and Jesus die, they will live forever. It's hard to wrap your head around how long forever is. - The_Random_Content_Guy

What if a Christian didn't believe in the Bible.
Atheists wouldn't have higher IQ's if they like to troll and bully religious like many of them do on social media. Even this is a bullying word.

It does the exact opposite - namesnipe

Christianity completely disregards any form of logical thinking, which is why atheists are proved to have a highest Iq among the other things. According to the Bible, people are supposed to believe that an omnipotent being, one day was bored and decided to create everything in 7 days. Even though he is a God, he can feel human emotions, especially anger. He thinks that women are inferior to men, that homosexuals are sinning, that virginity is the most important thing in life (in fact, Mary magically gave birth being a virgin), that sex is wrong and not at all a natural need, and that if you don't spend your whole life worshipping him and his son you will go to hell.
Where is the logic in all of this?

Christians have caused atheists to have these beliefs that we are all horrible people who believe in a god who does the things that you listed above. However, Christians and atheists alike don't even realize that all these contradictory, strange, and immoral things that God "approves" of are in the Old Testament.

The main word in Christian is CHRIST. Where was Christ in the Old Testament? He was nowhere to be found. Therefore, things like those that are in the Old Testament should not be believed by Christians. Christians DO NOT believe things of the Old Testament, UNLESS it was fulfilled in the New Testament. - xatavia

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5 Christianity makes up false facts about how life started.

It's our opinion - The_Random_Content_Guy

This is more of an opinion - GleamingShadow

Nah, it's just stating things in a poetic, metaphorical, and semi-literal fashion. I do think Adam and Eve were either Homo erectus or Neanderthal man though.


that's an opinion - GleamingShadow

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6 Christianity is like brainwashing people.

That is literally the most stupid "opinion" in history. - neehawgamer

God is not real

I for one agree, Churches have these youth programs like "children's church" etc&etc. That's how Hitler started his Nazi youth programs, it makes a lot of sense to install this crap in early minds until they grow up believing, or smart enough to be able to critically think and break away from it all. Example: If there was a religion about The Monster Under The Bed and that child was taught there was a monster under the bed had all these programs about a monster under the bed they would grow up still believing that there is one. Hopefully -aforementioned- a natural critical thinker can break away and realize its indoctrination created by selfish and the manipulative.

For once I guess I have to agree. It's like Hitler: he brainwashed German children into Nazi ideas with school, speeches, youth groups and that damn Mein Kampf. If your parents are Christian they're basically forced to baptise you at a very young age (I was baptised at like 9 months old) and send you to Sunday school and all these Christian youth groups where they repeat the same message over and over, until it's drilled into you. Unfortunately, I have been a victim of that. Fortunately, I can think and make judgements and I find out that I actually disagree with 99% of Christianity's teaching. I'm not saying you have to refuse, if it suits you, that's fine and I'm happy for you. But if not, you have a choice to stop being a Christian, like I most probably will someday.

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7 Christianity doesn't respect other religions.

I'm a christian and all I can say is we should be free to what we believe in

And you are disrespecting our religion - The_Random_Content_Guy

Most religions don't really respect each other

i actually think we all worship the same god.
he just has a different name
and different stories depending on the part of the world - GleamingShadow

It's strange how Christians like to bash on Muslims for their rigid, puritanical beliefs, yet these same Christians hold to these same rigid, puritanical beliefs. It's unbelievable that in places like the USA, politicians get the vote by bashing on gay people, minorities, etc. At least in Switzerland, the government is more secular compared to the USA, and people here seem to get along. No corrupt politicians using bad language. And yes, people in Switzerland do value education very well. - CountFritz

There are Christians and there are "Christians". I wish you knew the difference. - neehawgamer

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8 If you're Christian, than you can't play violent games.

There is a social media page against all video games and guess who that's run by *drum roll*, Christian moms. They even say educational games are bad. Those idiots pretty much want to kill all white male gamers. That's Racist in a way! The people who run that page just know about games like thrill kill, manhunt 2, and postal 2.

Not really true, the only thing kids talk about at my church is Fortnite. - The_Random_Content_Guy

It depends on the household, not the religion. Too many stereotypes. - neehawgamer

There are some christians who played violent games - ElSherlock

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9 Christianity rejects science in favor of a book that contains contradictions.

And what might those "contradictions" be - The_Random_Content_Guy

A scientist will read hundreds of books and still be eager to learn more. A Christian will pick and choose whatever part they like from one book and think they know it all.

Some science is true, but some is not. Do you really believe that this world was made on accident? That just isn't possible. The possibility of that happening is the trash in a junkyard turning into an incredibly detailed jet. Not gonna happen.

To reply to your comment, I would like to say that I agree with what you say. I am actually a Jew but I know lots about Christianity and it's quite interesting. But I also think that whether or not you believe the bible is totally your own thing. I don't believe the bible to be completely and utterly true, but I believe it to be a metaphor, a way to help people get by in this world through a series of stories and ideas. There are also other people who believe the bible to be completely true which is fine. It's your belief, you get to do what you want with it. - username34

There are plenty of Christian scientist who actually getting fired for there belief. I don't think that's fair.

There is a zealot firing those Christians, but also, why would being a scientist be a fully-fledged job unless you were a chemist? - LargeDemon

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10 Christianity's praying is just dumb. Praying to an Abuser won't change a thing!

Well whoever made this will go to hell. And for the last time, God is not an abuser! - The_Random_Content_Guy

I wonder how I can get this taken down. If I find out...! - neehawgamer

Praying make zero sense since God said that he has a plan for you. So why pray he's going to do what he wants anyway, unless you can change his mind.

Wow, this is certainly a list. Praying in general is dumb. People who pray kneel and wait for a few minutes, but in truth, nothing really happens. - EdGeinFan

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11 Christianity is generally stupid and wrong.

That's it! I'm reporting this list! - The_Random_Content_Guy

Isn't that basically this lists title just reworded? - GleamingShadow

Explain please? - GleamingShadow

That's a horrible reason. Christianity is very interesting, and can save your life. It's kind of like a club; you do stuff and you get rewarded. Sure, there are fights in between. But having a group of people who's lives has been turned around by religion is absolutely touching. I don't like to talk about religion myself, but I have no problem talking about it in situations like this. - Pony

And god created the earth, although god has no evidence of existence in the first place? - LargeDemon

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12 Violating sins (even unintentionally) will result in the most cruel punishment ever (going to "Hell").

I am sick and tired of this common myth. If you commit a sin (yes, even unintentionally), all is forgiven, and you can be happy that Jesus died on the cross so you could go to Heaven, although you just took two cookies from the cookie jar even though you were told not to. But seriously, you can't go around just doing whatever you please. There is punishment for that, and that is having to face all your sins at the end of your life, and have to beg to go to Heaven, although you always will. - NoEntranceHere

This is also exaggerated. You just have to ask for forgiveness. If you don't, that's on you. - neehawgamer

That is not true I hate it when people over exaggerate it clearly you don't read the bible, I have sinned everyone has know body is perfect that is why he sent his only son to save us from sin so you can pray for your sins. But if you are a cruel person like I don't know Hitler than you will go to hell but don't you think that is fair he killed all those people

If you do bad things you always have a chance to repent as long as you are still breathing (that is, until you have died. ) Jesus does not WANT to put people in hell, he WANTS you to repent and follow him.

This is not true one bit. the bible says a that are good and bad deeds do not determine heaven or hell.. the only thing that does is if you believe Jesus christ is your savior! He is alive and he is coming to earth soon. someday your going to wish you can go back.

Yeah which is stupid. From what you're saying, a rapist murderer who killed 30 people could go to heaven, and a friendly atheist who helps the poor could go to hell. What kind of system is that? A stupid one - SammySpore

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13 Christians have killed in the name of Christianity.

Those are the extremists. Every group has extremists, even atheism. - neehawgamer

Well yes
but not just Christians
lots of wars have been fought over religion - GleamingShadow

This is true, but don't all religions do this? It's a cliche at this point - KingSlayer93316

In history they murdered women and pagans it was either torture, hanging them or burning them. Deluded saying the women where witches if they had a wart or left handed.

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14 Christianity encourages an "Us vs. Them" mentality.

That's mormonism, not Christianity. (no offense to any mormons, you're very nice people) - username34

Username34-actually, as a Mormon, I know for a fact that we don't support an Us vs Them mentality. We believe in supporting everyone, even if they don't believe in our religion.

15 Christians insist on imposing their beliefs to others.

We don't insist. It's your choice if you want to believe in Christianity or not. If someone is insisting, then they are not true Christians. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

How do you get to choose when it's burned into to your brain since birth. Did I get to choose when I was forced to believe at age 2 - westofohio

So all the Christian explorers of the new world weren't real Christians. Ha. Right. They were more Christians than Christians are today. - ARandomPerson

They don't, instead they indoctrinate kids into believing Christianity for the rest of their lives. - LargeDemon

Born forced to believe, forced to go to church. I know when I was a kid, if I wanted to be an atheist, they would have told me no - westofohio

Sorry, I just realized that you just proposed your idea to pertain to every known religion on the planet. Yippie for you. - username34

Except for satanism, one of the only religions that don't care who believes and who doesn't. - LargeDemon

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16 Christians are unaware that many of their beliefs and rituals are derived from Pagan religions.

I knew that. Who cares though? - neehawgamer

Yeah, that's true, if you say this isn't true than you haven't done your research. - austincrazycat

And many of their beliefs also come from Zoroastrianism too believe it or not. It's not surprising because around the time of Jesus was around the time of Islam starting (If I'm remembering correctly) and the symbol for Islam came from the Pagan moon and star gods.

I got into this when thinking: if Christianity is not the first and only religion out there, then why do we celebrate all our holidays like it? Even in non Christian countries?

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17 Christians actively ignore logical arguments to allow their religion to continue to make sense.

This had happened to me in my Texan community last year all on account of me being atheist. - EdGeinFan

It's funny. I once met someone that actually believed that the Earth was 5,000 years old. Talk about the stupidest thing I have ever heard - westofohio

I'm Christan mate. I believe in science I just follow God to say some prayers. This is just atheist guessing stuff.

Yeah! Wait, in... what... since when has this ever happened!? Anything like that has largely been debunked. Plus, even if it isn't, we can ignore it all we want because it still is true no matter which way you look at, but people are just ignorant and don't accept that it is true and that science won't debunk it! - NoEntranceHere

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18 Christianity encourages conformity and group think.

I will admit that it's a bit of a problem, but seriously! Not too long ago almost everyone was fine with it. Give it some time! - neehawgamer

I have social problems, so I don't work well in groups. I'm the first kid who wants to work alone for a project, yet no one has ever told me "you're a Christian you need to work in groups! "

And the people that don't think in a group end up a lot like you. - username34

This religion has destroyed my country!

19 Christianity encourages people to feel shame.

So your saying if you do something bad than you shouldn't be ashamed of yourself for doing something like that? Shame tells people when your doing the wrong thing. If you don't have shame then you won't feel bad about what you did you would do it again. Shame is an important part of your conscientious.

In every religion it does.

Suppose you kill an innocent person. That person had no idea why yet you killed him. So you are a murderer and a criminal now. Shame is sort of important because it alerts you of what you've done wrong. It helps you distinguish between right and wrong. And if the murderer felt shame he would have realized his mistake and stopped killing and be sorry. Don't you know anything? - TwilightKitsune

If you can't even spell evolution, you're probably too dim to comment on it.

Nope but your trying to make us feel shame but your wrong

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20 Christianity says that Rock/Metal is the devil's music

That's a very controversial topic in Christianity. It all depends on the denomination. My church is fine with it, and actually Skillet is pretty popular there! - neehawgamer

Considering all of the Christian metal and rock bands out there, you really think this? - KingSlayer93316

Apparently, the Christian school I go to thinks that Christian Music such as Casting Crowns is the devil's music. My mom however, probably would've started a huge argument if she went there one day, because Casting Crowns is one of her favorite artists. I'm a Christian, obviously, and what do I listen to? Oh, just good heavy metal music such as Slayer, Venom, Mercyful Fate, Iron Maiden, and stuff like that.

Well, you see there are some metal bands who sing about Jesus, and God, with positive lyrics about the Lord. Now, it is true that they're is black metal bands who worship satan and burn churches for Satan, but Christain bands such as Stryker don't do that. Also some bands with Satanic lyrics such have members who are Christians. Take Slayer for example, they sing about Satan and Nazis but their lead singer, Tom Araya, is a devoted Catholic. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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21 The Westboro Baptist Church

It's a separate cult. - neehawgamer

God hates smoking? How do you know?

It's the church's fault, not Christianity - LargeDemon

They're not even Christian, just insane. - Metalhead1997

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22 Christianity has a cross as their main symbol

...Because Jesus died on it?

Ok, and my friend has an ingrown toenail. - The_Random_Content_Guy

They shoul really change it because it's a torture device - Hummingbirdf

I too wonder why a torture death device is the main symbol of Christianity. Why would anyone make something like that the symbol of anything positive? That would be like the guillotine being the national symbol of France.

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23 Christian parents force their religion onto their children

Some parents do, and that isn't Christianity's fault. It's the fault of the people who do it. - neehawgamer

Ok that is true sometimes (a hilarious example is the do not let your kids play tf2 article on the land over baptist church site) - GleamingShadow

Why am I here I'm not christian

24 People use Christianity as an excuse to judge others

And when they do that, it's inning. Christians shouldn't do that. - neehawgamer

You can't just say that someone is going to go to hell. Christians say this about even really good people and I think it is wrong.

25 Most Christians are immature

You probably never heard of CS Lewis. Or any other devout Christian, for that matter. - neehawgamer

26 Christianity copied ancient Egyptian Gods

I spit out my milk laughing at this! - neehawgamer

What!?!? While Egyptian Mythology has a god of the Sun, cats, chaos, the underworld, and almost everything else, Christianity has one god who literally rules over everything! That DEFINITELY sounds like copying to me! - NoEntranceHere

HAHA Christianity only has one god. Your statement is entirely wrong and you need to do your homework before you state facts about a religion that isn't important enough to demene - username34

Incorrect usage of the word "Homework" please do your research - LargeDemon

They Did Horus and Jesus, Isis and

27 Christianity is not perfect

I have to vote for something to comment, so since this is a stupid reason, I'll vote for it. I am not a Christian, but I believe that this is a horrible list. It is criticizing people for their beliefs. My grandparents are Christians, and they would be deeply offended that something like this exists. I am sorry, to whoever made this list, that your parents have led you to believe that Christianity is horrible and violent. I'll have you know, you have insulted millions of people with this list. Good job - TheInsomniac

To " username34 " : When you say that Christianity or any other religion is perfect you're right. Why? Because only exact science strives to perfect facts.

Of course Christianity isn't perfect. Nor is any other religion - username34

No religion is. Whoever made this list needs to go die in a hole for insulting millions of people. Thanks a lot.

28 Sometimes you can't be yourself

This is a stupid reason. They haven't suddenly changed.

29 It treats people like slaves

The bible does say that slavery is O.K. - westofohio

Times have changed, so have slavery views. I bet scientists from Biblical times had slaves too. - neehawgamer

Yeah because they don't want to go to hell. They don't understand how can people send themselves to hell if they don't believe in it? Ignore that no one has ever seen God, unless it's the Bible with that burning bush.

Apparently, it's supposed to treat people like slaves, and I can agree with this. However, Christians actually WANT to be treated like slaves, and they WANT their lives to be controlled by God, and that's pretty much how it is.

30 In Christianity the bible was changed multiple times

Why did they take the book out that stats that you can worship at home in your own way, and don't have to go to church. One word "money" - westofohio

There was even a misprint that led to several hundred "Wicked Bibles" being burned once. - Metalhead1997

True that, true that. So, most Christians use the original scriptures, from the 'King James' version. Other versions of the Bible are used, though. That is where other religions stem from, like Baptism and Mormonism. - NoEntranceHere

The King James Bible was written about 1500 years after Jesus' death. We don't even know what the original scriptures are. - Caleb9000

They actually took a book out that says you can worship at home and don't have to go to church. Gee I wonder why they took that out. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ - westofohio

31 They hate Satanists and immediately believe they worship evil

Ah first of all Satanism is one of the most misunderstood religions of all time and its not EVIL!

I just think it's a stupid religion. Young one, too. - Metalhead1997

32 Christians just can't accept the fact that there's more to life than Christianity
33 Christians don't realize that an eternity in Heaven would get boring after a while

Heaven doesn't exist - EdGeinFan

If Heaven exists? Well no one really know what it would be like. Would it be boring your brain spending an eternity in a robot.

Yeah I would miss listening to Linkin Park on my phone. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

34 Christianity denies the fact that climate change is real

I'm Christian, I don't deny it. - neehawgamer

Because its not - namesnipe

You won't be saying that when you're house it 20 metres below sea level - JazzPunk

35 Christianity States that If You Don't Accept Jesus as Your Lord and Savior Then You Won't Go to Heaven

That's just self-obsessed from Jesus

36 Christianity states you're an adult at 20 and still a kid at 18

The bible considers all people under 20 children.

This doesn't make any sense because the law states you're an adult at 18. So why isn't the law changing everything to 20+? And another thing, even 20-year-olds still aren't old enough to drink yet so would that mean God would be smiting the government for having most certain adult things be 21+?

And yet another thing I wanna point out is that if 18-year-olds really are children, then would that mean it's okay for them to go out and have sex with underage teens? I mean I don't encourage teen sex, I'm saying that we shouldn't be normalizing relationships between 18-year-olds and underage teens because it actually is pedophilia.

Christian here. Where in the bible does it say you're an adult at 20? If you've ever actually read it, you would know that an age of accountability doesn't exist in it. I think the whole age thing was invented by apologists to see what age a child is mature enough to choose to follow God.

There is no age of majority in the bible.

37 Christians make art that, while usually morally good, puts little effort on being artistic or innovative.

Art how about the Adam and Eve with bellybuttons?
Satan looking like a dark version of Pan.
When Satan is supposed to be a handsome man.

Much like the Bible.

My opinion Christians, take no offense in my words please! - Blight

38 Christianity takes over your identity and your life.

People have full control over their identity and their life. There shouldn't be anyone who lets religion fully dictate their every action. - EdGeinFan

39 The Ku Klux Klan

Well I'll say it like this. If you want Muslims to pay for their terrorist, then Christians have to pay for theirs - westofohio

What? They protested black people, not religions (well, some did in Europe) - KingSlayer93316

The KKK is a very bad group but not all Christains are in it. It wasn't even started for religion! It was started to spread terror among former slaves in the South! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

What? I'm not a Christian and this doesn't even make sense! - LargeDemon

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40 Christians are judgemental

Yea they are judgemental to women who have abortions! It's the woman's body, its up to her. Instead of caring more about the Fetus, why don't you try and help kids in third world countries or child abuse in our countries.

True so true and so sad.

So is everyone else. - Metalhead1997

41 Christianity is not for everyone
42 Christianity is fear-based

Let me explain this as someone who was raised as a christian...who still believes in God, just not in the way christians do.
It is said that if you do not put your faith or belief in God, after death you will be sent to this terrible place of isolation called Hell where this evil being called Satan resides.
That's like saying God, and 'his' disciples, want to scare you into thinking that if you aren't a believer of God, you will end up like this one evil rebellious angel named Lucifer and be "damned into Hell for all eternity."
But a typical christian would tell you that it's not about that. They would say that, rather, it is about "accepting God into your heart and all will be forgiven." Yeah, sure, you can go with that all you want, but it doesn't hide or change the fact that you're using fear in one way or another to get people to submit to it.
Last I checked, God was supposed to be the embodiment of Love...and Love is the polar opposite of Fear.
Have fun coming back ...more - Bliss

43 Christianity is against Paganism/Wicca

I'm a wiccan, and I left my church for:
1. being LGBT-phobic
.2. I felt that being wiccan/pagan was better

44 Christians think that movies, TV shows, video games, songs, etc. are enough to destroy their faith

Wow, that must be a terrible life - KingSlayer93316

To quote Marilyn Manson:

"if they think that an artist can destroy their faith, then their faith is rather fragile."

45 Christianity is hypocritical
46 Christianity States that Jesus Can Walk on Water

Its called "Miracle" Jesus had these special powers.
Anyway ever heard of a magician who was going to walk over the River Thames in London but was stopped by the police.

47 Child molestation in the church that they don't seem to care about
48 Christians insist that their religion is special.

Cause', it is, just like any other religion is different and special in their own way. - NoEntranceHere

49 It's corrupt

Great comment! I wonder how much less offensive and satanic your religion is, buddy!? - NoEntranceHere

Oh really. What religion are you, then!

50 If you say something bad about it, you can never be forgiven.

What? That is not true at all! You believe what you want to believe, but that is not a fact. Actually, saying anything bad about Christianity is not bad at all. I mean sure, people may not like it, but you are forgiven for sins you have had, so, in truth, if you say what you believe, and say what you will about Christianity, whether it be bad or good, all is forgiven. - NoEntranceHere

"He who blasphemes the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven, for they are guilty of an eternal sin". - Caleb9000

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1. Christianity makes up false facts about how life started.
2. Christianity rejects science in favor of a book that contains contradictions.
3. Christianity is like brainwashing people.
1. Christianity is against homosexuality/bisexuality.
2. Sins are mostly things that are natural and a part of life, that sometimes people can't help.
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