Top Ten Reasons Why Compulsory Homework Doesn't Get Abolished In School

I always wanted it to get abolished, but it won't happen! There are days where there are like 20 homeworks crammed in a week! You want it abolished? Here are the reasons. What is your top pick?

The Top Ten

Because the students have been brainwashed by teachers to do their homework or suffer a consequence

You're either willfully ignorant or you flunk.
Most of the kids that flunk do better in the future in their jobs, people that are willfully ignorant remain at the same job level most of the time. Really depends though, one needs a bright mind. - 4Noobs

The American government are the idiots... They build schools to brainwash people to people into robots instead of smart,free-thinking,open-mind, and free people. They are robot slaves to the government in societies. We learn useless information in school and we haven't everything in life like how to survive and how to adapt new societies... My parents are homeschooled but they never been to school and they learn how to behave and run the business like a boss without going to school. They are free thinking and smart people. They care the customers! - InfernoTopTenners

If we didn't care about the consequence because we fight for what is best for the students and their health, we could not be fooled by teachers easily. You need good student debates, also!

A few days ago, my French teacher gave my class 14 questions about Thanksgiving to answer in French using complete sentences, the last question being a paragraph, as it asked us if we had any funny stories about the holiday. Nothing to do with the unit. The very day we had taken a cumulative test. They were just questions about a holiday half of us didn't celebrate. It took me a solid hour and it was the epitome of useless busywork. THIS kind of homework, needs to be abolished. I got nothing from it, it didn't reinforce what I'd learned in class, it had no reason for existing besides like "I have to assign homework because I have to." - keycha1n

Because the students don't have the bravery to take risks

It would be worth the risk if you get the students unite. You can push the authorities to revise their system. Remember: NEVER BACK DOWN

One time I yelled at my science teacher in 7th grade because she was being a jerk to us and I nearly got in trouble. But then after sci period was over everyone looked at me as a hero and rebel. Some kids said they saluted me. - TwilightKitsune

We need to stop the dictator and overthrow them so school can have freedom to think and kids can think and be smart. - InfernoTopTenners

Seriously we need to stand up and take charge, not turn into snivelling cowards because some teacher started yelling/screaming...

Because some students are teacher's pets

I'm the teachers favorite and I hate homework a lot. - Ihateschool

And they side with the teachers. They suck because they are too selfish to care about what is for the best of our education system, more specifically homework.

I don't side with the teachers except for the fact that they will get fired but I hate homework a lot - Ihateschool

Some students don't care

Homework stresses kids everyday after 7 hours of non-learning and they stop doing because of too much work. It causes high stress level and causes brain damage. - InfernoTopTenners

They don't care about the inhuman homework situation. They cause the disunity.

More homework means becoming burnt out, therefore procrastinating and rebelling more.

They seem to be Roberto Nevilis Fanboys/girls

At least he's dead now but now we need to suffer it wow destroy homework then if u don't want to be like slaves

Curse this guy for creating homework! He officially invented homework as a punishment to his students. And homework IS a punishment to us all!

If you don't know, Roberto Nevilis devised the concept of homework, which is dreaded by many students including me.

In my fifth grade, I remember I solved multiple compulsory English homeworks and you know what happened? It didn't got abolished. Why? I dunno, maybe my teacher never cared? - Delgia2k

Some teachers aren't considerate with personal learning styles

Therefore, homework is ineffective for certain students. They learn more hands on, by research or others.

They don't want to let the students choose their methods

That's sad... School don't want us to be smart and free thinking people. They want us to fear the government and treated as robot slaves. - InfernoTopTenners

We have been expected to conform with their methods and standards. I'm a non-conformist for a reason.

Because those educators are dictators! - SamuiNeko

The parents tend to side with the teachers, thinking that it's "for the best"

It isn't. Let the students choose which learning style is best for them and they will succeed their own way.

They don't encourage independent studying

Just give them the resources and let them sort it out by themselves.

Those idiots in our class is the reason why we can't do independent studying... - SamuiNeko

Because it's good

It isn't good to destroy the essence of diversity and the different skills of the students in requiring a biased requirement.

Wow, what a troll item.

It IS a good thing. You may not like it when your in school, but it's preparing you for the real world. In the workforce, you don't get paid for "trying your hardest" or whatever excuse you want to impose on not doing homework. You get paid for doing the job and doing it correctly. Otherwise, you get fired becuase you didn't do the work. Enough with this "effort trumps actually succeeding" mindset.

You get paid for doing what is optimal for your boss, whether it's the task that your boss told you or it's your idea. This is how it works in employment.

Can you please give me homework to feed my homework addiction? - imacg4

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The government wants us to be robots and not think anything freely

And there are multiple students brainwashed into the "good effects" of homework wherein there are other methods for you to learn and organize.

Students aren't united while teachers have unity

If the students are coordinated and there is no infighting, you could fight for the cause without internal challenge.

Because most methods being planned are very idealistic

Now that I read this list again, I feel like we can't be too idealistic when it comes to education.

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