Top 10 Reasons Why Dan Aykroyd Is Better Than Adam Sandler


The Top Ten

1 Dan Aykroyd Has Played Memorable Characters

I love this list! You're right. Dan Aykroyd is funny and Adam Sandler is just annoying and overrated. Awesome list you made.

2 Adam Sandler Isn't Good at Having a Variety of Expressions

Sandler gained popularity simply by catering to the children who each his films. Aykroyd has played serious AND comedic roles. He's a fairly versatile actor, while sandler isn't. Sandler plays the same charcter in every one of his films. He can sometimes be funny, but when he misses a point (jack and Jill), he REALLY misses.

3 Dan Aykroyd Can Write His Own Scripts

He's much more multi-talented and dynamic. - PositronWildhawk

4 Dan Aykroyd Can Improvise
5 Adam Sandler Plays the Same Character Over and Over Again
6 Dan Aykroyd Can Do Some Good Accents
7 Adam Sandler Can't Vary His Voice
8 None of Adam Sandler's Movies Are Cult Hits
9 Dan Aykroyd Is a Better Person Off Screen
10 Dan Aykroyd Can Put Personality In His Characters

Much more multi-talented than he often is given credit for - Billyv

The Contenders

11 Adam Sandler Is Annoying
12 Dan Aykroyd is Still Funny

Aykroyd is much older than Sandler and should be past his prime. But Sandler is just not funny anymore; Aykroyd is - Shake_n_Bake13

13 Adam Sandler Formed Happy Madison
14 Adam Sandler Is Disgusting

Billy Madison is one of the most disgusting movies that I've ever seen.

15 Adam Sandler Has Played Awful Characters
16 Dan Akroyd Will Be Remembered Forever While Adam Sandler Will Fade Into Obscurity
17 Nobody Likes Adam Sandler Anymore
18 Most of Adam Sandler's Films Haven't Aged Well
19 Adam Sandler Never Took His Movie Career Seriously Enough
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