Top Ten Reasons Why Deadpool is a Better Superhero Than Spider-Man

Everyone knows Deadpool is better than Spider Man right right...... (this list is just a joke I have nothing against Spider-Man)

The Top Ten

1 Deadpool Has a Healing Factor

Well, he just isn't. You can talk about this stuff all you want, but still most people's opinions will be that Spider-Man is a better superhero than Deadpool.

2 Spider-Man Has Only One Weapon

Deadpool has 4 weapons two samurai swords and two guns. - Deadpoolfan13

Actually, Spidey has his Spider-Tracers, super strength, super speed, and spider abilities, AND web-shooters. FIVE TO FOUR! - Fury2

3 Deadpool Has a Helicopter
4 Spider-Man Has Died and Lost His Body to Doc Oct
5 Deadpol Has Killed the Marvel Universe
6 Spider-Man is Overrated

This is not even true. If there is one marvel character who should be called overrated, at least after February 2016, it's Deadpool.

7 Deadpool's Movie Will Be Better Than Any Other Spider-Man Movie

Also untrue. Spider-Man 2 is the highest rated Marvel movie of all time.

8 Deadpool Has Out-Smarted Taskmaster

He did not outsmart he was just to random for taskmaster, who's power is to predict attacks and movements, to predict his attacks and movements.

9 Spider-Man's Video Games Are Horrible
10 Deadpool is Stan Lee's Best Friend

The Contenders

11 Deadpool is Funny

A dangerous weapon. Make someone laugh themselves to death. - birdechosplash

12 Deadpool is Able to Carry the Hammer of Thor

He really can carry it

13 Deadpool can control his healing factor
14 Deadpool can kill more people in a few minutes than Spiderman
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