Top Ten Reasons Why Consoles Are Better Than PCs

There's already a list on why PC gaming is superior, but let's look at the other end of the spectrum on why some people still prefer to play games on consoles.

Note, I am not a console fanboy, I was actually a PC gamer before I saw what advantages consoles could offer gamers. If you prefer PC gaming more power to you. But it's not for everyone, as these reasons will show why.

The Top Ten

1 Reliability

Have fun with red-light-of-dead peasant

Said no Xbox 360 ever.

Consoles are usually more fragile than a PC. Neither should be willingly damaged though. However you can also buy pre-build PCs which do not require you to have any knowledge about building it yourself or looking for parts. You can also have a professional advise you an the parts and PCs if you don't know about them yourself. Furthermore when a console breaks it usually requires you to send it back to get it fixed or replaced, on PCs you usually can fix the problem yourself, or use the warranty as well.

Console is more reliable only when you don't watch porn and gain all the viruses.

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2 Cheaper

I have an inclination for consoles and here's where that's going to show up. I'll try to be as objective as possible, though. It's safe to say that a PC can be way cheaper than a PS4 both on the short and long term, after all, no one forces you to spend lots and lots of money on super high PC, when for around $200 you can build a PC based upon used components that will run most AAA games, at least on medium-low settings. But because I know most PC gamers brag about 4K and 60 stable fps (which you won't achieve with a $200 PC) and I'm not an hypocrite, I AM actually going to consider a true high end PC that can really benefit with what PCs do best: Graphics, resolutions and performance. To achieve that, I will need a huge amount of initial cash, like for example, $1000. Remember: I'm willing to build a monster PC that's going to give me not only 4K and 60fps but also the best graphics possible with some future proving (like consoles are). On that scenario, the PC will be more ...more - Hellome7

For around the same price you can have something that perform similarly to a console and can do a lot more, plus it is easier to upgrade and you can choose your parts, and buying games on Steam during sales is insanely cheaper than Game Stop and you have it as long as you have your login you'll always have your games

Terribly false, a $600 PC can run max settings 1080p, 60 FPS. If I have an Xbox One and want to play The Order 1886, I would then have to go buy a PlayStation 4. Ther you have spent an excess of $700 minimum.

Neither gaming option is better. It is a matter of preference. BOOM THE WORLD IS SHOCKED. WOW. Both sides need to stop bickering about which game system is better, and just play what they want to play. No one gets hurt.

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3 30fps is more cinematic than those PC elitists 60fps

This is utterly garbage and of course comes either from a console nasty fanboy or an ignorant (with all due respect of course).

Assuming it was not sarcasm either, 30fps is far from being what makes something cinematic, cinematic. I'm not an expertise on the subject but if we want to be 100% meticulous, movies are reproduced at 24 fps, not 30. So we're starting on a wrong basis. The cinematic explanation is the one some (very few to be more precise) game developers employ to falsely justify their decision to make their game perform at 30fps. The last example I remember was The Order 1866 devs who said that to support their game. And besides it's silliness, the experience of playing at 60fps is far more gratifying and enjoyable than playing it at 30 fps. However, that only applies when we are talking about steady 60fps, since when the framerate is variable, then it's a pain. I far prefer 30 steady fps rather than variable fps (when that variation appears under then 60 fps of ...more - Hellome7

I think the only people that prefer 30 fps are people that haven't ever seen true 60 fps. If you think a game should be "cinematic" instead of smooth and responsive, then that's just your opinion and there's nothing anyone can do to change that.

Maybe 30 fps isn't fine for movies, because you aren't controlling the character! 30 fps has huge input lag. 60 fps however is smooth and clean. If you play a game on 30 fps, then 60 fps, you can feel it. By saying this stupid comment you're basically saying "I hate 60 fps. It's all smooth and clean, and has no input lag. I just hate REAL LIFE, everything's so clean and smooth. I just love limitations! "

I cannot agree with this at all, 60fps feels far more natural, and I have seen plenty of cinematic 60fps video's. - Zalk

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4 Controllers are more comfortable then keyboards

You can plug Xbox and PlayStation controllers into your PC. So, whether you prefer keyboard or controllers, you always have the option.

This depends, the keyboard and mouse are the superior input devices, but PC can use those and any controller of your choosing.

Depends on who you ask, me, I prefer a keyboard and mouse, mainly because of the hand eye coordination feels more natural

You can plug in any controller into the PC which gives you more options and how you want to play any games if supported of course - Rawrakien

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5 You just put the game in and play

False, you had to run to Gamestop that probably robbed you a few dollars. Meanwhile I just clicked a couple times and my game downloads in a matter on 5 minutes and I am playing.

This is true, to the point where if you deny it, you're being a fanboy. It's true that now, on consoles, it's no longer "put the disc in and play", since most games require 5 - 10 mins of installation + the download of a day-one patch (that is not always necessary to actually start and play the game, but is always advisable to download and install). However, what remains from those glory days, is the fact that when you get to start the game, you have nothing else to do to start having good times. On PC that's not the case, at least, on most cases. It doesn't mater if your PC is a beast, you will still want to enter the graphics configuration and tweak every and each item to match your ideal. You can either go crazy and max out everything like a boss, or start playing (it's trial and error) with each setting to know exactly how it impacts on the game and what can you do to improve the performance if you have constant frame drops. And that's without considering you don't have any ...more - Hellome7

Except the day long game updates when you put the disk in.

Have you ever heard of steam?
As soon as you log into your computer, I can access my game right from the home screen. - Zalk

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6 Consoles lag far less than PC'S

This claim is completely unfounded. Gaming PCs are not only lag-free but play games on higher settings than consoles with twice the framerate.

This is a joke, right?

Internet lag is exclusively due to your network and your internet service provider not your gaming device. Input lag can be corrected on a PC by not buying crap components, and configuring your games for performance over visual quality. T.V.'s generally have a much higher response time than gaming monitors. - Democedes

No way

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7 Playing on a big TV is more fun than playing on a small computer screen

PCs can be connected to any T.V. this side of 2007, and support a wide variety of wireless keyboards, mice, and gaming controllers.

Lol what? Are you stuck in 1990? Your list is already full of nonsense but this is definitely the cherry on the cake.

PCs can play on a big T.V. as well. As a matter of fact, I could buy six huge 4k monitors, stack them 2x3 and play on a huge cinema screen-like display if I wanted to, which is something consoles could never hope to achieve.

Have you heard of an HTPC? Goggle it, moron. - Zalk

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8 Consoles are better for multi-player games

When we relate "multi plat" to play split screen or with a friend next to you, yes, consoles tend to ease the process a little bit. But if we are talking about online multiplayer, then the equation gets a bit more difficult to clear out. Lets state a very simple fact: Online MP on PC is free, on consoles it's not. However, on PS4 for example (which is the console I own and know about), the online service is practically $4 per month if you buy a 1 year subscription (which is $52). Is that too much for PC gamers to brag about when they mention how PC online systems are free? I don't think so to be honest. So I would not necessarily consider the free online system a considerable advantage for the PC platform over the consoles, something that you know, I wouldn't put on the table to decide which platform buy. If you can't afford paying $4 per month (but afford spending $1000 on a super high end PC, lol) then hey, go for the PC. Back on topic, I just can't say which experience ...more - Hellome7

Umm, Pc games have support for local network games too. PC's can connect to ANY display with a video input slot, AND can use controllers. Not everyone sits at a desk to play PC games

Play rust on pc - Scotty147

I play splitscreen on PC with my brother all the time, I give him a controller, and we just play mariokart via a h64 emulator.
(Rocket league also supports splitscreen on pc.) - Zalk

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9 Console gamers aren't as big elitists

False, look on a Grand Theft Auto V post from IGN and tell me different.

That's true and it's why I think the console community is healthier. I mean, between integrates of the same community you won't suffer this problems, but when someone oblivious to everything stares to see both communities, then the PC community tends to stay a bit more insufferable, with stuff like "masterrace" or how they feel superior for having access to all previous console games (backwards compatibility maybe? ), better graphics, mods, customisation, etc, making you how consoles gamers are peasants, inferior consoles. It's ridiculous and it just make them look really stupid for thinking playing a video game on a specific platform makes them better. It's true there are a lot of console people who, on the other hand, brag about the exclusives and stuff, but in most cases, believe me, PC gamers tend to start the fight of provoke. - Hellome7

Most of those people are trolls, nobody I've ever played with on PC is actually like that.

Oh my gosh. I used to game on consoles, and every call of duty match I would join had some kind of Xbox fanboy. - Zalk

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10 Console exclusive games

This is true. I often read how PC gamers, when for example a PS4 vs PC discussion is brought to the table, tend to mention how PC can play more games than a PS4 since they can play older games. And I always found that pretty unfair for the general debate. I like to compare apples with apples to be honest. And if the PS4 was released back in 2013 and we are comparing with the PC's library, we should compare it with the library of PC games released after 2013. When PC gamers debate these subjects with me, I usually tend to "win" the argument since well, I practically own all consoles released from the 90s to now and have access to almost all those games PC could play and I couldn't if I would only own a PS4, and that scenario is practically shared by a lot of console people. That argument is only valid, to be perfectly honest with you, when you're talking with a guy who right now, doesn't own neither a console nor a PC and wants to get to gaming. And probably these guy (which ...more - Hellome7

Most of my favorite games of all time are PC exclusives. There has only been two console exclusives that I felt I was missing something. - Democedes

Personal preference again. - USGC

Most of the new games are becoming exclusive to the console. But seriously the only reason of not playing on a computer is the new dualshock 4 with those 2 new r2 buttons.Computers are gonna copy it but till then ps4 is the gaming device for me. Plus I really hate pc because of their fans who are constantly writing down pcmasterface and always ready for a fight with people who prefer to play on consoles.

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? 30 FPS is more smooth than 60 FPS

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11 Microsoft stopped giving a crap after Windows XP

You do know that it's not just Microsoft that makes PCs, right?


True, but PC doesn't just have Windows OS.

No have you heard of directx 12 - Scotty147

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12 Console charges royalty for Online Multiplayer/Co-op

You can't work with a friend even if just two houses away, they have to come over and take half your screen.

Every console charages extra for online, the pc does not, the only console now days that does not charge for online is the Wii U. - 170253

Every console charages extra for online, the pc does not, the only console now days that does not charge for online is the Wii U and ps3

13 PCs are really slow

Maybe if you stop surfing the wrong porn sites and downloading bluntware by skipping through install window of certain software you wouldn't have a lag issue.

Try not using a raspberry pi

Sorry but most people who work can afford something that doesn't resemble and function like a potato.

Oh yeah, and I run Windows 10 on a Intel 4004 and a bit of RAM too.
In case you forgot, that's the first Intel CPU. It's that old. - PythonProgrammer23

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14 PCs online gaming is more expensive

False, I have played numerous games online and not paid a penny past ISP and initial game purchase. Xbox live and PSN have a annual subscription that is mandatory for online play.

How is $0 a year more expensive than $50/$60 a year?

False, look at Steam sales.

Lol false. - USGC

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15 You get to play with friends

You can play with friends on consoles. - USGC

But what if you don't have friends?

What, you can play with friends on PC too.

I mean PC - USGC

16 Consoles are better at more gaming genres

False, PC is better at most games genres than console. Watch the Unreal Tournament players and tell me consoles are better for shooters. Consoles are better for sports games and fighting, but that is why you can plug a controller into a PC. In the end the console has no advantage here.


Porn - Scotty147

Popular games for PC include(i added the ganras that I know of: WoW(rpg) LoL(moba) Overwatch(fps) Minecraft(umm fps? ) dota 2(moba) TF2(fps) Starcraft 2 Skyrim(rpg) The Witcher(rpg) Half-Life franchise(fps) Grand Theft Auto 5(shooter) CS:GO(fps) Portal(first person puzzle) World of tanks

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17 Popular games neglect PC

This depends on the developer. Developers such as Valve and CD Projekt work to optimise their games for the PC, so that PC gamers can see the potential and vision of the game, and then release a downgraded version suited for console. Other developers such as Rocksteady optimise their games for console. If they do release on PC, it will only be a slight upgrade. This is a developer problem, not a PC problem. Mods will come to fix or upgrade the PC experience.

No - Scotty147


18 PC has tons of shovelware games

True, but you don't have to install it.

Shovelware is fine! It's just like playing a console disc!

Not a strong argument. Nobody's forcing you to play them., - marmalade_skies

We may have shovelware, but the only strategy game you have is Civilization Revolution.

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19 Sitting down

I sit on a leather couch all the time and play my PC. This is about the most retarded and desperate reason for console advantage.

Can always hook up PC to living room T.V. - marmalade_skies

Lie detected. - USGC

A: I don't know anyone in the world who stands up and plays on their PC.
B: Isn't that good for you, when all you do in your young life is sit inside and play bloody games rated M? - PythonProgrammer23

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20 Less freezing

False, my PC hasn't frozen once since I built it. However, my roommate plays on a Potato 1 and his console freezes every now and then.

I bought a pc because my console would freeze all the time...

As a pc gamer, this is actually true

Bollocks! my Xbox One, PS3 and 360 have all frozen at some point. my PC? not once - Zombieguy745

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21 HD televisions have higher resolutions than small PC monitors

False, most consoles play at 720p, while PCS are getting 4k, 8k resolutions.

You can play your PC on any modern television - marmalade_skies

The highest resolution display is a 32 inch Dell Ultrasharp 8K monitor

Depends on the montitor and T.V.. and you can use a T.V. with your pc. - USGC

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22 Better FPS

What? No. Xbox runs most games at 30fps or lower.

No it's not because you can get a high end pc and clearly get a higher fps or a 400$ budget build and still get higher fps than xbox one or ps4 with a 1050 ti you can run Grand Theft Auto V on very high graphic and still get 50 - 80 fps - Rawrakien

23 Console gamers don't care about which one is better, they only want to have fun

PC gamers do the same, however we don't have to make top ten lists of why they're better, we just know they're better

Depends on the person - USGC

Console gamers have to go somewhere else to go on the Internet. Also, I see console fanboys on these threads just as much

Scroll up just a little bit, you see that title?

24 Consoles are just overall cheaper

False. There's builds that provide the exact same speed as the PS4/Xbox One, except you pay 100 DOLLARS LESS for the privilege. On top of that, consoles are WAYYY more expensive in the long run because you have to pay for membership to play online.

Very well said

False again. - USGC

PCs are more expensive, but console gamers constantly have to buy a new console to play new games. PC gamers buy one PC, and get all of the new games on Steam, and have you console gamers seen the cheap game prices us PC gamers get. Overall, you will spend less money on PC gaming.

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25 Easy to setup


Its conveniencel and easy to setup,not need too many upgrades. And also,PC can do anything than gaming like watch movies,documents,listen music and more but you can do these on others device like laptop,smartphones and tablets nowadays these days,not need go for PC for do anything that others device can do.

26 Some people may say that pc has more exclusives but console exclusives are much better.

Oh, console exclusives are better? You mean those no good, unoriginal, action adventure games? Right... While on PC we have genres you're missing out on, plus unique exclusives. - Modainium

That is subjective and some might find pc exclusives to be better

Oh, console exclusives are better? You mean those no good, unoriginal, action adventure games? Right... While on PC we have genres you're missing out on, plus unique exclusives. - Modainium

False their is so Many PC exclusives vs on console like Star Citizen, Routine, Stardew Valley, Starcraft II,Dota 2, etc the list goes on - Rawrakien

27 consoles get better each generation and pcs just stays the same



So now PC isn't upgradable? You know, that thing that console fanboys say we have to do every year?
Hardware does not degrade by the way so we upgrade when we want to.

28 Convenience

Just turn it on, go to the game and play. PC has its convenience too, but its not same "plug-and-play" feel that consoles have.

A prebuilt pc is basically a plug and play. its almost the same as the convenience of a console. also laptops have more conveniance because they're portable

29 Consoles are more competitive

When you hit GE your a pro, If your playing Call of Duty with a bunch of 5 year olds then that's not a competitive game. Games like CS, League, Dota, and Dirty Bomb have real teams that play them along with there own strats for each game. For me I'm GE in CS GO so... That shows a lot of competitiveness

30 PC games can be modified

A lot of trainers and mods are there just see how amazing Grand Theft Auto v is with those mods and compare it to stupid console

This is supposed to be a bad thing?

Yes it is so right, trainers, memory modification, game speed hack, game models hack( change cars, etc), and a lot more...

That is good! What, do you have something against coding? - PythonProgrammer23

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31 Nerds

You're the one to talk. All your friends are online. Console Pesants

Nerds. You don't play on a PC because of nerds. Oh yeah, I play on a console, because of NERDS. Is this a joke? - PythonProgrammer23

At this point, you are not truly a gamer. - USGC

noun: nerd; plural noun: nerds; noun: nurd; plural noun: nurds
a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.
"one of those nerds who never asked a girl to dance"
synonyms: bore; More
a single-minded expert in a particular technical field.
"a computer nerd" - USGC

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32 You don't have to do all this research for the same experience at the same cost.

Sure you may not have to research for the console, but at the same time, you don't get to choose how that console runs, nor do you get to customize it. Also, all that research? You are kidding right? I can google search one phrase right now, and find all of the information I need to buy/build a PC. This argument is unfounded, and invalid.

With consoles, you don't have to do hours of research to figure out how it works in order to get the "Best deal"
And the reward is not at all worth the research.


You can buy a pc too. if you are that lazy, how do you guys pass school. - USGC

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33 Consoles are more powerful

They get at least 60fps at 1080p no matter what

Your point being? Almost all pcs can reach that without even trying. I have a $500 pc that can do 4k, and vr easily. This isn't an argument.

I think you forgot about your old friend the Intel Xeon.
Last time I checked you couldn't put in an Xbox. - PythonProgrammer23

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