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21 The Westboro Baptist Church

It's the church's fault, not Christianity - LargeDemon

They're not even Christian, just insane. - Metalhead1997

I don't even know what this is - username34

The westboro baptist church parodies good videos that had nothing to do with god, and turns them into hate mail for all people who like those songs. - LargeDemon

God h8s f@gs, and they picketed at RONNIE JAMES DIO! 's funeral! Jerks! - SoldierOfFortune

22 They hate Satanists and immediately believe they worship evil

Ah first of all Satanism is one of the most misunderstood religions of all time and its not EVIL!

I just think it's a stupid religion. Young one, too. - Metalhead1997

23 Christians make art that, while usually morally good, puts little effort on being artistic or innovative. V 1 Comment
24 Christianity takes over your identity and your life.
25 Christianity copied ancient Egyptian Gods

What!?!? While Egyptian Mythology has a god of the Sun, cats, chaos, the underworld, and almost everything else, Christianity has one god who literally rules over everything! That DEFINITELY sounds like copying to me! - NoEntranceHere

HAHA Christianity only has one god. Your statement is entirely wrong and you need to do your homework before you state facts about a religion that isn't important enough to demene - username34

Incorrect usage of the word "Homework" please do your research - LargeDemon

V 1 Comment
26 The Ku Klux Klan

The KKK is a very bad group but not all Christains are in it. It wasn't even started for religion! It was started to spread terror among former slaves in the South! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

What? I'm not a Christian and this doesn't even make sense! - LargeDemon

Huh. I find it funny when christians say kkk is not the true christianity. but when muslims say isis is not islam they don't believe it - pouria_mt

What? - Metalhead1997

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27 Sometimes you can't be yourself
28 People use Christianity as an excuse to judge others
29 It treats people like slaves

Apparently, it's supposed to treat people like slaves, and I can agree with this. However, Christians actually WANT to be treated like slaves, and they WANT their lives to be controlled by God, and that's pretty much how it is.

30 Christianity is not for everyone

God loves everyone, and is not going to discriminate someone just because he thinks that getting saved is not for them. If someone decides not to be a Christian because its not for them, that is no excuse to get out of the burning hell where the unsaved go to. - ElectricCorpseSlayer

31 In Christianity the bible was changed multiple times

There was even a misprint that led to several hundred "Wicked Bibles" being burned once. - Metalhead1997

True that, true that. So, most Christians use the original scriptures, from the 'King James' version. Other versions of the Bible are used, though. That is where other religions stem from, like Baptism and Mormonism. - NoEntranceHere

The King James Bible was written about 1500 years after Jesus' death. We don't even know what the original scriptures are. - Caleb9000

32 Christianity is fear-based

Let me explain this as someone who was raised as a christian...who still believes in God, just not in the way christians do.
It is said that if you do not put your faith or belief in God, after death you will be sent to this terrible place of isolation called Hell where this evil being called Satan resides.
That's like saying God, and 'his' disciples, want to scare you into thinking that if you aren't a believer of God, you will end up like this one evil rebellious angel named Lucifer and be "damned into Hell for all eternity."
But a typical christian would tell you that it's not about that. They would say that, rather, it is about "accepting God into your heart and all will be forgiven." Yeah, sure, you can go with that all you want, but it doesn't hide or change the fact that you're using fear in one way or another to get people to submit to it.
Last I checked, God was supposed to be the embodiment of Love...and Love is the polar opposite of Fear.
Have fun coming back ...more - Bliss

33 Christians insist that their religion is special.

Cause', it is, just like any other religion is different and special in their own way. - NoEntranceHere

34 Christianity is not perfect

To " username34 " : When you say that Christianity or any other religion is perfect you're right. Why? Because only exact science strives to perfect facts.

Of course Christianity isn't perfect. Nor is any other religion - username34

No religion is. Whoever made this list needs to go die in a hole for insulting millions of people. Thanks a lot.

35 Christians are judgemental

True so true and so sad.

So is everyone else. - Metalhead1997

36 It's corrupt

Great comment! I wonder how much less offensive and satanic your religion is, buddy!? - NoEntranceHere

Oh really. What religion are you, then!

37 If you say something bad about it, you can never be forgiven.

What? That is not true at all! You believe what you want to believe, but that is not a fact. Actually, saying anything bad about Christianity is not bad at all. I mean sure, people may not like it, but you are forgiven for sins you have had, so, in truth, if you say what you believe, and say what you will about Christianity, whether it be bad or good, all is forgiven. - NoEntranceHere

"He who blasphemes the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven, for they are guilty of an eternal sin". - Caleb9000

38 They have a huge ego

Because we believe we have a right to believe what we want! Plus, not all of us have amazingly large egos. Some are actually not quite that egotistic, but humble, though not all are. - NoEntranceHere

They always say how there religion is so amazing and perfect. They think there so smart

39 Most Christians are immature
40 Christianity claims that God wasn't born
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1. If you're Christian, then you'll be worshiping an Abuser (God).
2. Sins are mostly things that are natural and a part of life, that sometimes people can't help.
3. Christianity is against homosexuality/bisexuality.
1. Christianity makes up false facts about how life started.
2. Christianity rejects science in favor of a book that contains contradictions.
3. Christianity is like brainwashing people.
1. Christianity is against homosexuality/bisexuality.
2. Sins are mostly things that are natural and a part of life, that sometimes people can't help.
3. Christianity discourages people from questioning and thinking critically.

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