Top Ten Reasons Why Demi Lovato Is Better Than Rebecca Black

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1 Demi has powerful voice

Ironically, though Demi has had a little more training and practice than Rebecca Black, and a little more lung power, if you listen carefully, there is really not that much difference between them. Rebecca does not really sound any worse than most of the so-called "pop stars" out there who are all auto-tune anyway.

Demi should never be compared to rebecca black!
It's obvious that Rebecca is a big TRASHY wanna be singer, demi is a superstar and unlike rebecca she's not annoying and you can really say she has a talent and deserve to be a superstar

Is it bad that I somewhat prefer Black?

No, that's your opinion. I know you don't really like Demi that much.

How about "Demi can sing"? The voice that Demi has is incredible.

2 Demi is beautiful

But Rebecca is beautifuler!

Rebecca is way more beautiful.

3 Demi is a superstar
4 Demi writes her own songs

This one is actually true because I looked on AllMusic and she has made contributions to at least 4 of her songs - greatesttop10s

5 Demi is a judge on X-Factor 2012-2013

Yeah, and Iggy Azalea was a judge on something too, doesn't make her good, unless you like Iggy Azalea, which I won't argue with. - ProPanda

6 Demi has a lot more songs than Rebecca Black
7 Demi's Heart Attack
8 Demi's song's are so beautiful and powerful

Skyscraper. that's all I need to say

9 Rebecca Black has a nasty voice Rebecca Black is a YouTube personality and singer who's infamous for her single "Friday," which was once the most disliked video on YouTube. She has also released other songs, including "My Moment" and "Saturday".

Rebecca has a totally Good voice! Whoever added this reason should go to hell!

I hate her and she is so ugly

Just in "Friday". In her other songs, she's okay.

She looks ugly ont this picture

10 Demi is a Disney Girl

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11 Demi Is Brash

"Brash" is another meaning of "annoying as H***".

12 Demi Is Good at Singing Live

That's true - DCfnaf

13 Lovators
14 Demi is relatable and inspiring

Rebecca is way more relatable. The only people that relate to Demi are bulimic teens. Rebecca on the other hand is the typical teen you can actually relate to - she dresses, acts and talks like a teen, she has dreams and her voice, which obviously you hate, is just... Let's say that's how most teens sound like.

I can relate to Rebecca more than I can relate to Demi.

Demi is so inspiring.

15 Demi Is Not Annoying

Rebecca is not annoying, I'm sick of people judging her just because of a bad song.

16 Demi Has More Talent In Her Toes Than Rebecca Does In Her Annoying Body

Rebecca HAS talent and her body is NOT annoying! All those RB haters, including the one who added this reason on the list, should go to hell!

17 Demi Has More Than One Hit Song

Well nowadays, here in 2017, Rebecca has been improving and getting more Hit songs, therefore, this reason is no longer valid! - RB-Number1-fan

That's also true - DCfnaf

18 Demi Doesn't Sing "Fun, Fun, Fun" Over and Over Again

People who hate fun are brainwashed since fun is one of the most comfortable things that easily makes my life happy! - RB-Number1-fan

19 Really Don't Care is better than Friday
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