Top 10 Reasons Why Daisy Should Appear In Smash Bros.

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1 She's the perfect fit

She is perfect. Nintendo was planning on doing a Sarasaland stage for Wii U so maybe was Daisy was in the very early version

Madam, your prediction became true...

*cough* Smash Ultimate...

"clone of peach" No, no no no no... Rosalina is a clone of Peach since they look exactly alike! They are both annoying princesses that appear in every game, it pisses me off when people call Daisy a Peach Clone. Daisy and Peach don't look alike at all, I just don't see it. Peach and Daisy are complete opposites, Peach is the girly princess who does nothing but cry while she's being kidnapped and Daisy can punch Bowser into space. Not much of a clone at all! - MeaganSaysHI

Plus, Daisy punching Bowser into space was obviously just for humor and non-canon. If she really could do that, why has this power not been mentioned since its appearance? - LittleAwesomeApple

Daisy is overrated. The only decent females are rosilinda and todette. Peach is a moron who gets herself captured, daisy does nothing important, and don't get me started with birdo. - Therandom

2 She's being left out of too many Mario games

Only been in 1 major Mario game. :( - MeaganSaysHI

3 Daisy likes competition
4 Daisy likes sports

She is a sporty one

This is relevant because Daisy likes sports, Do I have to explain myself further? - MorganChambz

Fighting is a sport, Daisy would be the perfect fit. - MeaganSaysHI

And, that's relevant because... - PeterG99

5 Daisy is a better fighter than Peach and Rosalina

Oh, you mean when she punched Bowser away in MP3 and can summon crystals?

Peach knocked Bowser into space (or at least very far away) in her game, and not only that, but also fought a huge wave of enemies, fought 5 bosses, and had to rescue all the Toads JUST to even be able access the Boss Level. She also has to beat both Regular Bowser and Mega Bowser by hitting them 5 times (hit Regular Bowser 5 times with rage, and Hit Mega Bowser 5 times with Bomb-Ombs).
Not only that, but also has many Magical Powers, Including

Mute, Super Mario Rpg, Allows her to disable enemies Magic

Floating (with Heart Magic), first used in Super Mario Bros. 2 (used it in many other games including smash as her signature ability), Self- Explanatory

Mood Swings (Four-In-One), Super Princess Peach, 4 Powerful Emotional abilities (Gloom creates very powerful tears that are strong enough to move boulders and make her run faster, Rage makes her invincible but makes her way slower as ...more - Qryzx

Actually, Daisy is the only one of the three who hasn't actually fought before. - PeterG99

Peach is the girly girl who doesn't belong. - MorganChambz

No they are all equal

6 She's the second most important female character in Super Mario

Actually, going on by the logic that since Daisy was part of Super Mario Land she led to the creation of Wario and Waluigi, Pauline would be the most important and Peach would be the second. Daisy barely does anything in her game anyway, so she is less important than Rosalina. At least she has a backstory. - LittleAwesomeApple

True, but it's mostly due to the fanbases. Other than Mario Land, she hasn't appeared in a core Mario title. I'd agree, but she should have a more important role in the series. - Garythesnail

I mean, she is still the damsel-in-distress and that could easily have been Peach with a simple name change, so she did not really contribute to anything. - LittleAwesomeApple

I wouldn’t say second most important female character in Super Mario, I believe that title goes to Rosalina who has been in mainline Mario games. I do think Daisy has the potential to be a smash fighter but there are just way more Mario characters that deserve it more than her(Captain Toad,Fawful,Geno and etc)

7 Sakurai is just not thinking over it properly!

In December she’s in!

Masahiro Sakurai has many things to respond to, especially out of these first to second to third party websites, showing who would be the next candidate in for Smash. If Sakurai is not all that interested in princesses, then he just doesn't give a damn. Daisy has been the most common character mentioned out of various websites and affiliates.

8 She has nothing special to offer from other Mario Characters

She literally has nothing special to offer that is different from Peach or Rosalina, she would be better as an alternate costume.

9 Her moveset could differ from Peach

I mainly support characters for move set potential, so if she has the potential to be pretty fun to play as, then I'd be happy to support Daisy in Smash.

10 She hasn’t appeared in a mainline Mario game

I hope she appeared in a main mario game

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11 She could of have been easily replaced in Super Mario Land by Peach
12 She knows how to fight
13 She is brave
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