Top Ten Reasons Why Consoles Are Better Than PCs

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21 HD televisions have higher resolutions than small PC monitors

False, most consoles play at 720p, while PCS are getting 4k, 8k resolutions.

You can play your PC on any modern television - marmalade_skies

The highest resolution display is a 32 inch Dell Ultrasharp 8K monitor

You can play PC on any display you can possibly imagine. You can even stack monitors/plasma screens on top of each other to make a huge cinema screen-like display. Plus, PCs can play at 4K, whereas consoles cannot. Sure, the PS4 pro and the Scorpio will provide 4k, but it'll likely be with shady loopholes.

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22 You get better fps on XBOX

What? No. Xbox runs most games at 30fps or lower.

23 Console Gamers don't care about which one is better, they only want to have fun.

PC gamers do the same, however we don't have to make top ten lists of why they're better, we just know they're better

Console gamers have to go somewhere else to go on the Internet. Also, I see console fanboys on these threads just as much

Scroll up just a little bit, you see that title?

24 Consoles are just overall cheaper

False. There's builds that provide the exact same speed as the PS4/Xbox One, except you pay 100 DOLLARS LESS for the privilege. On top of that, consoles are WAYYY more expensive in the long run because you have to pay for membership to play online.

Very well said

PCs are more expensive, but console gamers constantly have to buy a new console to play new games. PC gamers buy one PC, and get all of the new games on Steam, and have you console gamers seen the cheap game prices us PC gamers get. Overall, you will spend less money on PC gaming.

The problem here is that all these issues are separated. Sure, a pc can be cheaper and a pc can connect to the T.V. and generally a pc can run games at higher graphics without failing, but it can't do everything together. If you want your pc to perfectly run every game at high graphical settings on a television with a controller, it's gonna cost way more than a console will, and that's why I just prefer console gaming. It gives me all of the points made above at a reasonable cost.

25 Easy to setup


Its conveniencel and easy to setup,not need too many upgrades. And also,PC can do anything than gaming like watch movies,documents,listen music and more but you can do these on others device like laptop,smartphones and tablets nowadays these days,not need go for PC for do anything that others device can do.

26 60 fps is too smooth and PC graphics are too realistic!

Go outside, how realistic are those graphics? Oh, and look, infinite fps too, huh? (don't actually know what the universe would be put into fps but still pretty much infinite)

27 Consoles are more competitive

When you hit GE your a pro, If your playing Call of Duty with a bunch of 5 year olds then that's not a competitive game. Games like CS, League, Dota, and Dirty Bomb have real teams that play them along with there own strats for each game. For me I'm GE in CS GO so... That shows a lot of competitiveness

28 PC games can be modified

A lot of trainers and mods are there just see how amazing Grand Theft Auto v is with those mods and compare it to stupid console

Yes it is so right, trainers, memory modification, game speed hack, game models hack( change cars, etc), and a lot more...

This is supposed to be a bad thing?

Not need to modified, modified games isn't a thing

29 Nerds

You're the one to talk. All your friends are online. Console Pesants

That is true!

Consoles r bettur then your stoopid pcs and u should destreoy you're pcs rit nuw please I beg get a cunsule I huve nu friends ;(

30 You don't have to do all this research for the same experience at the same cost.

Sure you may not have to research for the console, but at the same time, you don't get to choose how that console runs, nor do you get to customize it. Also, all that research? You are kidding right? I can google search one phrase right now, and find all of the information I need to buy/build a PC. This argument is unfounded, and invalid.

With consoles, you don't have to do hours of research to figure out how it works in order to get the "Best deal"
And the reward is not at all worth the research.


If you think this you are a lazy bum who is unwilling to do a little bit of research for a more personalized, more enjoyable gaming experience. It doesn't take hours to determine the best PC builds, either. I could find a decent $600 Build in a pretty short amount of time. Just go to http s:// pcpartpick er.c om /guide/ where they have build guides for a bunch of good PCs, both budget and High End. It isn't that hard.

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