Top 10 Reasons Why DC Films are Better Than Marvel Films


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1 DC Films Have Better Super Villains

Let's compare the villains so far:
0 good villain
4 good villains
Other than that, maybe. - iliekpiez


Heath Ledger's Joker is better than every Marvel film villain combined. DC films have had so many memorable villains. Marvel messed up their best villain (Dr. Doom). - girlcool

Really? I already forgot about the villains in both Justice League and Wonder Woman at their forgettability! And I only remember BvS because of the cringeworthy Lex Luthor performance! Whereas in Marvel, although I will admit Hela in Thor Ragnarok wasn't that cool, I really loved Michael Keaton's Vulture, because they really show his motivations for becoming a criminal. And he doesn't want to launch some generic "sky beam" to outer space. That got way old after the Avengers. - Phillip873

2 DC Films Have Better Plots

You mean DCEU right or DC movies all together - iliekpiez

The Dark Knight and Batman Under: The Red Hood are brilliantly written masterpieces. - girlcool

Ha! Very funny - MegaSoulhero

3 DC Films Have Better Super Heroes

They only used Batman and Wonder Woman right,all there other characters suck.

They are certainly underdeveloped - iliekpiez

Supereroi DC sun mai cunoscuți

Batman and Superman are way cooler than Spider-Man and Captain America (in my opinion). - girlcool

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4 DC Films are More Entertaining

*Coughs extra hard* - MrGuyDudeMan

The 1960s Batman film and Suicide Squad are great examples. - girlcool

5 DC Films Have Better Casting Choices

Nah, who would say Henry Cavill is the best Superman? Not really any iconic roles since Christian Bale Gadot is not a good WW. Fight me. - iliekpiez

Actually, Marvel does it better. Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Chris Evans as Captain America, Tom Holland as Spiderman, Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury, Sebastian Stan as Bucky, and many more. Now, that's perfect casting, but DC on the other hand, Ben Affleck as Batman? No just no!

Marlon Brando as Jor-el, Christian Bale as Batman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Margot Robbie as Harlrey Quinn, and of course Heath "the best Joker ever" Ledger. - girlcool

Marlon Brando hated working on Superman movie. He didn't even memorize his lines. - Tia-Harribel

6 DC Films Have Better Female Characters

Lois Lane sucks, Vicki Vale sucks, WW is good as is Catwoman in BR. However, Marvel has better female characters. - iliekpiez

I don't like any of the Marvel film female characters. DC films have way cooler girls and I'm a fan of cool girls. - girlcool

Yeah,like Lois Lane who is always a damsel in distress. - Tia-Harribel

All marvels females are sluts

7 DC Films Have Better Action Scenes

Memorably awesome action scenes. - girlcool

8 DC Films Have Martha


9 DC Films are More Creative


10 DC Films Have Better Costumes

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11 DC Films are More Memorable

Yeah, I remember Jonah Hex. Cannot think of anytthiiinggg in Spider-Man 2 - iliekpiez

Only because of Martha

Yeah sure, we'll remember Suicide Squad faster than Doctor Strange. - LarkwingFlight

12 DC Started Superhero Movies

And..? - iliekpiez

13 DC Films Have More Interesting Concepts

I actually agree to an extent. - iliekpiez

14 DC Films are More Mature

At least with DC they don't throw in dumb jokes every 5 minutes. - B1ueNew

They aren’t mature, they are just edgy and dark

15 They care about the emotions of characters

The dark knight trilogy, v for vendetta, watchmen, Superman returns, man of steel, the Tim Burton Batman films and even suicide squad all had their shares of emotional moments. I believe marvel could learn from dc and drop much of the humor and happiness, because they are starting to resemble Barney the dinosaur

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