Top 10 Reasons Why Clash Royale Sucks

Clash Royale might seem like an awesome game, at times, it can be good, but there are some things that make this game stupid and terrible, the are listed below.

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1 Doesn't make logical sense

Troops/spells acting against opponent troops is inconsistent. Like zap kills skeletons, but electro wizard does nothing to them (both does lightning damage).

Different levels of charge. That's why one would do more damage to troops than the other. - LordDovahkiin

Why do arrows do nothing to a balloon? Why doesn't the fireball burn enemies? How are the towers so strong, they can survive a rocket? Why does the zap literally do nothing to troops? - FlyingFridge

Clash Royale sucks


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2 If you complain on the dev's website, they will delete your complaint

I agree. I have been banned for proposing to lower the opening time of chests. I even said that they could increase their income of $ by upping the price of gems, for payerplayers, but lower the time for non-payers (I'm studying economics currently, so this change would be quite fair). - Chara

We are all entitled to our opinions, so why does it matter if we complain on their site? - Need4SpeedRacer

No they don't. They read my complaints, and responded. - LordDovahkiin

3 Lazy archers

They can clearly see a princess across the bridge, yet they refuse to shoot it. Even though they can see it clearly! - Need4SpeedRacer

That's just troop mechanic. Most games like this are the exact same way. - LordDovahkiin

4 Stupid ways of countering troops

Why waste 6 elixir on a spell to kill some stupid e barb? Why not use something else? - Need4SpeedRacer

I know why - BigFatNoob22

5 Rigged matchmaking

If you win a lot of matches in a row, the ladder purposely matches you with players who have won even more battles in a row than you, usually because their card levels are 2-3 levels higher than average, and while that might not seem like a lot, it is when you're already in arena 10-11. It's stupid and pointless and just makes climbing the ladder much more frustrating and the only reason it's even a thing is because Supercell wants you to get mad and spend money on the game to compete with these high level players who have either already spent money on the game or just straight up suck at it.

The stupid matchmaking system just simply matches you with high level unbeatable players, especially if you won many matches in a row. Supercell just wants money, it is stupid. So I just deleted the game because it is stupid.

I had the PERFECT deck and I won 3 times in a row then they match me with some players that are IMPOSSIBLE TO DEFEAT.

Completely agree..I’m a level 11 but get beat by a level 9..explain how a level 9 player has level 12 minion herd

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6 Connection issues

You constantly end up with pointless connection issues while battling - Need4SpeedRacer

Worst part about the whole game

I'm right next to the router and it simply says that I don't have connection. This make the game unplayable

same here

7 Pointless balance updates

They don't do anything to increase the META, they just bomb more and more troops with every one. - Need4SpeedRacer

8 Retarded troops

Can someone explain why pekka will do a full 180 to hit skeletons when ONE MORE HIT will kill the crown tower

Actually the most retarded thing in clash royale, I will lose a match with enemy crown tower at like 5 health or have my towers be slaughtered because of retarded ai choices

Or why does my electro wizard zap the ballon then decide nah I'm good after 2-3 zaps...turn his back and scurry away while the balloon lives on happily destroying my tower?

Ok so there's a load of troops being countered in the center...lers forget the goblin destroying the

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9 Ugly troop textures

The knight is dumb. How does his mustache (which, from looking at him for about 4 minutes, is about the size of a standard 12" ruler) fit in his helmet? - Chara

The gobs look like grumpy old man, the pekka is fat and is lazy, the inferno dragon I'm sure made some people puke - Need4SpeedRacer

Lol The knight is so stupid. How does his mustache (which realisitcally is about the size of a standard, 12 inch ruler) fits in ihs helmet?

10 Not enough time in sudden death (it's only 1 minute)

I wholesomely agree. If you're going to make sudden death one minute, then what's the bother of making one? Sudden death SHOULD last until one player wins, but happen on a 3-7% chance. - Chara

It's impossible to win in this time unless your opponent is retarded and loses his internet, it's no wonder why all this winning happens - Need4SpeedRacer

They changed it. Now we have 3 minutes. - LeetHaterz

There's enough time in sudden death. - LordDovahkiin

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11 Pay more!= Win more

This game takes no skill, I've said this from the first match I played. Sure certain troops counter other troops. But the one card that no troop can beat... mommy's credit card

Which is so annoying for free-to-players, others spend a lot of money to get all the legendaries while you only have skeletons to defend against their inferno dragon and electro wizard with a pre-log - MChkflaguard_Yt

So true

That is why they made the game, to make money. They do not want to people who aren’t paying to play the game. If you want to win more just buy your way to the top. The only skill is if you are truly playing against someone of actual similar deck. I am 11 got beat by an 8 in 15 sec

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12 Complaining with MOLT

He ruins every game

Biggest and cringiest piece of human scum ever


13 Mean players

When I attempt to push back a push they just keep spamming cards down and they do the little “laughing emoji” and it’s super annoying

14 Not balanced at all

The game sucks itself

15 Chinese people

I'm chinese and I find it offensive

Its no offense to Chinese or Japenese people it's just that they are almost always bot accounts or hacked so they never loose

Then put russia people japanese people korean people german noobs here too. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Me too

16 Why Should Towers Have more HP when the other player is a higher level

Because since your a higher level, you get upgrades for your crown towers. It makes sense. - LordDovahkiin

17 You Get Matched with Decks that are Exact Counters to Yours When You Start Actually Doing Well

This was exactly my observation! Its as if you have fire Pokemon and must play against water Pokemon all the time. Anyone who has played Pokemon will know exactly what I am talking about.

Yes that is very true. a lot of people don't realise but if you take a good look at your battle log it's really quite obvious.

18 Card matchmaking

If you are a free player and do not spend $ 300 on this game, your chance of getting a legendary is so low. But if you are in arena seven you will lose ever time because your opponent has 3 legendarys (which are way to OP) and you only have goblins to defend.

I think that the other comment isn't right, I am free 2 play and have 7 legendaries in arena 10. and I seriously know how irritating the game can be. Like I got 5 sparky's in a row before I got other legendaries but I kept on going. (Not to much, take breaks in the middle of your session so you don't get raged and throw your phone/tablet to the other side of my room. My roommate and I live on the 6th floor of a building and he threw his $400 phone out the window because of CR. Those are my tips

19 New troops for no reason

The game was perfectly fine before they added all of the crap such as the Electro Wizard, Night Witch and everything. Now it just makes it more complicated and not fun to play.

20 Bad teammates

When you play 2v2, sometimes you get bad teammates and you lose. At the chat list, they might say SWEAR words and report you.


I agree

21 It's a fake. The game decides if you win or lose not your strategy

Strategy smategy... game is geared to make profit... not skilled players... real skill games have nothing to do with technology... tech can be altered or changed whenever you want... soccer is soccer and baseball is baseball... sure the players can still cheat in those games but to the extent they can is very limited to body enhancers mainly...

22 Annoying players

Most of the time when you lose a battle the other person just keeps on using the laugh and sad emoji! That is why I uninstalled the game in the first place because all those people are annoying and makes me rage!

23 Worst Meta Ever
24 Awkward matchmaking

Why do I always play against people in Russia and China? They always win.

So true lol

25 Not enough time

Yes. because of this I keep losing and getting draws, because when I'm about to take out a tower, time runs out.

26 Game loading cannot be cancelled

If your accidently click play, then you try to press cancel to the match and it just make you play the game anyway.
What;s the point in the cancel button

27 People with over leveled cards that are hard to take out

I know right? Someone with the level 13 E-Barbs and RGs are so annoying! What drives me nuts is when the have counters to my counters. And their counters are lightning and maybe even a a level 12 or 13 rocket. And I swear to God that I have buildings in my deck. Everyone laughed, even though it's irrelevant to the topic; they laughed at me every time I lose by a lot of level 13 players, you know what I can beat my those people that laughed at me to see who's laughing. Hey Supercell, you aren't doing a good job, you are allowing this to happen every time. - BigFatNoob22

28 Waiting Long Periods for Chests to Unlock

They should allow more than 1 chest opening, who wants a crap ton of silver chests that you don't really want? And the time limit for the chest opening is absurd, waiting for 3 hours? I want it to be at least 1 hour or maybe 30 minutes... because waiting for three hours is like... taking about 1/3 of the working hours. This is disapointing - BigFatNoob22

Why do the chests take so long to unlock I mean you should learn how to use a key

Yea I agree can't level my cards or farm fast because of it :(

29 I never get any good cards

It all depends on the first epic you get, if you don't get the prince, delete the account and make a new one, unless they nerf the prince, your never gonna win unless you have a prince to dominate same.

30 Toxic Clan Members

The definiton of toxicity on the internet changes from time to time. But if some one asked me to give an example, I would use this. I was in a clan, and all of the members (including the leader, who stated they were 23) made fun of me because I was in arena 2 and had "bad" cards. I mean, I'm not going to spend 100.00$ on gems just so I can get, like 4 epics (dupe chance exists, by the way)! - Chara

31 Challenges with random decks

It isn't that bad, unless you are facing a deck that is hard to beat, the matchmaking is terrible - BigFatNoob22

32 The game put you with pro players when you win more then 3 times in a row

That's the only way to win better cards - BigFatNoob22

33 New stupid cards

I played this game earlier and it's literally stupid, I have 87/88 and Supercell inserts some Gobin Giant, Electro Dragon. And what are we waiting for? Mega Princess? The game would be back in the first place when I would fix everything around the game

34 Losing trophies

I’m sick and tired of losing right when I’m about to get in another arena. When you lose you get pulled back farther. I’m sick on putting hours on clash Royale just for some stupid arena. I uninstalled because of it.

35 It's repetitive

Not if you're using a different deck - BigFatNoob22

And diffrent decks cannot change that. Modes/challanges - temporary. I deleted this stupid game. Now I have space for Beasts Evolved.

36 Limited number of chest unlocking
37 This game destroys your brains

The same recurring actions
better go play Dark Souls

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1. Doesn't make logical sense
2. If you complain on the dev's website, they will delete your complaint
3. Lazy archers


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