Top Ten Reasons Why Dat Adam are One of the Greatest Music Groups of the 2010s

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...when German ex-YouTubers Taddl and Ardy formed Dat Adam with producer Marley, I expected the whole project to be okay at best. Lots of YouTubers tried out making music but it was mostly silly comedy and nothing great. But Dat Adam aren't YouTubers anymore. In fact, they are among the realest, most intelligent and most anti-mainstream artists out there. Wild, young and free with a rebelious mind they hate today's superficiality and just don't want to fit in, their music often being a protest against what's going on at the time. This list is about why they are that great.

The Top Ten

1 They actually feel their music

When the lyrics get intense, the vocalists begin to get louder until screaming, when they are light hearted and fun the voices get a bit silly, on very experimental song the entire feeling is experimental. When watchinh making ofs about them being in the studio you can see Taddl improvising and ad libbing simply because he feels Marley's beat so much. Those three guys have music in their soul. - Martin_Canine

2 Their lyrics authentically reflect their feelings and moods
3 They show electronica and hip hop can be just as revolting as rock
4 They are peaceful and open minded
5 They refuse to be mainstream
6 They have completely unconventional structures and soundscapes
7 They prove independent and non-mainstream artists can still be successful in the 2010S
8 They actually made young people think about serious issues
9 Their use of autotune is not annoying but actually fits the mood

They call themselves "cyber hippies", so the music and the distorted vocals indeed does sound electronic. But the effect does not affect the organic way the music is delivered. You can still hear all the flaws and unique characteristics of the voices. - Martin_Canine

10 Taddl's vocal performance in his raps is pure and rough emotion

Listen to "Sanageyama". Please. Even if you don't understand German, the raw emotion Taddl delivers on this song does not need language to be felt. He simply jots down everything he feels is wrong with the world and gets more and more intense as he proceeds. And all of this is real. - Martin_Canine

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