Top 10 Reasons Why Deathcore Is Terrible


The Top Ten

1 The lyrics

Now, the lyrical themes (if you could call them that) for Deathcore would be things along the lines of: Encouraging someone to kill themselves or saying that "everyone is sick of you" in which, is some of the most uninspiring "themes" I have heard. - sagat2010

They may not be anything special, but most Deathcore lyrics aren't nearly as bad/ offensive as brutal death metal. Besides, lyrics aren't exactly important in a lot of extreme metal anyway, and lots of Deathcore bands write fantastic lyrics too.

Well, it's not for everyone, but yeah, the lyrics are very hit and miss in deathcore. - Metalhead1997

2 The vocals

... But the vocals are usually the one thing that Deathcore haters agree is OK- here usually more varied than straight up death metal anyway

So? - Metalhead1997

The growling usually sounds like some kid that hasn't started the puberty level yet, the shrieks sound... Like sh*t and the pig squeals would be known as the hardest thing to understand in an eternity. - sagat2010

3 The fans

Well, I like deathcore, but I'm not elitist about it. - Metalhead1997

Though there are some metalheads that do like these, Deathcore (or Screamo, whatever you want to call it) fans are usually your average scene kids with the dumb haircuts and the occasional, "OMMG SHUT UP! THESE GUYS SAVED MY LIFE (sure it did) N IF you HAIT YOUR JEALOUS! 1! " (I misspelled on purpose to replicate a scene kid). If I met one that rambled on saying that, I'd do what anyone else would do: Punch them in their 12 year old face! - sagat2010

4 The guitar sounds like someone doesn't know how to play one.

Um no. Ever listened to WINDS OF PLAGUE? OR BORN OF OSIRIS? -

5 Mitch Lucker Mitch Lucker Mitchell Adam "Mitch" Lucker was an American musician and lead singer for the deathcore band Suicide Silence.

He fronted the most overrated deathcore band ever. - Metalhead1997

I'm glad he is dead. - sagat2010

6 People call it hardcore

Hardcore is a sub genre of punk. Yes Deathcore is hardcore. It is NOT metal.

No, hardcore is Kissing Candice, Atreyu, Tear Out the Heart, etc. - Metalhead1997

It's not really when you think about it. Making your music Hardcore would mean you would have the balls to make a song called 'I C*m Blood". - sagat2010

7 Breakdowns

All a breakdown is is when your band is playing at a slower pace. And most of these have no effort put into them. REAL metal have breakdowns as well BUT they aren't as common but when you listen to Pantera's breakdowns, they're actually well implemented. - sagat2010

"Murderer" by Impending Doom has a good breakdown. - Metalhead1997

8 It causes pointless arguments

If you don't enjoy a genre of music, don't listen to it. This list is utterly pathetic.

Think of all the people who are ignorant about metal in general- the ones who say metal is 'just noise', or Satanic etc. You are as bad as them when you are a dick about something like this for no reason.

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