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1 Christmas is Jesus's birthday

Open your Bible and see if you can find Jesus birth date, see if you can find Christmas in the Bible.

how is he

Christmas is a holiday stolen from the Roman Pagans called Saturnalia.

Christmas is better

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2 Santa is better than the devil

Jesus Is so Much Better

That is so true

All Saints Day?

Krampus is better

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3 Christmas is in winter while Halloween is in fall

Um ok? But how does that mean anything? I love winter AND fall.

I love the winter

I live in AUSTRALIA and the SEASONS are OTHER WAY AROUND. As an Aussies, I celebrate my Halloween in Spring and my Christmas in Summer. Same with New Zealand.

How does that mean anything

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4 Halloween is boring

i hate it

I guess this passes, since I did nothing for halloween this year. I like both, but I guess Christmas would be higher tier than halloween on my top 10 holidays... - mattstat716

Not trying to trash your list but I enjoy my time on Halloween just as much as Christmas. - Mcgillacuddy

How is Halloween boring its really fun same as Christmas they are equally the same fun. kiana chew I know you made this! I like every hoilday

5 Halloween is the devil's birth

Halloween is the new year of Paganism/Wiccans its nothing to do with the devil. People do dress up as devil in costume, but I thought he was supposed to be handsome.

HAHA shows how much you know about Halloween! IT'S A CELTIC TRADITION! - SoldierOfFortune

I don't think you know what halloween is actually about. - mattstat716

This is a TRASH list first of the Devil if u are talking about the DEVIL he was not born by the way he decided that he was going to go bad and abandon Jehovah (god) and told him he could run the world much better than him and Jehovah gave him a chance he was not born he does not have a mum or da d he is a spirit and is a devil with workers that HE made I know that u guys have got to study before you do things like this GEEZ the WEEZ and by the way how do I know this I live in Australia and I am a Jehovah's witness if u guys go to church stop! now! they do not tell u the truth I know things I have been to a better place THE KINGDOM HALL LISTEN I 100% GARRENTEE YOU WILL LOVE IT

6 Christmas is a Christian holiday.

Christmas is a Roman and Celtic Pagan holiday. The church just needed a date for Jesus Christ.

Oh piss off already. These comments are in every entry on this list. It's getting really old. - RogerMcBaloney

This isn't a good reason. - mattstat716

That's not a reason.

Halloween is a Christian holiday too. Halloween is an abbreviation for "All Hallows' Eve." - clusium

7 Halloween is about candy

Oh shut up Yanks. I also noticed the lame word for autumn on here "fall."

Christmas is all about FOOD!

There are lots of sweets (mainly desserts) people make for Christmas, as well. - Mcgillacuddy

... And christmas has cookies... and food... and *candy*. - mattstat716

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8 You get a good feeling and atmosphere around Christmas; Halloween is just annoying



I wouldn't say Halloween is annoying, but I sing Christmas songs year round, so when the season and day finally comes around, it's always a good feeling. - HaydenFullwright

Yeah, if by 'good feeling and atmosphere' you mean the winter wind constantly coming onto your house coupled with carolers constantly bugging you every 5 minutes and by 'annoying' you mean looking cool and getting free candy - TwilightKitsune

9 Winter is better than fall

Yes, nearly crashing b/c of ice is lovely. (That's sarcasm.) - mattstat716

Live in Atlanta for a Winter and see if you still think that afterwards - Mcgillacuddy

How? - TwilightKitsune

I live in Australia and we celebrate our Christmas time in the Summer of December and Halloween in the Spring season of October. πŸŒΈπŸŽƒπŸŒžπŸŽ„

10 Home Alone is fun to watch for Christmas

What does this have to do with this list? - mattstat716

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11 You get gifts for Christmas

Christmas story: My birthday is Christmas Eve, and so I always got less Birthday and Christmas present than my siblings did. But my little brother always told me that my Birthday gifts were just extra Christmas gifts, and I used to get so angry, because he STILL got more gifts for both his Birthday and Christmas than I did. Now, I just find those memories amusing. - HaydenFullwright

12 Halloween is a big event for mostly young kids, Christmas is for everyone

Okay, that's a pretty good point, I won't lie. - mattstat716

13 Gremlins is fun to watch for Christmas

What does THIS have to do with this list?! - mattstat716

14 Christmas is a time where families get together and there is no homework.

I hate school durr

15 How the Grinch Stole Christmas is fun to watch on Christmas


16 It's More Fun Decorating For Christmas Than For Halloween

Uh no. Halloween decorations look bad ass while Christmas looks cringey at times. Also, premature christmas decorating is worse than the seven deadly sins combined. - SoldierOfFortune

How, exactly? - mattstat716

17 Christmas is about love, gifts, Jesus's birth, and gifts, while Halloween is about children going house to house getting candy.
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1. Santa is better than the devil
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