Top 10 Reasons Why Death Metal is Awful

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1 It's nothing but growling and screaming

This list is nothing but blind evaluations and hypocritical opinions.

This list is Incorrect - MetalWorldOrder

There's some singing when you get into melodic and symphonic. - Metalhead1997

It's garbage.

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2 The lyrics are gross

Brutal death metal, yes. Technical and symphonic? Philosophical. - Metalhead1997

Not all songs are like this - MetalWorldOrder

3 The album covers are gross

Its called Death Metal what did you expect flowers and Trees? - MetalWorldOrder

4 It's the reason people think heavy metal is Satanic

Actually Black Metal is the reason why people think metal is satanic. - zxm

Um Black Metal is the reason why people think Metal is satanic which is false - MetalWorldOrder

You're thinking of black metal, my friend. - Metalhead1997

5 Unintelligible vocals
6 It's annoying

Would you call Voice of the Soul by Death annoying it's a instrumental and is defiantly not annoying in fact it's a beautiful song that Death Metal haters should listen to - MetalWorldOrder

7 The songs mostly sound the same

I know why some people think it may sound the same. Its because of the riffs. Many death metal riffs just change the frets when playing. While playing a string with different frets won't make same sound. But a we usually notice the difference when different pitched music is playing. Different strings playing at the same time will make more unique sound. - zxm

Not a big fan of death metal. And I won't say its awful or it all sound same. But there's a reason why I like progressive metal more than death metal. I don't think I have to say anything about it. - zxm

Not true Death and Cannibal Corpse sound different - MetalWorldOrder

8 It gives heavy metal a bad name

A big reason, because when a none metal person looks up metal bands it's usually clogged with garbage like Cannibal Corpse and such. - SoldierOfFortune

9 The band names are ridiculous

Um it's the music that matters not the name of the band - MetalWorldOrder

There's a band called Party Cannon. Not joking. - Metalhead1997

10 It's overrated

Death metal may be overrated. But I personally think thrash metal is more overrated. - zxm

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11 The song titles are ridiculous

In slam, yes. - Metalhead1997

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