Top 10 Reasons Why Daryl Dixon is the Best Character of the Walking Dead

We all know that Daryl is the best character of The Walking Dead. But why?
I've tried my best to make a list.

The Top Ten

1 He's the hunter of the group He's the hunter of the group
2 He uses a crossbow He uses a crossbow

Owns one and used the best of it. - zxm

3 He works more than talking

Opposite of Eugene. - zxm

4 He pretends to be rude but has a good heart

HAve to say that 1 of the reasons I like his character not necessarily the rude part but like when Sophia went missing he tried his hardest to find her. Then when he finally found Carol in her house was touching he I had wanted them to hook up but when he asked why did you go now I see her more like a mother figure to him and when she told him why she left he knew the group needed her but instead he lied about Glen & Abraham to try to protect her. I'm glad she seams like she is going to figure it out cause she is 1 bad momma! "LOOK AT THE FLOWERS! "

Was searching for Sophia when she was lost. While others were busy with their lives (except Rick). - zxm

5 He is the least selfish character

Rick isn't also selfish. But most other characters are. - zxm

6 He is the least dramatic character

Unlike Morgan, Andrea or Eugene. - zxm

Seriously though I get mad at everyones bitch fits

7 He rides a motorcycle

I know its not a main reason. But he used it to lure zombies. And he does it better than others. - zxm

8 He is a cool headed man
9 He has more skills than most other characters

Rides a Bicycle, Tracking, Uses of assault weapon, Non lethal weapons, Knifes, Bazooka,Hunting etc. - zxm

10 He has the best heart

The Contenders

11 He uses common sense to his advantage in defeating enemy
12 He is more badass than the other characters
13 He doesn't give up to walkers He doesn't give up to walkers

One scene I remember when he smashed zombies with the skulls of dead zombies. - zxm

14 He is an expert and master walker killer
15 He is selfless

Remember Sophia?

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