Top Ten Reasons Why Deadpool is a Better Superhero Than Spider-Man

Everyone knows Deadpool is better than Spider Man right right...... (this list is just a joke I have nothing against Spider-Man)

The Top Ten

Deadpool Has a Healing Factor

Deadpool does not even compare with Spider-Man. I love Spider-Man. Spider-Man: Homecoming is the best Spider-Man movie all of the others are not very good. I love Tom Holland, the others are not very good. All of Deadpool's movies are great. On top of it, he leads his own superhero team, X-Force. Spider-Man is one of the least powerful Avengers, along with Hawkeye and Falcon, and Marvel tries to make him more powerful just to make the kids more happy.

Well, he just isn't. You can talk about this stuff all you want, but still most people's opinions will be that Spider-Man is a better superhero than Deadpool.

Spider-Man Has Only One Weapon

Fury2, Deadpool has an entire duffle bag of weapons at his disposle, and can use anything as a weapon, he even has chicken swords.

Deadpool has 4 weapons two samurai swords and two guns. - Deadpoolfan13

Actually, Spidey has his Spider-Tracers, super strength, super speed, and spider abilities, AND web-shooters. FIVE TO FOUR! - Fury2

Deadpool Has a Helicopter
Deadpol Has Killed the Marvel Universe
Spider-Man Has Died and Lost His Body to Doc Oct
Spider-Man is Overrated

This is not even true. If there is one marvel character who should be called overrated, at least after February 2016, it's Deadpool.

Deadpool Has Out-Smarted Taskmaster

He did not outsmart he was just to random for taskmaster, who's power is to predict attacks and movements, to predict his attacks and movements.

Deadpool's Movie Will Be Better Than Any Other Spider-Man Movie

Also untrue. Spider-Man 2 is the highest rated Marvel movie of all time.

Spider-Man's Video Games Are Horrible
Deadpool is Stan Lee's Best Friend

The Contenders

Deadpool is Funny

Deadpool is as funny as james biggs

Deadpool is Able to Carry the Hammer of Thor

He really can carry it

He can carry it simply because Unicorns 🦄 and Hello Kitty 🐱Rock!

Deadpool can control his healing factor
Deadpool can kill more people in a few minutes than Spiderman
He Can Break the Fourth Wall

Have you ever seen spiderman break the fourth wall?

Deadpool is almost immortal

Have ya seen spider-man get shot in the head and stand back up, and dust himself off like absolutely nothing happened? No.

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