Top Ten Reasons Why the Dark Knight Rises Is the Worst Batman Movie Ever

This is only an opinion and please don't take this as a fact.

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1 Christian Bale is Not a Very Good Actor

This isn't true and anyone that thinks it is doesn't realize what a serious actor Christian bale is. He has lost weight for some of his roles, and for some he even put on weight. He lost 60 pounds for the Machinist, changing his diet to nothing but an apple and a can of fish a day for months, and he is such a convincing actor. He also studied up on the actual brother he played in The Fighter, memorized his accent and the way he lived, acted it damn perfect and won the oscar for supporting role, He can also play a psychopathic murderer that finds torture enjoyable, and still he did good in the Dark Knight Trilogy. Now anyone that doesn't realize what and incredible actor Christian Bale is is either simply Envious of his success. - Beatlesboy9

He not too bad.

2 The Ending Sucks

I agree, it was highly implausible and I just imagined that alfred was experiencing a hallucination

For everything than think this list is good, you hear something called "batman and robin"?

Batman should have died.

Danteem, you are a douche

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3 It Ruins the Batman Series
4 It's an Evil Movie

So, Danteem. You're saying that this movie caused the Colorado theatre shootings?


5 Cat Women Sucks

Yes! Worst Catwoman in my opinion

6 It Makes People Crazy
7 Bane Sucks

Bane was great here. Definitely better than the one in batman and robin. - Therandom

8 The People of Gotham are Evil
9 Crappy Batmoblies
10 The Cops are Mean

What?! This reasoning is not good here. - Therandom

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11 The Batman/Catwoman Relationship Was Wasted
12 Bane Doesn't Kill Batman
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