Reasons Why Cristali & Zafiro Toon! is Hated

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1 Stalks Rossali

He is insane about the animator Rossali. From having pictures of her character on his wall, to taking her artwork, tracing the clothes off her character, to spamming her the the unconsentual porn of her character, he knew she didn't want porn of her character, he snobbishly used Rule34 as a excuse to ignore her. He even doxxed her, threatend to track her down if she deleted her account. Rossali hates him. But he acts like nothing happened, says she's his inspiration. He also proffitted from the unconsentual porn on his pateron. - LoliMutt

Rossali’s main oc is more beautiful than this I would love to call ‘The king of spoiled brats.’ Main oc.

2 Is creepy towards children

i agree

It all began with a 13 year old girl named Liema Cat. She just wanted to collab with him, knowing she is 13, he asked her for nudes, sent her pornagraphy. He follows random children on instagram. He knows his fanbase are mostly minors, yet he encourages them to draw lewd art of his characters, shoves his traced porn in their faces. On Twitter he admitted to finding children sexually attractive, it was only up for afew minutes, then he quickly deleted it, but there are people who captured it before he did. - LoliMutt

3 Is greedy

He constantly over advertises his pateron. He is monetized, so is getting money for videos filled with stolen art work. And he made a Redbubble, making merch out of his traced art. - LoliMutt

4 Is manipulative

He calls his fans "family", posts their fanart to make them feel like they have a personal bond with him. He was caught several times in DMS that he does not like his fans, just uses them for fame, free fanart. - LoliMutt

5 Traces/steals his own fanart

A ex fan drew several pictures of his mascot Zafiro for him, he took it, traced it, making porn out of it, without her permission. Alexanderatale drew Zafiro for him, Cristali asked if he could use it, Alexandera said yes but give credit, thought he was just going to feature it, but what ended up happening was Cristali put it in photoshop, made adjustments to the original picture before tracing it, claimed its his new toon style, Alexandera was pissed off, made a video about it, Cristali lied saying he was inspired, acting innocent. Very recently, DanielTVHead drew art for him, was attempting to befriend him, Cristali never replied to him, suddenly Cristali used it in a post without credit, and he also decided to color it, make merch out of it, again, without permission. - LoliMutt

6 Traces artwork

Its no surprise. He is infamous for getting away with so much art theft. And he lies, saying he didn't trace. - LoliMutt

7 Fakes speedpaints

He tries to prove his haters wrong, so sets up speedpaints to try to make them look like liars, but every time he does it, he's always caught in his lies. He traces the body of a existing picture, a lot of times, the clothes too, leaves it headless, then copy and pastes his character's head, hair, tail, other features onto it. But he is cleaver, he tries to make his speedpaints look convincing every time he posts a new one. - LoliMutt

8 Is a scammer

He did a contest for his fans, promising a Nintendo Switch with a game pack for the winners. He later made a post saying he can't say the winners' emails, due to privacy, but all he had to do was say the usernames. Instead, he bought himself the Switch with Splatoon 2, he lied, saying Nintendo gave it to him as a gift so he wouldn't get caught scamming - LoliMutt

9 Makes false sponsorship claims

He claims Amino, Huion, Nintendo are all sponsering him, its just a lie to make himself look like he is the best thing - LoliMutt

10 Avoids punishments

Yep wonder why he gets away a lot :v

Cristali actually lost his channel once, he harassed Youtube's Twitter account, threatening to kill himself if they didn't lift the ban, he got it back. every time a artist he stole from copyright strikes his video, he gets pissed, emails them, threatening to call the police on them, lies to Youtube to get it back up. - LoliMutt

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11 He's a criminal


12 He is a coward

I remember he made a video where he admit that he was tracing and apologize to the people who he traced but guess what happen...He deleted it like a coward cause a lot of his fans got mad at him so instead of facing it like a man. He deleted like a little scaredy cat. And whats worse is that he told Rossali this nasty thing on instagram then after that she exposed him and due to him being a little wimp he is. He changed his instagram name just to hide the fact that his stupid thick skull messed up.

He deleting hate comment and buying bots for making good commets like "cute","you are best","sexy"

13 He is a liar

He is a liar because he makes it look like he is a she

14 He called a girl stupid because she has autism
15 He stalks his ex-girlfriend TemperFlash
16 He traces popular animators like Rossali, Wolfychu and Stariaat
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