Top Ten Reasons Why Clarence Is Better Than Justin Bieber

The Top Ten

1 He Didnt Pee In a Mop Bucket

He probaly peed on the floor instead

Clarence would do The exact same thing

2 His Singing Is Better Than Justin Bieber's

Clarence sung a crappy song about the stars at night but it beats any Justin Bieber song

They having nothing to do with- FORGET IT. - Therandom

I know that's why I put this on the list the point of this list is that clarence and JB are stupid

3 Clarence Is Kinda Funny

Only because he's very very stupid but can never beat homer simpson

Below no Clarence actually beated Homer Simpson

4 Clarence Never Abondoned Any Animals

Damn Bieber left his monkey to rot

5 Clarence Can Beat Justin Beiber at Eating Contest

Justin doesn't have the guts

6 Clarence Can Kill Justin Bieber

All he has to do is sit on him

7 Clarence Is More Liked Than Justin Bieber

Everyone may hate clarence but seriously Justin Bieber is a stupid worthless pathetic kid

8 Clarence Is Smarter

You've gotta be kidding me...

Justin shouldn't have become a popstar

9 Justin Bieber Spit On His Fans

Clarence only spitted on himself that's all

10 Clarence is better at comic writing than Bieber
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