Top 10 Reasons Why Criticism is Bad

I hate Criticism! Do you? Stop giving bad Criticism!

The Top Ten

1 It's Rude

How is it rude? It's all about sharing opinions.

Constructive Criticism: Why not take criticism? It isn't rude or something, it's to boost you! - 50

Looks like someone can't take criticism - PeeledBanana


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2 It Doesn't Show Any Respect to Privacy
3 It's Offensive

So? Just because it's "offensive" doesn't mean you can ban criticism and hate comments. You are too hypersensitive over crap.

Criticism is very helpful, but some people are too hypersensitive to accept it. - Therandom

You don't even know what "offensive" means, do you? - GamerBoy

Criticism is not offensive every time.. - 05yusuf09

4 It Can Ruin Someone's Life

It depends on the kind of criticism. Constructive criticism is the one that helps you improve. Destructive criticism can be hurtful or harsh. - cosmo

But it can also change someone life for the better. - AlphaQ

Only if it's very harsh. - GamerBoy

(Sigh) How?

5 It's Similar to Bullying

Only cause your a jerk about it and disrespect other opinions

I don't think so. How is it similar to bullying? - 50

Criticism is the best. Don't easily get butthurt over stuff.

All I can say is...
Butthurt. - SamuiNeko

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6 It Can Affect Your Future

In a good way. - AlphaQ

Only 6 items?!
And yes,it can make you work harder. - Elina

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