Top 10 Reasons Why Death Metal is a Terrible Subgenre to Start with If You're New to Metal

I don't hate death metal, but I don't think it's appropriate for people who are new to metal. Why you may ask? Well just read this list.

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1 Unclean Vocals

Metal, and especially extreme metal, is an aquired taste. Metal isn't for people looking for songs to sing along. Metal is for people who pay attention to details and how music is made - how solos are played, etc.
Unclean Vocals (death growls) stop beginners very often, including myself when I was new to metal. I explained more about it in the list Top 10 Death Metal Songs for Beginners - Metal_Treasure

2 Too Heavy
3 Gory Album Covers

Not all of them are, but some are. - Aragorn98

4 Too Powerful
5 Explicit Lyrics
6 Too Fast
7 Morbid and Disturbing Lyrical Themes
8 Theistic Satanists

Mainly Deicide and Vital Remains. - Aragorn98

9 Too Complex

Death metal isn't really that complex. Prog, neoclassical or power metal are more complex than death metal. Even prog rock is more complex than death metal. Technical death metal is kinda complex. - zxm

Technical and progressive death metal are complex - they have the complexity of prog metal and neoclassical metal but made much heavier and faster. Complex + heavy + fast isn't for everyone. - Metal_Treasure

10 Blast Beats

The Contenders

11 Not Being Able to Understand What the Singer is Saying Most of the Time
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