Top Ten Reasons Why Complaining About Modern SpongeBob Is Pointless

Honestly, I've been getting real tired of all the complaining about SpongeBob, and how it's "gone down the drain" after the movie. Yes, it has suffered a significant decline since 2005 or 2007, but you can't deny that to many people have been talking about it. Here are reasons why complaining about Modern SpongeBob is pointless nowadays:

The Top Ten

1 Stephen Hillenburg recently returned to the series, so there's hope for the show to improve.
2 A handful of the post movie episodes aren't even THAT bad.

When people talk about bad post-movie episodes, they usually bring up the same 6/7 episodes. The episodes immediately after the movie were actually not bad, it wasnt until later that they became painful to watch.

3 Complaining about the newer episodes isn't going to make anything better.
4 The show isn't even meant to be taken seriously.

True try not to take it seriously. I used to when I was 7/9 - Matt92647

5 Discussing SpongeBob's downfall is overdone.
6 The first three seasons had their faults as well.
7 People overexaggerate certain post movie episodes simply because of one thing they didn't like.
8 Just because Paul Tibbit's role as the head runner started the decline of a cartoon doesn't make him a horrible man.
9 Some of the best episodes like Krusty Towers came from the newer seasons.
10 It's a kid's show, and kids don't care if the writing is good and if the characters are likable.

This reason alone is terrible.

The Contenders

11 Patrick was always a jerk

People treat Patrick being mean as a modern thing. It's not. - lavashooter

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