Top 10 Reasons Why Christina Grimmie Did Not Deserve to Die

Christina Grimmie was arguably a great star. She had a beautiful voice and great fanbase, yet she inspired the world with her voice and songs. She was a very successful YouTuber and internet star.

Then, on June 10, 2016, Kevin James Loibl shot her at a meet and greet in Orlando, which was horrible, and changed everything forever.

And 2 days later, Omar Mateen shot 49 LGBT people at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. Everything was changed forever, after such horrible tragedies.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Christina Grimmie Did Not Deserve to Die

1 She Was a Beautiful Legend

I hope Kevin James Loibl gets a death sentence

She was arguably one of the best modern singers in the new era.
After lots of good singers dead in 2009 and bad singers on the rise.
We've finally gotten a good singer, who sang some of the best songs we'll ever remember.

And she was shot, by one guy, Kevin James Loibl, She did nothing, she cared about everything, it's all his fault, he was the bad guy, he took an innocent and beautiful soul away from the world.

Music will never be the same again. - nelsonerica

2 She Was Talented

We've been having a bad era with music lately, and she was such an exception.
She did awesome music, and her talent was Out Of This World.

Never in SO LONG, have we had SUCH a good singer, she was WAY better than Justin Bieber.

And Gone, in a flash, on June 10, 2016, by Kevin James Loibl.
There's a reason why gun control is still not working. - nelsonerica

3 She Inspired the World with Her Talent

She had SO MUCH Talent, that everything about her inspired the World!
The Internet is pretty perved these days, and she was FAR opposite of that.

Her songs were just so Amazing, and she just couldn't fail to sing good.
And her Lyrics, they were just so touching, it's very rare these days to have good singers and good songs with such good lyrics and style. - nelsonerica

4 She Cared About Everything Including the World

She was a great singer, and she even cared about everything, including her fans, and her songs were just nothing short of Amazing.

Very unusual nowadays, that we get good singers who change the world for the better. - nelsonerica

5 Her Voice Was Beautiful

Her voice was like an angel, she couldn't be replaced, and it was music to everyone's ears, and it made even nature happy. - nelsonerica

6 She Was Innocent

Kevin was a douchebag idiot! - BorisRule

She was awesome

I want to time travel and save her life

Unlike many YouTubers and people in general nowadays, Christina was very innocent, She did nothing in her life.
No drugs, no smoking, no cursing, sexual content, nothing negative.

She was COMPLETELY innocent and good, and she didn't do anything wrong even on the day of her murder, it was all Kevin's fault, He did it intentionally cause he's an evil man. - nelsonerica

7 Her Songs Were Outstanding and Inspiring

Her songs were so inspiring, with everything, her style and words, that they killed off lots of bad songs from others at her time, and were the best to listen to at the time.

No wonder people these days listen to bad music. - nelsonerica

8 She Sang Some of the Best Songs in Modern History

Kevin, you coward piece of sh t! - BorisRule

Unlike many of today's songs, which are cr@ppy, Her songs were some of the best songs you'd ever hear in the modern world.

She was possibly the last chance of good singers ever to live. Thanks a LOT Kevin Loibl. - nelsonerica

9 She Had Pretty Design

Her design was pretty, but that can't be a big reason to love her.
She was prettier than most people on Earth nowadays. - nelsonerica

10 She Was Underrated

The Contenders

11 She Never Committed a Serious Crime

She never committed any crime period.

12 Her Face Was Beautiful
13 She Had Pretty Hair
14 She Was Too Young

She was only 22. She had her whole life ahead of her. :'(

So young. And we lost her.

15 She Had an Amazing Future
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