Top Ten Reasons Why Demi Lovato Is Better Than Miley Cyrus

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1 Demi respects her body

Maybe her own body but not other people’s.

Apart from her period of alcohol and substance abuse, and that was due to depression. She's clean now.

She would never act the way Miley Cyrus acts.

Not with all of the drugs she's doing

2 Demi loves her fans

No she doesn't

Demi is da best

Demi is a sweetheart to everyone and helps her fans

I love them both. They are both very friendly. They both love her fans.

3 Demi can sing

Demi can sing so much better although Miley is also quite a good singer

True. Miley sounds like a man

Miley is better singer that's why she is more popular and sweet all over the world

Demi has the best voice ever. Selena sucks, Miley has a good voice but she's overrated.

4 Demi doesn't sound like a dog

I don't know who said Miley sound like dying pig I think the person need a doctor for ear cleaning. Miley is sounds great. Her songs are awesome. That's why at the begining she is much popular than demi. Please lovator don't get me wrong. I like demi too but why so hate? Let her do whatever she want. Why always judge?

So True Miley Cyrus is An Idiot Go Back To The Miley We Know. You Were A Smiley But Just Go Get A Life!

Demi has a pretty good voice.. Miley sounds like a dying pig

5 Demi is friendly

No she's a bully

One of the many things I love about her.

! I love both

Whoo Oh Yeah She Is Really Friendly ïlove her

6 Demi lets others speak

Miley does too. Don't get me wrong. Demi Lovato is my favorite singer ever.

Demi scares a lot

I hate these two untalented singer. Both are ugly and terrible singer.

7 Demi loves everyone

Demi doesn't love everyone. No hate. I love her so much.

Yes and she helps girls with bullying

Miley loves everyone too
Miley never say anyone in public that one could be hurt. She always be a happy girl. She is better

Demi is not annoying. She is freindly and loves everyone

8 Heart Attack is better than Wrecking Ball

I like this two songs but heart attack is better because I can watch the video with my family.

Heart Attack is the best song ever. My favorite song by my favorite singer. Wrecking Ball is overrated. You go Demi.

Heart attack and wrecking ball are good songs. But heart attack is better.

I love Heart Attack.

9 Demi does not do bad things

No I Will Not Let Demi Lovato Say Something So Disrespectful That's So Very Inapropiate Violent Language That's Not Very Nice At All And Also Demi Lovato Is Really Nice Very Cool And So Beautiful And Very Awesome And She Is The Best And So Sweet,

No Demi Does Not Say Bad Words Demi Does Not Do Drugs And She Better Not Hurt Anyone,

People stop being so stupid. Demi did drugs and she said bad words. Lol people messing grow up

Miley just having fun that's it. She is good in heart.

10 Demi isn't a bitch

Okay guys. Let's clear one thing. I am lovatic so my best opinion will go with demi and smiler will go with Miley. Cause none are equal. So we should not say any bad things to other celebraties. Everybody want to live their life by their own way. We should not interfere their personal life. We should also respect them. Miley is quite good singer and also very popular. But demi is better. Miley is popular for her dad but demi is popular for her talent. Both are nice girl but demi is better.

Oh No Demi Lovato Is Not A Bully Yeah Demi Lovato Will Not Torture Anyone She is really a nice girl with all her heart and soul

Well they did BOTH start on Disney Channel and Disney Channel movies

This is the stupid list I've ever seen. Lovato and Cyrus both sucks. No one better. There's only one sweet heart who isn't this list. But if I've to choose then I would be demi because she is not freaky and gay like Cyrus.

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11 Demi can act
12 Demi doesn't twerk

Demi doesn't twerk? Of really?

Ikr Miley did it on a married man IN FRONT OF A CAMERA. she twerked on the Mexican flag

13 Miley is a bully

Yet Demi is the one who punched her backup dancer on a plane. Hmmm

14 She is very empowering, Miley Cyrus is a wussy Arianator
15 Miley sounds like a boy when she's sing live

Demi has the best voice ever!

16 Better Voice
17 Demi never tried to French kiss Katy Perry
18 Miley can't sing that great
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