Reasons Why Couches are Better Than Marbles

Using steelcity99s guide of how to make a good comparison list, I have created the best comparison list ever!

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1 Couches don't hurt you, marbles do

Marbles can hurt people. You should throw marbles at people and see how much pain do they give. - DynastiSugarPop

But couches don't have the fun of tripping people up on the ground like marbles, right? - Swellow

Just so you know, this list is meant to be a joke.

Someone shot me in the face with a marble and I nearly fainted. - Ultron123

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2 Spheres are dumb
3 Couches are comfy, marbles are not

Sitting on a marble can have it go up an area you don't want it to. - DCfnaf

4 More people like couches

I sit on couches. - DynastiSugarPop

5 Couches have a better sounding name
6 You can do anything on the couch
7 Marbles are stupid
8 Some of the greatest TV shows take place on couches

For examples big banf htoery and the simpsons oth tak eplace on couches beaus they're really cool

9 Couch potatoes are better than losing your marbles
10 Justin Bieber loves marbles

Justin bieber is literally the worst tjoing to come I to exist anhe should die nbevause he ahas bad asongs like babu

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