Top Ten Reasons Why Delgia2k Might Be Evil

I think Delgia2k is evil, he could be planning something big.

The Top Ten

1 He is a dangerous criminal

In what way could Delgia2K be dangerous? - Animefan12

He killed over 9000 law enforcement, He stole military-grade weapons from military, and he killed over 700 gangsters and drug dealers in Florida. - Delgia2k

2 He's attempting to steal Positronwildhawk's alien technologies

I'm willing to share, mate. But only those I trust. - PositronWildhawk

3 He sells guns to TheTopTens
4 When he commit crimes, he wears an evil clown mask
5 He is building army of cats to take over the world
6 His secret weapon is a cute kitten

That's right, I can kill you with cuteness. - Delgia2k

7 He enjoys robbing banks

I smell something in the air... money (evil voice) - Delgia2k

8 He stole a jetpack from the military in 1992
9 He is a leader of criminal organization in Miami
10 He's inventing a new weapon, the new weapon's name is "the fartinator"

The Contenders

11 In Pokemon TV series, season 1, he was Meowth from Team Rocket. He cloned himself to replace his role in team rocket so he can retire.
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