Top Ten Reasons Why Destiel Should Be Canon in Supernatural

The Top Ten Reasons Why Destiel Should Be Canon in Supernatural

1 Castiel is Based Off of the Angel Cassiel, Who is Apparently the Angel Who Fell in Love with the Righteous Man. in Multiple Episodes, Dean is Referred to as 'a Righteous Man'
2 In No Scene in the Entire Show, Has Castiel Appeared to Be Straight

Except for his thing with Mag, which was short and pointless - AnonymousChick

Tumblr has infiltrated its way into this site - Teravolt1422

3 "Last Time Someone Looked at Me Like that I Got Laid"

Dean said this to Castiel once - AnonymousChick

4 Misha Collins Ships It

Misha is Castiel, so... - AnonymousChick

5 Castiel Has Been on Supernatural for Eight Seasons, and Has Been Mentioned to Be in Love with Dean Way More Times Than with Any Woman

Supernatural is a good show about fighting demons and such. not about gay sex. if you want gay sex, go to pornhub. - Teravolt1422

6 Cas is Still a Virgin

Note: Homosexuality is banned in heaven and shamed on earth - AnonymousChick

7 Megstiel Was Forced

There was almost nothing between them - AnonymousChick

8 Dean and Castiel Have Great Chemistry Together

But whenever Cas appears, oh look Dean went off and screwed a waitress - AnonymousChick

9 Supernatural Practically Invented Queerbaiting

Supernatural with Destiel and Sherlock with Johnlock are both series where there is sexual tension between two men, but it is never endgame. - AnonymousChick

10 Whenever Castiel goes missing dean either shuts off or starts losing hope

Basically whenever he goes missing.

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11 In Season 8 Episode 17, in the Script, Dean Would Have Said "I Love You" to Castiel, but Since It Was Out of Character They Changed It

I just want to mention though that the only other person Dean has said "i love you" to was his mother - AnonymousChick

12 Multiple times have Dean and Cas stared into each other’s eyes for a really long time.

Welp, the longest time I’ve recorded that they stared into each other’s eyes were 18 seconds.

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