Top Ten Reasons Why the Coronavirus Should End

The Coronavirus is actually stupid. It has practically broken society and it need to end. This list will go over some reasons this virus needs to end.

The Top Ten Reasons Why the Coronavirus Should End

1 So normal life can continue

They are shutting down schools. They are shutting down restaurants and bars. They are even shutting down churches. This needs to end. - 2storm

I don't think that's a smart idea since this is a new virus that is very contagious. - BurnAux

Yeah it be nice if normal life can continue, and having schools, churches swimming pools and restaurants back like normal - trains45

Maybe the coronavirus never existed, then I would have gone to school and went out with my family. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

And no, not a "new normal" where we might as well still be quarantined!

2 So the loss of life will be stopped

It is clear that people are dying from this. Granted, it is limited and it's really only older people and people with disabilities, but still every loss of life hurts someone and it needs to end. - 2storm

That would be nice to have less deaths if this virus went away - trains45

My dad said this is a good way to loose population! 😯😕Yeah we do need to lose population, but people can just stop having babies! This why I an adopting when I'm older! I hope y'all are safe! I'm praying for y'all!😊😊😊😊

3 So people would stop panicking

The panic in the world right now is crazy. Listen everything will be fine. Stop overreacting. - 2storm

Damn, stop hoarding already. - RiverVibeZ

Yeah too many people are panicking - trains45

Everyone seems to panick too much. - ElSherlock

4 So sports will come back

Yeah it be nice if the nhl, mlb, nba, were back on, it would be nice to see all my favorite teams playing - trains45

because some people throwing a ball being shut down is worse than not going out in public and vibing with your friends or visiting your dying relatives because they have to be put in isolation. sports is overrated. - junk

Having no sports freaking sucks. I need sports back. - 2storm

Yes, wretling to me

5 So we can all go in public

I'm sick of being stuck in home. Feels like a maximum security prison.

Yeah it be nice if I could go swimming or a restaurant but I can't because of this - trains45

6 So we can have toilet paper back

Honestly not having toilet paper sucks. I don't get why people are getting so much toilet paper. It makes no sense at all. - 2storm

Yeah too many people buying too much - trains45

Yeah, people are exaggerating with hoarding toilet paper. - Userguy44

One of the best reasons. Make it happen. - Mesmerize

7 So our government can calm down again

I, quite frankly, believe a conspiracy is going on.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY THERE ARE 7,000 DEATHS AND COUNTING IN THE UNITED STATES SO QUICKLY UNLESS PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY BEING STUPID. I have no current relatives or what not who have died or even got tested positive for the virus, and for a virus that seems to be deadly for senior citizens the most, YET THERE ARE STILL SURVIVORS OF THE VIRUS WHO ARE ELDERLY LIKE PRINCE CHARLES.

So what do I think? I think what has happened in China COULD be happening to some particular areas in the US. Some people are dying either in quarantine or by other means, and the government is adding their deaths as a statistic for coronavirus deaths. Some of the elites in power are perhaps doing some things behind the scenes, after all, everyone in quarantine is basically forced to stay indoors, forced to note spread or socialize, and while justified in many ways, I cannot help but thing there is SOMETHING AMISS out of this entire thing and ...more - NuMetalManiak

8 So TheTopTens won't shut down

I don't think thetoptens would temporary shutdown, but if it did it would suck - trains45

A website won't get shut down because of a real life virus. - ElSherlock

TheTopTens won't shut down because of a virus...

If this gets too bad TheTopTens may temporarily shut down. - 2storm

9 So walmart employees can rest

Yeah it be nice if they can have a rest - trains45

10 So we can hold an election later this year

The Contenders

11 So we can go to the park

Yeah it would be nice if you can go to the park again, it boring being stuck at home, at least we still can play video games or watch youtube - trains45

I saw people go to the park recently - NuMetalManiak

We all need exercise.

12 So we can go back to school

Yeah it would be good, probably make parents happy, it would be bad for grade 12 students if they had to comeback next year if the virus canceled the class of 2020 grad and the diploma exams - trains45

I hate school especially online classes. One of the good things the virus did is class suspension.

I'm in grade 12 this year I hope I get to graduate this year, it would suck if I couldn't graduate if school got cancelled until september

Me too! The last thing I want to do is redo Year 12 and work on my exams until my bones crack again!

13 So we can hang out with our friends
14 So the Disney theme parks and resorts can reopen

Right now, every Disney-anything (Land, World, Euro Disney, Tokyo Disney, etc) is completely closed. At most, one park would close due to major natural disasters (e.g. an earthquake or hurricane) in the area or the American parks closed when 9/11 happened, but this is the first time they all closed at once.

15 So we can get along again

There's just too much hatred going on and we all need to settle down and help one another through this challenging time.

16 So no more public events are cancelled

It sucks having more events cancelled it bothers me seeing more stuff get cancelled, at least they trying to keep people safe - trains45

It's not just sports. Anime, scifi, comic, etc conventions have been canceled.

17 So nature will be at peace

Ironically nature is currently being at peace where humans aren't destroying nature like animal abuse

18 So people can be employed
19 So we can go on vacations again
20 So people stop making jokes about it

Including, but not limited to, calling it "boomer remover" or "boomer doomer"

21 So celebrities can settle down

I cannot stand the arrogance of some of the celebrities using the coronavirus to shove their attitudes down our throats.

22 So people can visit family members again
23 So I can navigate through YouTube without annoying suggestions

YouTube has posted videos in the suggestions about the coronavirus and I find that quite unnerving. I also find the #stayhomewithme videos in the suggestions irritating as well. They have nothing to do with the topic I'm searching.

24 So schools can stop sending annoying emails to parents!

My school is often sending emails and it more dictatorship rather than helping.

25 So we can breathe without wearing face masks

Face masks can be a pain at times...

26 It is killing the economy

All to hurt the presidency and steal the election. I can easily tell what's going on.


27 So we can hug and shake hands again
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