Reasons Why Death is Tragic

These are reasons why I think that death is tragic and sucks.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Death is Tragic

1 Now people usually die of a horrible and serious disease

Cancer SUCKS. David Bowie, Lemmy, and Bruce Dickinson almost died of cancer. - Brobusky

My grandfather died at 82 years old (The date he died was October 19, 2016.). His cause of death was a heart attack. When he died, I missed him terribly.-Vestalis

2 It is a sad time for lots of families
3 Some people die and no one else finds out until many years later
4 It can be hard to move on

Depends on who it is. - Therandom

5 Some people die when a family member is too young to remember and later on the family member wishes that they knew their deceased relative better

Me with my parental grandmother. - Anonymousxcxc

6 Some people make fun of it when it is a very serious issue

This was mindblowing - Brobusky

Yeah and the worst part is that I've actually seen some people who have done this before. Some I've even seen that have even LAUGHED at death. That's how sickening some people are in this world. - Anonymousxcxc

7 Some people use a person's death for profits and business
8 Some people don't care at all and think that it is normal
9 Some people blame others for a person's death when it wasn't that person's fault

People literally look to blame anyone for a death even when it's none of their business. Here's a typical one.
News: Baby mauled to death by pet dog.
News: Mom shot to death by son.
Commenters: She obviously died due to being stupid and got what she deserved.
Seriously? - bobbythebrony

10 Some people are so overwhelmed by a person's death that they kill themselves

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11 Death is nothingness forever and there's nothing you'll ever be able to do about it
12 It can happen so quickly
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