Top Ten Reasons Why Croatia is a Terrible Country

I am from Croatia. I was born there. And, I can tell you from personal experience, that it's the worst country, ever. I admit, it's beautiful, but what's the point of having a nice sea if you don't - and can't possibly earn - the thousands of "Kuna" (Croatian money) that you need, to be able to go there, to visit? Not too mention, you HAVE to be PURE Croatian, not a drop of Serbian blood, to receive appreciation, proper Education or proper Healthcare! You also have to be Catholic or Christian for either of those rights.

The Top Ten

1 Croatia is Nationalistic, Hating Anyone Who Comes, Even Distantly, from Serbia

At first, I thought this was just going to be another offensive list, but after learning about how hard life was for the creator of this list in Croatia all because they hate on anyone of Serbian heritage, now I understand why this list was made. That, and all these reasons are logical as well. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

What's with all the hate? This person had a bad time, can we just show some empathy to each other please? I'm sure Blight didn't mean to be rude, they just wanted to express their opinion. If you like Croatia, good for you, but understand that just because YOU like it, doesn't mean everyone has to.

As Croatian, I have to agree with this, everyone is poisoned with war and nationalism, everyone hates Serbs not even having a real reasons for that.

Well Blight, that's your problem. If you hate croatia then go into other country allready. U don't like croatia so what now!? Destroy it with a Nuclear bomb?!?!?! Much more peopla says that its good country. Well everyone has their opinion!

Just Because you Hate Croatia that doesn't mean that everyone else should Hate IT! Stop making such offensive lists and Look around. So Many people come to Croatia for its beautiful Sea, cities, culture and you have proof that Croatia is terrible. That proof is useless when half of the world loves Croatia. Also offensive lists Are not nice - P-51IsDaBest

2 Everything is Expensive

I am from Croatia and Croatia sucks.

They bought 2nd place In the world cup

Really? everything is cheap in croatia!

You mean EVERYTHING IS CHEAP? A cone of ice cream in Croatia is 3-7 kuna, in Sweden its 40 kuna...

3 Education is Terrible

It bad they're going to lose world cup now

I live in Croatia and I agree. In my school I didn't learn anything, the teachers are retarded(literally I am not joking) and the teachers don't care about our education

That's lie, ist like in other EU countries. Besides Austria founded all Universities in Croatia


4 Healthcare is Terrible

Terrible like their football team after they lose to England

Haha Croatia won, you loser, you've embarrassed yourself even more than crappy England's Soccer Team did when they lost to Croatia. - 32537690968969

5 Population is Decreasing Greatly

Who cares? 95% of things you mentioned on this list are false! - Hypocrite

That's a good thing, isn't

Maybe, but during summer IT is INCREASING greatly - P-51IsDaBest

6 The Language is Too Complicated

I bet English is hard for Croatians.

Hahaaa for you! For Croatians, it isn’t(meni je hrvatski pre lagan to što vi ne živite ovdi nije moj problem)

7 Everyone Swears Too Much

Serbs swear 1000990999990 times more

This is just a stupid reason. People swear in Canada too.

8 High Unemployment Rate
9 They Think that Nazism is Cool

People need to remember that Croatia is the ONLY country in the WORLD that had concentration camps for children. Even Nazi Germany didn't had those kind of camps!
As a difference from Germany - no matter that this happened 70 years ago - right now they are celebrating all those people from WWII as liberators and saviors. They are trying to revise history.

Nazis suck! And Croatia doesn't have to do anything with IT. Sure, we joined them, but what about 1990!? We Were fighting for our INDEPENDENCE as a country while being attacked by Serbians with Yugoslav army! No offense, I live Serbia, but this was nonsense war - P-51IsDaBest

Yes every Croatian person is a nazi

I Like Serbia" not live. - P-51IsDaBest

10 Lack of Quality Items

Lack if quality items? Nope. Unless it's a chinese shop or HiperNovalis.

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11 They Think Tesla Had No Serbian Relatives

Tesla is serbian born,in village of smiljani.Read more on politically incorrect news.

12 They Joined the Nazis for Their Own Gain


13 Strict Religion Laws

I have never heard of this supposed croatian religion laws? I have friends and family who are not catholic, and they've never encountered any problems, or disandvantages in education, healthcare, employment or any other aspect of life...

I'm croatian and I hate Nazi, but ig we didn't joined them, we would not exist.

14 People are Rude

Croatians are learned to be rude to survive in this country where there is no law. Because of system of nepotism, non-existance of police protection and corrupt court laws, Croatians are taught to be sociopaths - uncivilized, hysteric monsters who yell, attack and randomly curse anyone who cross their paths. You are awarded to be rude, but in the same time you will get severly beaten up in any way when you meet someone who is more rude than you. It is like living in a third world prison - criminals all around - including the guards and you need to be abnormal to get by.

That's not true. The only rude people in Croatia I have seen so far, Are bassicly bullies and some random idiots Who Look Like gangsters or similar. - P-51IsDaBest

15 Public Transportation Sucks

It’s way better than the United States. Busses can take you anywhere in the country.

16 Bad Economy
17 Everyone Just Complains About Life and When It is Time to Work They Do Not Want To.

Just like in Austria, Spain, Italy, Serbia,...what‘s your point?!

18 They Hate Serbia

Parents learn their kids to hate Serbian people. Just like that.


19 Corruption and Incompetence are Omnipresent

Politicians do not care about public interest, only the party line matters, and their wallets. Public servants are growing in numbers, whereas the majority are either redundant, not qualified or disinterested. The church seems to be only into spreading its business operations, without a care for ordinary people, the sick and the needy. Joe Public is dumb, not quite literate, into bullying, but totally conceited.
This ship of fools is doomed. I pity the children.

20 Their Army Has Lack of Modern Armored Vehicles

Mig-21s, T-72s... K den!

21 Weak Military

I think Croatia's military is rubbish

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