Top 10 Reasons Why Cyberbullies are the Worst

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1 They point out the wrong things about you

Agreed so much about this list. Cyberbullies suck. Bad people like these don't deserve to use the Internet and are better off locked in jail forever. Recently, on this site, I got cyberbullied by a bunch of idiotic Lion King fans/butt-kissers for hating The Lion King and mentioning it on every "hate" or "worst" list whenever I can, yet these idiots defend the film too much, and cry foul if someone like me hates The Lion King, by telling me "Go away, you TLK hater! ", yet they go around hating some other films and listing said other films in whatever hated/worst list they see. Seriously guys, if you don't like an opinion or fact on something, just ignore what others say and just focus on your opinions. There is no reason to cyberbully anyone, anonymous or otherwise, who hates your precious widdle Lion King. I mean, I am a huge Sonic the Hedgehog fan but I don't cry foul at anyone who hates Sonic or mentions it on any list. I'm not a butt-kisser either. I ...more

2 They bring down your self-esteem
3 They don't know who you truly are as a person

Yeah, this should be one. They don't know that they could be attacking a poor, helpless person and most of the time that person commits suicide. - TwilightKitsune

4 They judge your looks even if they have possibly never seen your face before
5 They play the victim
6 They make you seem like a bad person

I remember when Twilight Kitsune, MLPfan, and I were being cyberbullied for hating Rainbow Dash. That felt like a war between RD fans and anti dash fans. They kept saying bad stuff about us for not liking Rainbow Dash. I was a no account visitor back then.

7 They point out every bad thing about you
8 They don't care how you feel
9 They have nothing better to do but to bully people
10 They have nothing better to do than making your life even harder and stressful

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11 They joke about diseases

Some visitor on here I should get cancer once. I felt mad. - Powerfulgirl10

12 They joke about rape

This is never acceptable. Rape is a terrible thing and a bad crime that affects the victim's life forever. Joking about it should be banned. Thankfully this never happened to me but I feel very sorry for all the victims out there. Anyone who likes rape should get arrested, and better yet, deserve the death penalty.

13 They bully you for liking crossovers
14 They bully you for liking Shadow over Tails
15 They bully you for hating Karel
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