Top 10 Reasons Why Dictators are Better Than Beliebers

The two most hated groups by TopTenners in America. There are the dictators, then there are the beliebers. By Belieber, I mean Justin Bieber fan (Pun not intended). Let's admit. It's been a few years since Beliebers were actually annoying people, but since JB making more music, they've been more annoying than ever! I'm pretty sure that belieber hate won't die down quickly, but let's compare them with people that others could hate even more. Dictators. These people are those who consolidate absolute power and authority to lead their country. Despite of all the hate they get, they of course have their advantages over Beliebers.

The Top Ten

1 Dictators like Lee Kuan Yew actually improved their country.

Please do something much more productive than trying to use your political arguments against a subpar singer who will be forgotten soon. - Swellow

Proof that you don't need a democratic government to have a good life. Just look at Singapore. - 2cool4u

2 Beliebers are unproductive

Look at that screaming fangirl there. All she knows is to show " I LOVE you JUSTIN! " as if they're just some slave. Whereas dictators actually know how to make the world turn in their favor. - 2cool4u

3 Dictators are smarter

Despite of the hate they get, they are usually more educated and talented than your typical democratically elected leader. - 2cool4u

4 Beliebers cut themselves for stupid reasons

I found that #cutsforbieber hashtag made by 4chan people hilarious, but people taking it seriously to the point of emulating the pranksters just show stupidity. - 2cool4u

5 Beliebers are just glued to the internet

Why does that sound so ironic? Oh. - Swellow

Whereas dictators are more immersed in the real world. - 2cool4u

6 Dictators improve their military

Because the best way to prevent a war is to be prepared for it. - 2cool4u

This one is actually true. I don't like dictatorship though... - Lucretia

7 Dictators provide jobs for the people

Look at Gaddafi, Hitler, Lee Kuan Yew and Park-Cheung Hee. They provide more jobs than a typical screaming belieber does. - 2cool4u

8 Beliebers only know how to cry and scream uncontrollably

Where would one get when they show an outburst of emotions? Rather not have emotions just like Dictators, because they can go even further with their self-control. - 2cool4u

9 Dictators have good leadership skills

They won't be referred to as such if they did not know how to lead. I bet beliebers can only scream and then they don't get people to follow them - 2cool4u

10 Beliebers worship a celebrity who is disassociated from reality

At least dictators know the reality so they can make solutions to problems. - 2cool4u

Which is why Hitler committed suicide then, to solve a problem? - Skullkid755

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