Reasons Why Death is Tragic

These are reasons why I think that death is tragic and sucks.

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1 Now people usually die of a horrible and serious disease

Cancer SUCKS. David Bowie, Lemmy, and Bruce Dickinson almost died of cancer. - Brobusky

My grandfather died at 82 years old (The date he died was October 19, 2016.). His cause of death was a heart attack. When he died, I missed him terribly.-Vestalis

2 It is a sad time for lots of families
3 It can be hard to move on

All of my grandparents are deceased, and I find it difficult to move on. - Catacorn

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4 Some people die and no one else finds out until many years later
5 Some people die when a family member is too young to remember and later on the family member wishes that they knew their deceased relative better

Me with my parental grandmother. - Anonymousxcxc

6 Some people make fun of it when it is a very serious issue V 1 Comment
7 Some people use a person's death for profits and business
8 Some people don't care at all and think that it is normal

I'm sorry but death is bound to happen sometime in your life. I wouldunderstand if it is from someone you love, I get it, but its bound to happen - QueenOffoxes

I know that of course, but yes I was referring to if it's from someone you love and care about and they die of a really horrible disease or just in general because it's not normal for people you love dying all the time. - Anonymousxcxc

9 Some people blame others for a person's death when it wasn't that person's fault

People literally look to blame anyone for a death even when it's none of their business. Here's a typical one.
News: Baby mauled to death by pet dog.
News: Mom shot to death by son.
Commenters: She obviously died due to being stupid and got what she deserved.
Seriously? - bobbythebrony

10 Some people are so overwhelmed by a person's death that they kill themselves
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