Top 10 Reasons Why Deicide is Better Than Slayer

Deicide is my all-time favorite band! Slayer is just an overrated group of posers and hacks who don't even believe in what they sing about!

The Top Ten

1 Glen Benton is an Actual Satanist While Tom Araya Isn't

Tom Araya is literally Catholic! That's what I can't stand about Slayer because they insult my beliefs by having a Catholic in a satanic band!

2 Deicide is Much Heavier

We all know that death metal is much more heavier thrash metal.

3 Glen's Vocals are Much More Demonic Than Tom's

Tom's voice doesn't impress me. To me he just sounds like a wannabe tough guy.

4 Deicide's Name is Much More Evil

Deicide literally means "the killing of God." How much more evil can you get?!

5 Deicide's Lyrics are Much More Sacrilegious

Lyrics so blasphemous that they make King and Hanneman's lyrics look tamed!

6 Steve Asheim is a Better Drummer Than Dave Lombardo
7 Jack Owen is a Better Guitarist Than Kerry King
8 Glen Benton is a Better Bassist Than Tom Araya

Glen can't play the songs from Legion and Deicide correctly anymore,at least live. - asdsees

9 Kevin Quirion is a Better Guitarist Than Jeff Hanneman

Sure, the guy who can't play the solos live and hasn't written anything great is better than a legendary riffmaster. - asdsees

10 Deicide's Music Was Used by the CIA to Torture People

That's what makes the music even more evil!

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