Top Ten Reasons Why Clarence Is Better Than SpongeBob SquarePants, Fairly Oddparents, and Regular Show

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1 Clarence is Cute

Oh really? Clarence looks like a walrus. - cosmo

The people on this site really need to understand what a troll is. - ShadowPixels

"WHAT KIND OF PLACE IS THIS! " - Patrick Star talking about this list. - nonamegame

This list is stupid. So what if he's cute?

2 Clarence Has Better Plots

Seriously?! There was an episode where Clarence makes a comic about a farting cactus, and everyone finds it FUNNY! How is this a good plot?! They're just copying Sanjay and Craig.

No offense to Clarence, but the plots are getting crappier and crappier. Good episodes: Money Broom Wizard, Balance, Detention, Belson's Sleepover, Clarence's Millions, Pilot, Too Gross for Comfort, Honk

Guys remember, don't feed the troll. - nintendofan126

No the plots are awful - EpicJake

3 Timmy, SpongeBob and Mordecai Are Annoying

How are they annoying? - cosmo

Clarence never shuts up

SpongeBob is only annoying in seasons 6-present, Mordecai isn't annoying at all, and Timmy can be annoying at times but not often. Clarence is god awful, annoying, and stupid. - Goatworlds

How? Clarence is the one who is annoying - EpicJake

4 The Clarence Theme Song is Better

Why are their so much lies on this list? - EpicJake

Regular show has better sound than Clarence does

SpongeBob is the most popular

The Fairly Oddparents Theme Tune is the best actually, Regular Show's and Clarence's are boring and SpongeBob's is annoying.

5 SpongeBob, Regular and Fairly Oddparents Are for Toddlers and Infants

Clarence is more of a new born show and regular show is more of a kids and teens show

Have you even seen season 1 of regular show it taught kids how to say mild bad words like stupid, crap, and dammit

Please, there are a lot of adult jokes in them.

Oh let's talk about adult jokes on these shows the one that has 0 adult jokes is the best show

Clarence:0 adult jokes

Fairly odd parents:25 adult jokes

SpongeBob SquarePants:50 adult jokes

Regular show:2626261616253535 adult jokes


6 Clarence is Better for People

No he makes bad examples for kids by breaking rules

It's better? Yeah right! The only time Clearance will be funny is the day the show kills itself!

Disagreed! He is bad for people. - EpicJake

He teaches that being disabled is the best thing, also he teaches being stupid

7 Clarence is for All Ages

So are the other shows you mentioned - EpicJake

Clarence are for idiots

It's for 8+ so it's not for all ages - Discord1

Hi sunshine jokes make me lol

8 Fairly Oddparents, SpongeBob, and Regular Show Have Ugly Characters

Hilarious Clarence looks like a hippo that got hit by the ugliest most vile meteor in the universe then transformed him to a even uglier human with some radioactive waste his fat ass then ate

SpongeBob is cute, Fairly Oddparents had cute characters, and Regular Show doesn't have ugly characters, with the exception of Muscle man - Goatworlds

What kind of list is this?! - cosmo

Clarence face is uglier - Jancukman777

9 Clarence Looks Like a Walrus

Regular show is my favorite show. But I like Clarence As well. But I think Season 1 was the only great season. I loved The episode "Honk"

Everybody vote this for this to be number 1.


10 Clarence is More Original

SpongeBob is more original

What kind of list is this?

Is this some kind of practical joke?!

The Fairly oddparents is more original than Clearance.

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11 Clarence Teaches More Stuff

How does that make the show good. when spongebob does morals. They stink. Stuck In The Wringer for example - nonamegame

Clarence opens his mystery piƱata and it had bees, he entered the ladies bathroom, and he also tried to steal candy, also he hair waxed a mans leg, he just teaches kids how to break rules

He teaches kids how to break rules this lousy list is stupid

WHAT KIND OF LIST IS THIS? I mean really! Why are their so many lies on this list. I really hate this list. I wonder what's next? Why peppa pig is better than Danny phantom? I hope that list doesn't get created at all.Oh and one more thing! CLARENCE SUCKS!

12 Regular Show Teaches Kids How to Curse

How does that make the show bad - nonamegame

It's not that I'm sticking up for baby walrus Clarence who was raised by a whale and a chimp on drugs but their are some strict parents out there but if your ever mad at your parents just think. At least I don't have Clarence's parents

And?! This is not a problem, I curse and I'm 12, normally 11 years old do that

It Used To, But Not Anymore.

13 Clarence Has Odd Characters Which is Great

So what I am getting is that a walking and talking gumball machine,a yeti that skips and is immortal,A lolipop that saved the world's ass and a over masculine military fairy is not odd enough you my sir have not experienced oddness if it smacked you on the face. - Jkthemanwiththeplan

14 Clarence Isn't Very Complex

I agree, it's basically just about a fun kid who takes out all the haters. I really like this show

15 Clarence is easy to follow

Why I just think clearence is the worst show of all time!

16 Clarence Isn't Popular

How does this make it good! - nonamegame

17 Clarence Has 2 C's In His Name

Why the hell is that good? - Tacocheese

How does that make the show good - nonamegame

This is by far the most STUPID THING I HAVE EVER HEARD.

This is dumb. - Lunala

18 Clarence Doesn't Try Very Hard to Be Good

How does that make the show good - nonamegame

19 Clarence is Not That Confusing

I watched 2 episodes. One was too confusing, that I can't even remember the name

I can barely remember anything about Clarence.

Yeah it IS confusing - EpicJake

Clarence gets confused every episods SpongeBob gets confused to straight up clarence is the worst show ever in history

20 SpongeBob SquarePants and Fairly Oddparents Jumped the Shark

BteadwinnersRocksr nobody cares

21 Clarence Has a Weird Voice

How does that make the show good - nonamegame

Phantom Strider agrees

22 Clarence is Cheaper to Make

What! How does this make a difference - nonamegame

23 Clarence Has a Big Heart
24 SpongeBob, Fairly OddParents and Regular Show are overrated.

No they are not - nonamegame

25 Mordecai and Rigby are annoying jerks
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