Top Ten Reasons Why Daisy and Rosalina are the Best Video Games Princesses of All Time

My name says all, but I REALLY love Daisy and Rosalina, they both deserves love and attentions and here's why.

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1 They're original

Originality is a key note of both of them, I agree. Daisy is a tomboy princess, something I don't even see that much in media nowadays. Very unique. Rosalina is a cosmic queen with a tragic story and little star children. This is also original. - DCfnaf

Tomboy princess so cliche even in the Mario series there's already another tomboy princess Hint: Wendy. Lol space queen doesn't make her original especially when she looks like a bleached Peach with a side bang. Try Timpani, Cackletta or Princess Shroob. See not so original.

Bleached Peach? - ParkerFang

It's stupid how people say they're unoriginal and that they're Peach clones. They even say that about Pauline too.

Yep. DaisyandRosalina exceeded our negative expectations well.

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2 Their hatedom is awful

Both the Daisy and Rosalina haters are annoying as hell, I really don't see the hate for these characters. - egnomac

Daisy haters are the definition of rude, disgusting, terrible, and cruel. Rosalina haters are the same way except they are more annoying. - yunafreya648

They are always attacking me. Especially the Rosalina haters. - ParkerFang

At least they're better than a pink bowed prostitute Koopaling.

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3 They had a good influence on the Mario franchise

Yes - ParkerFang

Why not add a few new female characters so girls have more options?

Peach - Play as a generic princess.
Daisy - Play as a lively and relatable tomboy
Rosalina - Play as a space goddess. - DCfnaf

4 They're beautiful

Both Daisy and Rosalina are beautiful and kind. They are both underrated and they deserve more attention. Their Hate that they receive is awful and stupid(Rosalina's hate is worse). People should stop liking princess crap peach and appreciate these wonderful characters.

People say that about Rosalina but the haters of Daisy keeps saying she's ugly when she isn't - yunafreya648

All of the Mario human females are pretty (YES EVEN PEACH YOU HATERS). - DCfnaf

The look like trash that appeals low denominator pervs no wonder u like them

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5 They can fight

Rosalina fights in Smash and in 3D World, and Daisy slaps Bowser. - DCfnaf

Everyone says Rosalina is useless and can't fight. Well they're wrong

6 They have personalities

I personally think their personalities are more interesting than Peach's - yunafreya648

Daisy - competitive tomboy, very energetic and lively, incredibly strong, strangely funny.

Rosalina - cosmic queen who is very omnipotent and calm on the outside, but very sad on the inside. - DCfnaf

And people keep saying "THEY'RE JUST PEACH CLONES" smh - ParkerFang

7 They rarely get captured

Daisy was kidnapped only ONCE and after that, she made it clear she could defend herself. Also, Rosalina NEVER got captured and is a very fresh take on a female character. - DCfnaf

8 They're powerful

Very powerful, Daisy knocked Bowser away with one slap, and Rosalina can move her observatory with a wand flick and is powerful in smash. - DCfnaf

9 They are supportive

They appear in many spinoffs together. - DCfnaf

10 They have pretty hair

Yes. I kind of wish Daisy's was longer, but I guess she would look like a Peach palette swap if they did that. - DCfnaf

Well, Nintendo decided that Princess Daisy would look similar to Azalea from Mario Golf. And I meant "Phoebe Prouding", not "Polly Prouding". I guess ama not as smart as ama think I am.

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11 They're not redundant
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1. They rarely get captured
2. Their hatedom is awful
3. They had a good influence on the Mario franchise
1. They're original
2. They're beautiful
3. They had a good influence on the Mario franchise
1. They had a good influence on the Mario franchise
2. They have personalities
3. They rarely get captured

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