Top 10 Reasons Why Christians are Worse Than Atheists

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1 They Hate Homosexuals and Bisexuals

i don't - Luckys

Not all of them do - DarkBoi-X

Why are these two sexualities even considered a sin anyway? It's not like they're harming anyone or anything. It's not like they can help it.

Top ten reasons why edgy satanists who just are for the sake of edgyness are worse than Christians and Atheists - Firepower

2 They Use Their Faith as an Excuse to Do Terrible Things

Just like pro life people killing people at abortion clinics. Explain this one to me? How can you be pro life and kill innocent people at the same time? - westofohio

Pro choice! - Luckys

As an Agnostic(It's kinda in between religion and atheism) everyone has done this. - DarkBoi-X

For example, I knew a person in real life who was Christian and he did some pretty bad things. But he thought that as long as he could ask God for forgiveness then he wouldn't risk going to Hell. What sense does that make? Where's the logic in that?

3 They Force Their Religion Onto Their Children

How do the get to choose when the are forced to believe from birth. Most parents wouldn't let their kids be atheist. - westofohio

Everyone passes their religion onto people. - DarkBoi-X

What's the point? Let your kids believe in whatever they wanna believe as long as they're not hurting anyone (you should definitely think twice before even having kids because I guarantee you that they're not gonna like what you like).

All people pass their religions down to their children! Jews, Sikhs, Buddhists, etc! **EVERYONE! ** Even atheists pass on their lack of faith to their kids! - clusium

4 They Formed Hate Groups Like the Ku Klux Klan and the Westboro Baptist Church

No they're just white christians who have nothing better to do than hate - Luckys

Westboro Baptist Church is not really a "group", its more like a small "club" with only about 20 members. Why pay any attention to them at all?

Both these groups are hateful towards mainline Christians! - clusium

Two of the most disgusting groups in America!

5 They Think Their Religion is the True One

All religions think that - Luckys

Everyone thinks that. - XxembermasterxX

Again, all religious groups believe that their own faith is the right one! Atheists included. - clusium

That's like why people follow the religion! I don't mind what you are so don't even go there. - EliHbk

6 They're Hypocritical

They mock and condemn people with different beliefs, but when someone criticizes their faith they get angry about it.

Maybe if people said true stuff then I wouldn't be "mad" :/ - EliHbk

We athwiest are so whiny because pweple diswagwee with wus

7 They Reject Science in Favor of Creationism

I've actually met a Christian that believed the Earth was 5000 years old - westofohio

Nonsense! There have been plenty of Christians that were great scientists. - clusium

I'm genuinely scared that more people in the future are gonna turn out Christian because of how Christians reject evolution in favor of some bullcrap fairy tales.

8 They Think Certain Movies, Shows, Games, Songs, etc. are Enough to Destroy Their Faith

Seriously! Their faith has gotta be pretty weak if they believe that a harmless song or game will destroy it.

Like 60 YEAR OLDS! - EliHbk

9 Some Refuse to Seek Medical Attention in Favor of Praying
10 They're Against Abortion

Abortion is ok - Luckys

Well it's murder of a baby.Should only be allowed in extreme cases - DarkBoi-X

Ono, I'm against killing babies! - EliHbk

I didn't say ban it, but I'm not supporting it. If someone wants to, not my place to stop them, but I won't support them. - EliHbk

Just think about the consequences of what could happen if abortion is outlawed:

•Skyrocketing teenage pregnancies
•Increased taxes
•Poverty rates will escalate
•Higher crime rate
•Women's lives will be put in danger
•Some of these children will be homeless

All of this is absolute nonsense! There are plenty of Government groups & outfits to help children & their mothers. Most women who had abortions will tell you that it was the biggest mistake of their lives, & survivors of abortion, are among the very first to hope that it will become illegal, again. - clusium

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11 They Don't Actually Read the Bible and Question It

Probably do many websites have bits from the Bible. Its more cherry pick.

12 They're Against Masturbation

I'm not against it just weird to think about. - Luckys

There's nothing wrong with it. Besides, going through long periods without sex is unhealthy. After not masturbating for a long time your temper will start to get worse. You'll say anything to anyone and you'll be scared of nothing. If you see a hot girl, your brain will be forced to talk to her because it wants to reproduce.

13 They Worship Some Random Guy They've Never Even Met

I've met him teehee - Luckys

14 They cherry pick.
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