Top 10 Reasons Why Dads Are Better Than Mothers

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1 They are easier to talk to

Both are equal in terms of parenting skill, and I'd give them both a 7.5/10. Honesty, I don't prefer one over the other anymore. Both can be good and bad in their own ways. - Therandom

It's common knowledge that boys prefer their mother and that girls prefer their dad when they have to or willing to talk about some problems. Dads are easier with their daughter(s) because they have another point of view ( like some kind of ying-yang, both different but both indispensable ) and vice-versa for mothers with their boys. This isn't of course 100% fact ( like everything their are exeptions ).

Both can be good or bad in their own ways - TwilightKitsune

Herre's the thing. This is a bit stereotipical. Like there is a huge freakingg difference betweeen Bobby's dad and Kiana's dad. so... - AnonymousChick

2 They aren't that mean

My dad was abusive and attempted to slit my throat when I was 11. - bobbythebrony

I feel sorry for you. You are strong and made it through. Always stay strong bobby - TwilightKitsune

3 They are more understanding

YES my dad talks with me on how to deal with and solve problems that I have while my mom gets mad at me over them.

4 They aren't that bossy
5 They know how to leave you alone

My dad NEVER leaves me alone. He always stares at my computer screen and enter my room.

6 They are cooler
7 They don't care what you wear

They are more tolerant about clothes because they don't follow the fashion trends that much. But they care if for instance their daughter should wear clothes like she's an hooker. They are tolerant but also protective to their daughters when they wear things out of line!

My dad doesn't let me wear shorts. - AnonymousChick

My dad did I don't really care

8 They don't pull you by the hair when they are mad
9 They aren't as crazy
10 They're funnier

My dads jokes get laughed at - my brothers are a couple of them. - Britgirl

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11 They don't forget to do something
12 They are better at teaching life skills
13 They are better at helping people with Autism or Asperger's
14 They are just cool!

Dads are the best!

15 Dads are way nicer
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