Top 10 Reasons Why Criticism is Bad

I hate Criticism! Do you? Stop giving bad Criticism!

The Top Ten

1 It's Rude

Constructive criticism is helpful but when people rudely criticize to the point that they bring you down, that's rude.

It's not rude it's helpful. - MorlaTurtle8

Just learn to take criticism. It's how you learn. - Cyri

This list is proof that you can't take criticism - darthvadern

2 It's Offensive

This is one the dumbest and most hypersensitive lists ever. - Userguy44

Like you are. - MorlaTurtle8

*helpful - MrCoolC

So much butthurtness.

3 It Can Affect Your Future

Correction: it can help your future. - Userguy44

An a better way, yes. - MorlaTurtle8

For the better. - MrCoolC

In the best way possible - BorisRule

4 It's Similar to Bullying

Imagine comparing criticism to bullying. Only hypersensitive people would think it's bullying. - Userguy44

Only cause your a jerk about it and disrespect other opinions

I don't think so. How is it similar to bullying? - 50

Criticism is the best. Don't easily get butthurt over stuff.

5 It Can Ruin Someone's Life

How can something that helps people to improve ruin their life? - Userguy44

Correction: it helps someones life. - MorlaTurtle8

Being ignorant does too. - Cyri

It depends on the kind of criticism. Constructive criticism is the one that helps you improve. Destructive criticism can be hurtful or harsh. - cosmo

6 It Doesn't Show Any Respect to Privacy

Either this was made by a troll or some hypersensitive person with a huge ego complex - DarkBoi-X

We're lucky the creator of the list has his own account deleted now as we can't get reported - darthvadern

What? What does it have to do with privacy in any way? - Cyri

In what way!? - MrCoolC

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