Top 10 Reasons Why Deicide is Better Than Slayer

Deicide is my all-time favorite band! Slayer is just an overrated group of posers and hacks who don't even believe in what they sing about!

The Top Ten

1 Glen Benton is an Actual Satanist While Tom Araya Isn't

Tom Araya is literally Catholic! That's what I can't stand about Slayer because they insult my beliefs by having a Catholic in a satanic band!

2 Deicide is Much Heavier

We all know that death metal is much more heavier thrash metal.

3 Glen's Vocals are Much More Demonic Than Tom's

At least Tom used to sound badass(He doesn't sound that good anymore but still better than Glen) while Glen Benton just makes random guttural noises you can barley understand.-DarkBoi-X

Tom's voice doesn't impress me. To me he just sounds like a wannabe tough guy.

4 Deicide's Name is Much More Evil

Deicide literally means "the killing of God." How much more evil can you get?!

5 Deicide's Lyrics are Much More Sacrilegious

Lyrics so blasphemous that they make King and Hanneman's lyrics look tamed!

6 Steve Asheim is a Better Drummer Than Dave Lombardo
7 Jack Owen is a Better Guitarist Than Kerry King
8 Glen Benton is a Better Bassist Than Tom Araya

Glen can't play the songs from Legion and Deicide correctly anymore,at least live. - asdsees

9 Kevin Quirion is a Better Guitarist Than Jeff Hanneman

Sure, the guy who can't play the solos live and hasn't written anything great is better than a legendary riffmaster. - asdsees

10 Deicide's Music Was Used by the CIA to Torture People

That's what makes the music even more evil!

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