Top Ten Reasons Why Classic Episodes of The Simpsons Are the Best

I think this is something that we can all agree on.
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1 Better Humour

Simple, but very true. The humor in classic Simpsons episodes were so well timed and clever. Its hard to explain. But in the newer ones, the jokes are either too obvious and just fail. There's times in newer episodes something happens that makes me feel like I should be laughing, but I'm not.

I don't think the newer humor is as terrible as everyone says it is, but it was CERTAINLY better back in the day.

I totally agree, I think the older simpsons episodes are better because of all the things on this list.

Back then, the writers were crammed with hilarious material. Those days are well and truly over.

2 Better Plots

Much better plots. Nowadays, they can be so stale.

3 They had Phil Hartman

I didn't even know who voiced Troy or Lionel when I was younger so before I had a computer for a few years I wondered what had happened to them.

If it weren't for his tragic death, the show may not have fallen apart as it did.

We miss you, Phil Hartman

If he survived, Lyle Lanley may have re-appeared.

4 Better Connection With Characters

We're all used to them now, and it's getting old.

5 More Original Ideas

What about the Lego episode?
Don't be a narcissist thinking what you liked is now popular now it's bad = the world does not revolve around you.

Classic episodes are ahead of their time, perhaps ahead of the modern/current episodes.

Some Simpsons episodes repeat some ideas like Lisa getting a A- or F

You are bored of the show so shut up and delete this list.

6 Halloween Specials

These used to be hilarious. But I have a theory in which they became a priority to the writers, which got them to lose concentration on the main plot. And now they're crap, like the show is now.

7 Less Attention On Guest Stars

Some guest stars are just there for five seconds of attention in the modern Simpsons. Beforehand, it payed off for the show.

Gust Stars are great, but excessive attention spoil the moment.

8 Itchy and Scratchy Were Funnier

Some of the new ones are funny, but it just isn't the same slapstick interlude that it was.

and they appeared way more

9 Parodies Were Funnier

They were really good in the beginning. Now, they're just clichés; desperate attempts to keep it going.

10 Prank Calling Moe

Why has this disappeared? It's what made Moe funny! Now, he bores one to death because the writers centred him.

I think the last prank call to this day was on the simpsons guy

He was once a funny, angry guy. Now he is just depressed.

Yes I also miss that

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11 More Realistic Reactions

In the old Simpsons episodes, the characters had more realistic reactions, and how Homer wasn't an absolute idiot and knew when to be scared. For example, when he goes to space in an old episode, he calls Marge to tell her that he's scared. And later in an old episode, he barely reacts to a clock smashing into the ground next to him, and his only reaction is that the clock says it's lunch time, so he happily walks home.

12 Less Singing

There was singing, but there was less of it, and it was much less annoying.

13 More Charming Animation

Seasons 1-10 were the Golden Age, Seasons 11-18 were the Silver Age, and Seasons 19-29 were the Bronze Age/Modern Era.

Season 1-7: Bad animation
Season 8-14: OK and bad animation
Season 15-20: OK animation
Season 21-29: Good animation.

14 Lisa Wasn't Annoying Back Then

Lisa back then was an overachiever smart girl and voice of reason, but she was still a child one way another. Now, well she's a liberal SJW radical that constantly whines. But she's still a decent character after all, even after the changes.

She was great on Seasons 1-10, decent on 11-17, but her annoying personality surge around Seasons 18 or 19, right after the movie.

Her episodes use to have heart in now there boring or Lisa is just complaining!

-Seasons 1-10: Voice of reason, overachiever, smart, but still a child afterall
-Seasons 11-17: Much more mature, active in activities, but still decent
-Seasons 18 or 19 and onwards: Self righteous, envious, narcissistic, liberal SJW

15 Homer Was More Likable

In the new episodes Homer does things that seem to only benefit himself without regarding anyone else. In the classic era he was a bumbling idiot, but he was still a loveable character. Nowadays some of the things he do make him just plain unlike able

16 More Tearful Moments

Face it, it was better back then - TheRealSilverlay

17 Homer Wasn't a Jackass

He was much better

18 They Weren't Trying to Compete with the Likes of South Park and Family Guy Back Then

South Park 1997.
Family Guy 1999.

19 Flanderization Wasn't a Thing

Sure Nostalgia does play a role, but before Flanderization became a mainstay. Sure the characters where a bit on the stereotypes, but at least they reacted semi-humanish. Many of the characters came to the right decision based off their heart. They just didn't become a one type character.

20 Better Animation

The animation back then was much more realistic and innovative, as opposed to now.

21 Nostalgia

Beer goggles in Duff Gardens. Nostalgia goggles for this list.

22 More Nostalgia

Retro Simpsons (Except for the shorts, well a couple are shown on a special episode and one on a later episode couch gag) on Channel 4.
Just watch it on Channel 4 you see them more on that Channel, especially in the weekend.

23 It Was Our Childhood

My favourite childhood show.

24 Homer Says D'oh! More

More originality and honest humor.

25 New Episodes Are All About People Dating Other People
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